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nauseous morning breath

lizziebare Life is how you make it
I just noticed my roomate has a strong nauseous breath in the morning na pag nagsalita cya ang lakas talaga ng amoy and its really disgusting. I could smell her across from my bed... I think alam na nya yon kaya she has a lot of stored mouthwash... pero pag nagtoothbrush na sha and all wala naman na... pag morning lang talaga everytime she wakes up... What do you think is the cause of this and what could be done to cure it?


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    A very common cause is cavities. Have her see a dentist if you can manage to get the courage to mention it to her.
  • It would also help if she flossed her teeth prior to sleeping.

    Also prior to sleeping, it would be best not only to brush the teeth, but the tongue as well. After brushing and flossing, she shouldn't eat or drink anything (though drinking clean water is fine).

    Mouthwash may temporarily mask bad breath but it won't get rid of it. Proper hygiene is the key. As Dr. Ira said, good luck with your attempt in coaxing your roomate to visit a dentist.
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