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Masama ba ang Kremil-s sa buntis?

mga doks, ask ko lang, pag buntis ka ba, masama uminom ng kremil-s, simeco at imodium? kasi nakainom ako ng kremil-s, eh hindi ko alam kung preggy ako or not, how about neozep? kindly enlighten me. and kung meron mga alternative medicine sa kanila kung masama sila sa buntis. thank you!:)


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Depends on your health history and how far you are in your pregnancy. Kremil-S and Simeco contain either aluminum hydroxide, which can cause aluminum deposition if the mom has kidney failure, and/or magnesium hydroxide, which may theoretically slow down labor if you're on your 3rd trimester. Imodium is a no-no.

    There are a lot of very safe antacids for pregnancy, but you'll have to ask your ob-gyne what she thinks will be fine in your case. She knows your whole history and will be able to prescribe you something for your heartburn.
  • jazzmine22
    jazzmine22 Non-Member
    thanks ira :)
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