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^mhelay^ *Hate is my Pride*
sumasakit ang tiyan ko kapag walang laman mas lalo pa siyang sumasakit kapag me laman na ulcer po ba eto?

para saan ba ang gamot na esomeprazole?


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    It can be gastritis, hyperacidity, GERD, ulcer. See a gastroenterologist for proper prescription. Esomeprazole is an anti-ulcer drug. However, it may not be the first-line drug for someone who's never had ulcers before, and antacids should be taken for a specific period of time to prevent recurrence. Otherwise, you'll just keep on developing this and make things worse. Don't self-prescribe.
  • i used have what ur experiencing when i was young.

    when i eat i dont eat too much coz i don't want to feel full. But lately,everytime i eat at a buffet. i will not feel good 2 days after. There are times it hurts so bad then after a few seconds it'll stop. Then i'll feel it again after a few minutes..then stops...and it goes on like that for a few hurs. i'm even having LBM. Is this hyperacidity?

    What does it mean? i drink Kremil S to relieve the pain
  • Can you describe the pain? Offhand, I think it may be something like GERD, but without examining you, I really cannot be sure. You have to see a gastroenterologist for that.
  • i'm not sure how to describe it. Parang humihilab?
  • ^mhelay^
    ^mhelay^ *Hate is my Pride*
    thanks doc ira!
    yong Esomeprazole (nexium) po ay reseta po saken ng doctor yan kaya lang po d ko kasi tinanong kung ano yong sakit ko.
    inumin ko daw siya for 2 weeks and so far halos patapos ko na siyang inumin kaya lang kung me pagbabago man konti lang.
  • Ira
    Ira Member
    You should consult a gastroenterologist for a second opinion. Nexium is a strong antacid, and it should have worked by now if you've been taking it for 2 weeks already.
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