why it is still painful?

dr. ira i was operated almost 3 months ago. i was couterized due to genital warts problem. i did not acquire it through sexual intercourse because i just got married recently and i have done it w/ only one man (my husband and he is clean also). i was having pain during sexual intercourse and when i went to an ob they found out this problem.

i am totally healed i went to 3 OB here and done my hpv test and pap smear. they said all my test were clean and no warts anymore. the last ob told me that it is still painful because everytime we have sex there is resistance and i am not relax. she said i got truamatized due to what happened. the 2nd ob told me to have sex otherwise my vagina will close and i will get an operation. she told me also to endure the pain while having sex because my vagina becomes small because of the operation.

my husband and i normally do it once in a week only because i am bleeding and having pain during penetration but once he is inside the pain is tolerable and i will end up having pain upto 2 or 3 days down there.

my question is, will i have to pass this stage? i mean palagi po kayang ganon pag mgsisex na masakit or luluwang din sya pag palagi nagagamit?

pls reply because we are just newly wed couple and i want to have a baby na po! thanks.


  • IraIra Member PExer
    It sounds like there really is a psychological element in your problem, although I hope you also told your ob-gyne that you have bleeding upon penetration, because phobia doesn't make you bleed. Ask her why you're bleeding--I don't know much about your case, so I don't know if it's still an aftereffect of your cautery. It may also be due to adhesions, I don't know. I can't rule out vaginismus from your case, though, which is a psychological problem. It's an involuntary spasm of the muscles surrounding the vagina that closes the vagina when a woman is very anxious, resulting in painful intercourse.

    If your ob-gynes know that you bleed, and they say it's an expected event and you have been examined and cleared, I'd suggest that you consult a psychiatrist to help you through this problem. It's very treatable if you seek help for it. Dr. Agnes Bueno in St. Luke's is trained for sexual problems, so she may be of help.
  • rizriz babe PExer
    dr ira thanks for your reply :)

    i believe you are right that it is all based on psychological problem. i also searched the internet regarding vaginismus and my husband and i were able to get some tips in order to avoid pain during penetration. we practiced it using his fingers only w/ ky gel for 2 nights before doing the actual one and somehow it help also.

    i forgot to tell you also na kaya po ako ngbibleed before kc po ngkakaroon ako ng sugat sa me pinakadulo ng vagina ko (corner part near to the *****) during intercourse kc nga po parang npupwersa ako. since natagalan po bago kami uli ngkaroon ng contact parang lumiit uli ito. my ob here knows about it and she's the one who told me kaya me sugat.

    we had sexual contact po again just recently and we did not use lubricant po pero di na po sya masakit. the last contact lang po uli ako nasaktan kc me sugat pa pero i have cream ko prescribed ng doctor para sa sugat.

    i just want to ask if we should have to wait for that wound to be healed before we can have sex again? the last time po my ob told me to have sex after 5 days when she saw that wound. saka everytime po ba na mgsisex kami lagi akong masusugatan? saka po retroverted uterus ako my husband is just wondering that everytime we have sex para pong ngleleak yung sperm nya (sorry i dont know the proper terms for this) kc po i usually get so wet after the intercourse. i just dont know rin po kung sa akin galing yon kc at this point in time hindi ko po alam kung i do reach what they say "O" kc nga po nakakaramdam pa ko ng pain. posible po ba na hindi nakakapasok yung sperm nya kc nga retroverted uterus ako? sabi po kc ng ob ko na hindi naman problema ang pgbubuntis kung retroverted uterus ang isang babae!

    btw thanks po for recommending a doctor pero andito po ako sa abroad.
  • IraIra Member PExer
    Have sex only when the wound is fully healed--5-7 days minimum would be my guess. You won't get wounded after having sex, as long as the wound is completely healed. The longer you abstain, the more stable the scar tissue will be. My suggestion is for you guys not to have sex for a couple of weeks, and just do other techniques that don't require actual penile penetration in the meantime if you guys have the urge.

    A retroverted uterus doesn't in any way affect sperm penetration. The penis only reaches the vaginal vault, and the uterus is inaccessible, also because the cervix as a "gate" against it. The wetness you feel is an expected and normal process that occurs with everybody. Sperm is microscopic and motile, and can enter the uterus whether it's retroverted or not. Wetness doesn't necessarily precede orgasm either--it just means a state of arousal. Whether or not you reach orgasm is a different matter altogether.
  • rizriz babe PExer
    thank you very much for your reply doc ira. it really helps a lot! i dont have to worry anymore. god bless and more power to you!
  • IraIra Member PExer
    You're welcome.
  • rizriz babe PExer
    hi doc ira it's me again.

    regarding my condition again. the last advice u said was not to have sex for 5-7 days or a couple of weeks. sorry doc but we couldn't help it. when i got ur advice, we did not do it for 3 days only then after that every other day or every two days. during penetration i still feel pain (mild only) but once his inside the pain subsides and i only feel pain again after sex or when he do it 2 rounds in a row. after the first round he still have a hard on but once i am really in pain i always tell him to stop. i still continue using betadine 3x a day (not the one made in phils. i bought it here. it is applied directly in the vagina and leaving it there for 5 minutes not mixing in water) as my feminine wash and still putting bepanthene ointment (i don't know if i spelled it correctly coz i forget the name) and fucidin 3x a day. the betadine was prescribed by my 1st ob and fucidine by my 1st & 2nd ob and bepanthene by my 3rd ob.

    lately the wound has gone already but im just wondering everytime we have sex i use to have blood stain, whenever i have discharge after sex i use to get this. hindi nman po madami pero sometimes po wala, parang me mapula lang ng konti sa discharge or pwede rin po bang dahil napapanit yung pinaka scar tissue kaya me blood stain?

    one more thing should i stop using na po ba those ointments kahit wala ng sugat although masakit pa rin after having sex. and why i still feel pain on the lips of my vagina (where the warts removed) upto now though it is not swelling anymore.

    thanks in advance and hope i always receive a reply from u!

    p.s. one more thing i am relaxed na po during sexual intercourse. i guess i surpassed already the phsycological issue.
  • IraIra Member PExer
    I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but based on what I understood from your post:

    The slight discharge, if it's sort of clear yellowish or red, may be blood or remnants of unresorbed blood due to a recently healed wound. Same advice--abstain from sex and give it a few days to heal. As for pain on your vagina, cautery, like surgery may cause the nerves in a particular area to be overly sensitive. It may take months for this to subside, so just tell your partner to take it slower and be more gentle for a while.
  • rizriz babe PExer
    thanks doc ira at least everytime i read ur reply i am relieved.

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