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Tanong ko lang kung tatagal ba talaga ang lalake na walang sex for 6 months ( i know girls can even for a year). i mean kung hindi kaya sya mambabae just to get sex kasi im planning to go out the country for 6months. d ako naniniwala sa bf ko na he can do it, im so afraid. ikaw? tatagal ka ba? :confused:


  • wicked_liannewicked_lianne PEx Rookie ⭐
    i think this should be in Love and Relationships :)

    but to answer your question...
    it's matter of trust really. if you have doubts that he won't be chaste while you're away then it means either you're paranoid (i hope not :) ) or your bf is the flirty kind who in past has flirted when you're not around.

    i went away for almost a year, and i trusted my bf to be good. he passed with flying colors :)
  • it depends kung anong klase ng tao your guy is. alam mo naman cguro kung pano sya maghandle in the past as far as sex is concerned. you should know. pero kung sa kin mangyayari, ok lng... i trust him naman eh
  • di_ako_si_glenndi_ako_si_glenn PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    dpende sa upbringing un nun tao... d nman porke lalaki ka ay ma L kaw :D klala mo nman bf mo dba? so i ges un na sagot sa tnong mo hehe
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