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Live Action Witch Hunter Robin

And Yes, this is true.

News at http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/article.php?id=4541

This will be aired at Sci-Fi Channel in the states. Probably after 6 months, nasa Hallmark channel na ito (crosses fingers)

oo nga pala, di pa sinisimulan yung production :)


  • zalawnyzalawny Member PExer
    Yup. It'll be interesting, don't you think? I liked WHR a lot, so...aabangan ko to. Hopefully maging matino naman. :redsmile:
  • bluemistbluemist life in blue PExer
    I hope maging mainstream ang WHR Live Action para ma-acquire ng AXN o Studio 23.
  • VanmanVanman The Dez PExer
    kung magiging Sci-Fi channel exclusive ito, malamang hindi sya maging mainstream. pero mas maganda nga kung magiging mainstream siya dahil pwede syang magkaroon ng movie, especially if production is good.

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