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puerto princesa, palawan -- what to do?

what to do here? my cousin is getting married there (don't know the name of the church) and i'm so pathetic that i have been to other countries but haven't been outside the island of luzon. is it safe for me to say that (digging information from the little that i know) it's really a modern city but with a provincial feel to it. don't get me wrong (i'm naive not stupid) but are there malls/shopping centers there?

thanks for you help guys.


  • moderators if ever meron nang thread tungkol dito paki-post nalang po -- para minus the redundant threads. thank you :-D
  • AHh... P a l a w a n...went there last november

    I'd say that it is definitely safe to go here since all that Abu Sayyaf stuff is history..Coast guards are already designated in every resort so no need to worry about security....

    Well re: ur query on what to do in Puerto Princessa...

    1.) UNDERGROUND RIVER - Dont u ever ... EVER ... miss the opportunity to go to this very nice sight seeing place!
    I'd rather not disclose all the stuffs u are abt to see, but I'd guarantee u its worth the trip!

    2.) HONDA BAY island hop - for all you beach bums out there, you can swim and simply enjoy the crystal clean waters of the islets scattered around the island peninsula..

    3.) CITY TOUR - dont bypass this opportunity to go around the city and visit the different landmarks here. Try going to the Crocodile Farm, Butterfly Museum, Viet Village and there's a zoo ( i 4got the name) wherein u can check out all the endemic species of animals u can only see in Palawan.

    BTW, make sure to check out the food as well in Viet Ville. Definitely authentic and better tasting than the Viet restos we have here in Manila...

    Hope this helps =D
  • andaming pwedeng puntahan sa Palawan! :D you may check this site for more info: http://www.experiencepalawan.com.ph/pps/pps.html

    enjoy! :bounce:
  • hi zYme199

    u can check this thread. post lang if you have more questions... dun na lng para centralized na palawan thread.. for the sake of those who will search din in the future :)

    all about palawan

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