PEPSI commercial... Britney, Pink, Beyonce & Enrique

have you guys seen the Pepsi commercial na mala-Gladiator? what can you say about it?


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    Britney, Beyonce, Pink star in Pepsi ad

    LONDON (AP) — There were pop stars, cameras and lights, but the excitement wasn't for a movie premiere, it was the world debut of a Pepsi commercial — starring Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles and Pink.

    The three pop stars play gladiators and Enrique Iglesias plays an evil Roman emperor.
    By John Gichigi, Getty Images

    The trio were at the National Gallery in London's Trafalgar Square Monday for the first screening of the soft drink manufacturer's New Gladiator ad, in which they play gladiators and Enrique Iglesias plays an evil Roman emperor.

    "To have this premiere is pretty amazing," said Spears, who wore a black coat over her short strapless black evening dress as protection against a deep London chill.

    "Filming the ad was awesome, it made me feel empowered and I got to work with these two fantastic gladiator women," she added.

    Beyonce wore a fur jacket over her blue gown to walk down the specially laid blue carpet, while Pink wore a black-and-white print gown deeply slit at hem and neckline — and a little black top hat.

    The three have reworked the old Queen hit We Will Rock You for the ad, and band members Brian May and Roger Taylor also were at the event.

  • gastrixiagastrixia Surf's Up! PExer
    i haven't seen it yet but they say it's gonna be played on Superbowl Sunday
  • gokougokou Saiyajin Archer PExer
    Cute video.

    Pero overused na talaga ang "We Will Rock You"
  • tijamtijam Member PExer
    ang ganduh!!!
  • arashi2004arashi2004 kakushi no miko PExer
    kelan naman kaya yan ipapakta d2 sa pinas?
    o naipalabas na yan? hmmm....
    nd din naman ako nakakapanood ng tv eh :(
  • Lucca YamazakiLucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die! PExer
    Am I feeling the full force of sheer marketing cheesiness or is it just me?
  • paganpagan never argue with an idiot.. PExer
    ^ you're not alone, buddy. :rolleyes:
  • Tridagger_XTridagger_X Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    at least its (way) better than the one with Jerry Yan. :)
  • bluechipsbluechips Member PExer
    i think i'll watch it
  • orange#12orange#12 mistaken identity PExer
    i agree with Lucca Yamazaki...
    that video had no substance at all. they just sang...
    with pepsi cans appearing every now and then...
  • Tridagger_XTridagger_X Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    wala na yung Pepsi TVC nina Britney, Beyonce at Pink. yung TVC ni Jericho Rosales ang kapalit ngayon. :(

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