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Kylie Minogue- Electro-pop Chick!



  • Well, I wonder if Kylie likes Madonna too...

    BTW, Madonna wore a Britney shirt during the 1999 or 2000 MTV VMA awards, and she likes Brit.
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    Madonna wore a Kylie shirt at the VMA(madonna even thinks of Kylie as a Goddess oh diba a Goddess herself calls someone another Goddess)......Ewan ko nga ba kung anong name ng Kylie na yun baka disco Kylie or Funky Kylie I don't know.:)
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    ay sowee Grammy's pala..
  • After a long time, I listened to the whole Fever album. Lahat ng tracks dun gusto ko. Some non-singles I like are Love Affair, Your Love and Burning Up. :)
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    yah I like Burning Up also..""I'm burning up baby I'm Buring up yeahhhh"
  • My most fave Kylie album is Fever. I can listen to it nonstop without skipping any tracks. Bihira lang ako mag mahal ng album in its entirety, hehe. Even with Madonna (my first and greatest love, hehe!) the only album I can listen to without skipping any songs is Ray of Light. :)
  • CyberShivaCyberShiva seraphic deity PExer
    All the tracks in Fever Album are really GOOD!! My fave track in that album are more3x & Your Love.... OK rin ung Rendezvous at Sunset & Boy.... I hope I can buy the latest album of Kylie... I don't have money as of now kse e...
  • I have Body Language, and I didn't find it as great as Fever... it's ok, but for me, there are some excellent songs (Secret) and those that sound like filler...
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    agree to u Cyber and Shiva da best talaga ang Fever..have u guyz heard the remix version of Come into my World? this version rox it keeps me head banging....BL is an experimental album of hers but I like it also though galing talaga ng Obsession...teka lang paulit ulit na to ha cge maiba naman alam nyo ba ang Love Kylie(her laungerie design) ? hehe I wanna get some..
  • I don't know if there's any Love Kylie for sale here in the Philippines, though I've seen a catalogue in Australia (naturally) and the US. :)
  • CyberShivaCyberShiva seraphic deity PExer
    Ang ganda rin pla nung font ni Kylie sa fever... may pagka-futuristic!! maghahanap nga k s Internet...
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    yah I like that too Shiva who would ever think that the cord of the mic will be a great accessory for the cover..
  • Kylie simply RULES!!! Hanggang ngayon, di pa rin ako makapaniwala that the babe is pushing 40 already. LSS ko ngayon Your Love and Please Stay. :)
  • CyberShivaCyberShiva seraphic deity PExer
    Have u seen her performance in MTV's Europe Music Awards this year? Maganda b ung performance? Anong Track ung pinerform nya? D me napanood e...
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    Haaay naku Slow yung pinorform nya...maganda naman parati yung mga performance nya eh astig nung mga Lightsavers habang sumasayaw paibaiba ng shape saka nagform pa ng letter K pero to tell u the truth I don't like Slow sana iba na lang ang ginawa nyang 1st single...
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    Originally posted by Cyberspacebabe
    Kylie simply RULES!!! Hanggang ngayon, di pa rin ako makapaniwala that the babe is pushing 40 already. LSS ko ngayon Your Love and Please Stay. :)

    ganun ba edi ibig sabihin Solid Kylie ka na hehehe!
  • Yup! Stay should have been the 1st single! Or Obsession, puede rin.
  • CyberShivaCyberShiva seraphic deity PExer
    Gus2 k rin pla ung vid nyang "Love at First Sight" may effect na crosshair sa video w/ those funky GUIs swirling around the video... At naka versace outfit p cya...
  • donnie244000donnie244000 scarletstar PExer
    ang ganda ng outfit nya dun noh mejo simple lang pero wag ka naghahanap ako ng ganung klasing pants mayroon na kong red stilleto shoes eh pants na lang hehe..saka you noticed hindi yun eyebrows nya makeup lang yun look at it closely para naman kc happy looking cya kc happy yung song..
  • CyberShivaCyberShiva seraphic deity PExer
    Ay naku ako rin!! Pro hirap maghanap... san kya makakabli nung armlet nyang orange na may "K"? La lang...

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