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Best review center for the UPCAT

I'm entering my senior year in high school next year and the pressure is building. As a backgrounder both my parents are UP grads, my paternal tito and tita and grandfather are UP and UP Law grads, my maternal tita, and granmother also come from UP. In my immediate family only my maternal grandfather and paternal grandfather are not UP grads. In family get togethers I always hear some comments like there are only 2 schools: UP and others.

While my parents are not pressuring me to go to UP and my dad always tells me that it doesn't matter to him I am still deathly afraid of not passing the UPCAT. I feel that I would let them down if I don't pass.

With that in mind could I ask those of you who have taken review courses and passed the UPCAT as to which review center helped you the most in taking the UPCAT?


  • i'm not yet a up student, but i passed the upcat 2010 and i think i'll have to thank my school more than the review center for that. i went to ahead, btw.

    minamadali kasi sa review center yung mga topics na hindi pa nadidiscuss sa junior year, so medyo na-lost ako nung summer. sa tingin ko yung naka-tulong nung nag-review ako ay yung materials and siguro yung mga mock upcat and stuff. malalaman mo yung feeling ng kalahating araw na naka-upo at nagtetest lang nang umagang-umaga. hahah.

    pero the teaching stuff? okay langgg. like i said, mabilis masyado for me... pero kayang-kaya i-self-study yung mga 'yun once malapit na mag-UPCAT. maprapraning ka e. hahaa.

    and meron sa review center ko, yung mga refresher course... effective naman sa akin yung mga "refresher course" na hino-hold 2 weeks bago ang UPCAT, kasi naprepressure ako mag-aral for UPCAT dahil dun. pero wala masyadong tinuturo nun. parang isang soiree lang siya. hahaha
  • hmm. as a up student, eto lang masasabi ko. marami akong kakilala (at kabatch!) na nakapasa ng UPCAT nang self-study lang. Wala sa review center, 'ika nga nila.

    pero having said that, ako, nag-review center ako. it really helped, lalo na nga yung materials. may sample upcat, me testing pa sila. meron ring refresher course, like the poster above.

    shameless plug lang for LSC (Loyola Student Center). dun ako nagreview. :)
  • i suggest you just buy a reviewer from the bookstore then do the tests lang. it's not actually the content you need to be familiar with but the types of questions. also, i recommend reading novels as early as now since it broadens your vocabulary while teaching you how to speed read since it would be a valuable skill for your entrance tests. i remember when i took all three of my entrance exams (UP, UST, San Beda), i would always be the first one to finish. and i passed them all.

    me and my brother just bought the small, green MSA reviewer that costs less than 400 pesos. we both passed, im a philo grad from diliman while he's an incoming bio freshie in elbi.

    you are lucky that your parents are not pressuring you that you should pass the UPCAT. it's actually just a test, and tests always have flaws. it does not measure your capability because aside from passing the UPCAT, you are fighting for an estimated 10,000 slots with around 70% of your graduating batch all over the Philippines. the odds are obviously against every one of you. just do your best and pray that you pass. and dont be depressed if you don't because if you really want to graduate from UP, you can still transfer after a year from another school and prove that you deserve a spot just like everyone else who passed the UPCAT.
  • Standards/SCRC. Yung Expert Guides, palong-palo, wala akong nagamit ni isa sa tinuro nila. Peace.
  • You don't need to go to a review center to pass the UPCAT. (I think) A lot of UPCAT passers didn't go to a review center. I do suggest you self-study, buy some UPCAT review workbooks at National Bookstore and answer them. Go through your high school lessons as well.

    For me, I think my high school helped a lot in terms of preparations for entrance exams (not just the UPCAT). We had a once-a-week session for answering problems.
  • tsong_gotsong_go PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    It's a good thing that you are preparing this early. You're one step ahead of your peers already. :)

    If you have the money, then go for one.

    But if you wish to save up money instead, the books from your first 3 years, I think, will be enough, as it is for me. Like what I've said in other threads similar to these, studying for UPCAT can't be crammed a month or two before the test. That's ARROGANCE, NEGLIGENCE, not to mention UNDERESTIMATION of the UPCAT. The exam is relatively easy, but what delivers the killing blow is the competition against 60-70K+ other kids vying for the same thing. You have to beef up your chances!

    Spend the summer reviewing. Yep, the whole of it!.

    I can't emphasize that one enough. A high score in the exam can compensate for the so-so grades you possibly had from your first 3 years in HS. (admission to UP is 60% HS grades + 40% exam score).

    Good luck, aspirant! *okay*
  • i've heard a very good review center..*but i can't attest to that personally kase hindi ako ng-review (DUN):)*


    But in view of the fact that 100% of my schoolmates who reviewed there passed the most recent UPCAT, i must say that they are good..

    anyhow, their site is: www.brain-train.com.ph

    basta at the end of the long run your UPCAT score still will largely depend on your prior knowledge..both nung high school and elementary (pa nga)..

    to add to that, getting into UP is 40% contingent on your 1st-3rd Year HS grades. It is, hence, needless to say na a GREAT part of your "getting-into-UP journey" is not solely about the UPCAT.. say you get 100 dun sa UPCAT pero your average naman ranges from 75-78..medyo off-the-mark ka pa rin..

    and your scores are relatively insignificant..kase what is measured in the UPCAT is your standing on a national basis..ibig sabihin mas importante ang PERCENTILE RANK.

    .meaning, kahit pa maka-75% ka sa isang subtest, pero sobrang dami namang mas mababa sa'yo then you'd be facing no prob naman..

  • slim_chance79slim_chance79 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Our mandatory NSAT review during my 4th year in HS prepared me for the UPCAT. Aside from that I did nothing.
  • You can look for UPCAT Review Centers here at this site - http://www.upcatreviewcenter.com

    Hope this helps
  • Try Young Einstein Learning Center

    UPCAT Review Package 2010 includes 100hrs lectures/discussions/tests and assessments. Mentoring, review materials, leadership seminar, career orientation, etc.

    Only 15 students per class. Discounts until March 31, 2010 only.

  • MSA sa Katipunan okay din. Pero kung kaya mo na self study nalang, huwag ng mag enroll sa mga review centers. Magastos pa.
  • i studied at MSA sa may madrigal, sa alabang.. it helped me a lot.. kaso pricey talaga... like others said, pag nagtitipid, just buy reviewers like msa books kaso ang kagandahan sa mga review sessions, naglelecture yung mga teachers and pwede ka magtanong.. :) by the way, i passed UP bio and UST ;)
  • ako naman nag review center ako. actually, 2 review centers (AHEAD at nakalimutan ko na yung isa XD) pa nga inattendan ko. at nakatulong talaga yung review centers, especially yung simulated at diagnostic UPCAT. tsaka nagtuturo rin sila ng tips and techniques sa pag answer ng entrance exams. so kung di mabigat sa bulsa, tingin ko magreview center ka na. nga pala, i passed UPd's BAA.
  • upcat 2010 passer here.

    well, i reviewed in brain train (here in davao). yes, they have very good mentors ;) no boring talks and all. and, mapapa-aral ka talaga. haha (not really).
  • actually, di naman talaga kailangan ng review center para makapasa.
    sa school namin dati, yung mga di nagreview, nakapasa. tapos walang nakapasa sa mga nagreview.

    best tip: imaster and enie-minie-minie-mo! at "when in doubt, B!"

    trust your instincts and use your stored knowledge.
  • @axis257
    Brain Train here. Thank you for your kind words! Napa-register ako bigla I saw your post. From what school do you come from? Wo were your teachers at Brain Train?

    By the way, we have recently extended our services. To accommodate students from afar, we are now offering an E-Review. We are doing and will be doing our very, very best here. But honestly, nothing would beat the real deal...iba pa rin yung mami-meet mo yung Brain Train teachers in person.

    Still, for those who want to avail of the E-Review, you may try it for FREE...you may access our timed UPCAT Practice Test Questions (instant assessment at the end of the test) here:

    Also, we at Brain Train would be glad to answer any UPCAT-related queries at this forum: http://btclub.brain-train.com.ph/index.php

    I urge every UP aspirant to join. I promise we'll do our very best to accommodate you.
  • Sa MSA SM Fairview ako nag-review noon. Ok naman, di ko masyadong sineryoso. Awa ng D'yos pasado :lol:
    And I agree with nxirawr, medyo mahal nga sa MSA, kaso marami naman akong nakuhang review materials na helpful naman at least. Wala naman talaga akong balak mag-review, pinilit lang ako ng parents ko.

    Pero based from what I've heard, mukhang maganda yung Brain Train. Halos lahat ng kakilala kong dun nag-review ay pasado :D
  • If you need more UPCAT reviewer, go to www.scribd.com and just search "UPCAT Reviewer"

    if you want the pdf file just e-mail [email protected]
  • in my case, nakatulong talaga ang upcat review. .but i think depende din sa reviewer center. .you have to check out yung percentage ng naipapasa nila. .sa review center ko kasi, we actually invested as much as 10,000 for 12 sessions yung binayad namen. .it helped aman kasi among my batchmates, 4 *** *** ngayon na papasok sa UP. . . :)
  • pilipinas1207pilipinas1207 PEx Rookie ⭐
    i think much better if u try urself to enter in a review center. It enables u to prepare for how the test looks like... btw, i'm an incoming sophie this AY in UP eLBi.

    Go UP!

    (:rolleyes: review center ko ***:

    Loyola Student Center sa may Fairview branch lan. The main is located in front of Ateneo de Manila. My refresher sila 2 wks b4 the test. Then, myrun din sila for ACET.)
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