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KRIS ALLEN v.04: THE MOST aDORKable HOT POCKET EVER! ♥ Live in Manila & Cebu Feb2010!



  • wahahahaha britney spears!
  • zechie wrote: »
    @debone- ang sexy nga hahaha! may link kayo sa eb??

    i wasnt able to catch it! di pala sya nagperform..bakit kaya

    di ko din alam..:( sayang nga eh....

    nga pala guys tune in to boys night out they're playing a game...and Kris might sing!!! come on....:lol:
  • zechie wrote: »
    wahahahaha britney spears!

    yeah!!!! I thought he knows the words...

    come on Kris ring that buzzer!!!!


    come on Kris..that's MJ!!!!

    DANG IT!!! I heard dang it!!!!:bounce:
  • aaaahhh!!! I love that song!!!!Kris come on ring that buzzer!!!!!!

  • wahahahaha panalo pa! hahahaha!

    alam na nila yan! ill be!
  • he's a nice guy!!!!!:lol:

    Kris is enjoying this game!!!:lol:

    they just let him win!!!hahaha...

    before we come undone!!!!!!!:rotflmao:
  • :rotflmao: before we come undone!!!!Kris Allen!!!!! he's all pumped up!!!!

    awwww...nice talking to him!!nice guy overall!!!haha...
  • Tapos na! hahaha nice one kris allen

    kasama ba nya si wifey nya??
  • :lol: natawa ko sayo risse! tanungin daw ba ko kay zech! :lol:
    di ako makakapunta sa concert! di ko afford!
  • Haloo peeps! imogenPH recorded the Magic interview in case some missed it. Hintay lang till she posts it. :)

  • Awww I missed the Boy's Night Out interview.

    I was at the presscon for Kris Allen at Eastwood a while ago. I was fanboying and we were far away so I couldn't take good photos. Even my friend who brought his dlsr was not able to zoom in cause he didn't bring the right lens or something. FAIL.

    Anybody here who to the press con kanina? If you saw a guy with blue-green hair, that would be me. :lol:

    Congrats to those who won the meet & greet passes!!!
  • the EB appearance was very short. :|
    but the plaid got my attention! hee, he is always perfect in plaid :D
    I'm gonna wear my plaid at the M&G :bounce:

    uy renn azulistha08 nadito ka din ah, hahaha
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  • Pauleen Luna and Pia said in their twitter accounts that he is approachable, I'm so excited! wow! at di daw ganun ka tight ang security. i think this is goin to be a blast! i'm super stoked already! :bounce2:
  • Di ako makapunta dito kanina, sayang kasama ko sana kayo nag-flail! hahaha.

    Approachable? :D

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  • I have some pics of Kris Allen and the band during their Eastwood press con! Got really lucky and sat near the stage!!! IM SOOOOOO HAPPY I GOT TO SEE THEM IN FLESH!!!

    KRIS. IS. HOT. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got to sing a few lines of LLWD and it was soooo goood acappella! Just his pure fresh voice! Haay!

    Kris and Andrew!! Spread your legs more Kris!! HAHA! Andrew's my fave. He's so damn hot and seemed really relaxed during the press con!! When they were asked to introduce themselves and tell a secret about Kris that others may not know, only Andrew gave an answer. Haha! He said Kris would rather play during gigs without a set list than having to create one. Kris likes to be spontaneous! :love:

    Cale + Drew (Ryland's brother) + Chris!! CALE had so many fans! Hahaha! Girls kept shouting his name. DREW!!!! GOSH!! Drew looks so HOT!!! I searched his pics on the net and HE LOOKS SO MUCH HOTTER IN PERSON! Chris was really chill during the whole interview. Fans were also shouting "Torres!", I was restraining myself from shouting "Latin Jesus!" LOL! Notice 3 of them were wearing plaid (Drew, Chris, Kris) ! NO PLAID RULE IN THE PHILIPPINES! HAhaha!

    Cale + Drew!! When Kris introduced him as the Cosmopolitan Bachelor of the year, the crowd went crazy!! Kris also kept on teasing and pointing at Cale when one of the press who asked Kris question said she works for Cosmo.ph. LOL! And DREW! Again I must say DREW LOOKS SOOOOOO HOT!!!
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