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Kylie Minogue- Electro-pop Chick!

I'm a relatively new Kylie Minogue fan... she's been around since the '80's, but I was too young then to appreciate her (although I have a crush on Madonna since Grade 2). Though I liked "I Should be so Lucky" and "Especially for You" and "Locomotion", I didn't know they were by Kylie...

I fell in luuuv with Kylie when I saw her video "On a Night Like This", and I bought the Light Years album, followed by Fever (my most fave Kylie record so far) and now, Body Language, which I reviewed for MEG Mar 04 ish...

Anymore Kylie fans out there??! Post naman here! :) :yum: :*)


  • her 'SLOW' song is so addictive. sarap isayaw.
  • grabe...may edad na...steaming hot pa rin! :D
  • Yeah, I couldn't believe that she's almost 40! I thought she was just, like, 20-something. :)

    Her younger sister Dannii is also hot. :)
  • I was already a huge Kylie fan since I was 7 years old cos our school bus driver back then was a massive Kylie fan and would only play her tapes over and over again. :lol:

    I can't get enough ofe her song "Love At First Sight". Never fails to keep me groovin' to its beat! :glee:
  • Yup, that song was kewl... I loved the video, parang futuristic. Sana nga lang Kylie could really dance, para kasi syang robotic gumalaw.
  • anyone hear Danni Minogue's new CD yet?? :D Off-topic but related.. literally!
  • I only heard three cuts, my fave was "I Begin to Wonder" naka2inlove sya dun sa video... ganda rin ng cyberfunk na tunog. I also downloaded "Put a Needle on It" and "Get Your Vibe on." Sayang, parang Dannii's album Neon Nights wasn't released locally. Kahit big music stores like Music 1 sa Greenbelt don't have it.
  • Peeps, get Kylie's Greatest Hits album! It's a 2-CD pack for only P500+, mega steal!!! :) Worth every peso you'll cough up.
  • Sobrang ganda ng Body Language album nya bili kayu, yun nga lang sana kung hindi cguro yung Slow yung 1st single nya dat sana: obsession(I'm addicted to this one parati ko cyang piniplay sa CD player ko), Secret(ganda talaga specially nung parang nagrarapcya in a disco groove), Promises(parang on a night like this), Red Blooded Woman(ito daw ang next single nya eh, this reminds me of JT's Cry me a River)
  • My fellow die-hard Maddie fans in the other thread may hang me by the thumbs, but tama ka Donnie... mas maganda ang Body Language kaso sa American Life ni Madonna... I mean, Kylie CAN rap in Secret (Take Me Home), and Kylie is convincingly shifts to R&B mode with Obsession... like you, walang tigil sa player at laptop ko yung "Obsession is a dangerous state of mind" at the end of the song... However, just like AL, parang masyadong experimental ang BL for mainstream radio... it's not as popular as Fever and even Light Years.
  • OMG OMG pareho tayu gustong gusto ko yung end part"obsession is a state of mind" it got me groovin...Tama ka rin it's not as popular as Fever kc naman slow pa kc ang ginawang 1st single..di naman cguro nagshift cya sa rap(actually dun sa Secret(take me home) may spunk ng sexy techno rap dun eh nandun parin ang disco fever nya...Uhmm hu else are fans of Kyle here well fan din naman ako ng iba eh tulad nina Madonna, Beyonce, etc... I'm just a music lover like evryone else...
  • i'm not really a fan of kylie pero i like some of her songs. my favorite is CONFIDE IN ME - love the orchestra, the cello and the violin.
  • HMMM the song of her's I could think of right now would be "You Did It Again" man the video's wicked...
  • My fave video of her is "On a Night Like This"... that was the one that made me a full-fledged (not half-hearted like before) Kylie fan... may crush nga ko sa kanya nun... :) eeevil.
  • Aay saka Locomotion hhehehe...."Common do the locomotion with me"...Saka yung song na kaduet nya yung ex nya rememeber(forgot his name)?
  • I started to like kylie minogue when I watch her video "spinning around" which is really cool!! Instantly I knew this will be a hit.. then, followed by "on a night like this" w/c is my fav song in her album "light years"... ang ganda ng video!! But the "Fever" album totally ROCKS also!! with the "LALA" song (u know what I mean) & others songs that can make ur body groove makes her again a worldwide hit... Now, her new single "Slow" definitely puts her on top... I love her!! Viva Kylie & Madonna!!! Goddesses of re-inventing music!!!
  • shes big here in australia,,although shes a a bit of a slut!!
  • Originally posted by filo15
    shes big here in australia,,although shes a a bit of a slut!!
    She's not slut!!!! it's just how she performs that people may think of it that way, say for example Britney(although I think she's the dirty one I like her performance at the VMA though) , Christina(hmmm this one just expresses herself and pretends to be dirrty but she does have a great voice though sana she should lessen her shouting during singing it's like every verse of the song has it's climax) , Madonna(this isssss the mother of slutness but does fans care NO cause pinanindigan nya at binago nya ang image nya for the sake of motherhood) kc c Kyle rin matagaltagal na rin sa music business sabay yata cla ni Maddie so she's concidered as a legend if I may call it thank you..
  • Well, Maddie came into the mainstream music biz earlier (1982), while Kyle followed in 1985... :) I'm not that sure when exactly, cause I was too young then to remember.

    But you've got to hand it to these two "old" ladies (although they don't look like it!) They've been around for two decades or so. :)

    I saw An Audience with Kylie Minogue last 2002, she sang "Especially for You" with Kermit the Frog!!!
  • OO nga "especially for you", ty for the info ganda din ng Concert na yun saka I really love "fever"(ang landi ng performance nya) ito pala ang fave track ko sa Fever album saka Love at 1st site..
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