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I want to go to Camiguin! yummy.gif

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  • CAMIGUIN Island is located in the northern part of Mindanao. It is aparently far from the Abu Sayyafs. You can bath in a Hot Spring and later dive into an ice cold pool. You can also choose to have yourself sun burned in the middle of a white islet or go mountain climbing. The adventures there are countless plus a chance to taste the very sweet lanzones the island is known for. You can even tour the whole island on foot in 2 days. Lots of people do it during Holy Week. I just hope this island will never become another Boracay which is too much commercialized. It should preserve its natural beauty. And the people there are very friendly.
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    Never been to Camiguin.

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  • Been to Caimiguin! :) Love the sun!!
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    i went to camiguin last summer... i love the sand bar :)
  • Camiguin's the best... I've been there last summer... yup it can be toured by foot for two days...pero sayang if you're gonna be in camiguin make sure youre gonna be there longer..siguro mga 3wks to a month..di ka mabobore dun...you can even see dolphins na magpapacute at magpapapansin :0
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    This time of year until early November is the season for Camiguin's sweet Lanzones. They even have a Lanzones festival to thank for their bountiful harvest. I just don't know if they have now a very good harvesting season.


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  • Sarap dun! Ang sarap dun sa Ardent (?) Hot Springs!
  • just putting this back on top
  • sino na nakapunta? we're planning to go. help us naman estimate how much the whole trip would cost by giving us ideas on the room rates, food, activities etc. maganda ba talaga dun?
  • me!!!

    you can read all the info about our trip in camiguin (with expenses pa!) in our website:


    and yes, maganda talaga dun... i call it 'the one stop vacation spot' :-)

    don't forget to sign our guestbook :-)
  • hi sabine! nice site. will sign ur guset book later. thanks!
  • thanks! hope it'll help you with your trip to camiguin :-)
  • things to see and do in camiguin and cagayan de oro:

    - white water rafting
    - canopy walk on a hanging bridge
    - hot springs
    - cold spring
    - waterfall
    - white beach
    - lanzones festival
    - lots more

    everyone's invited to join our group. i'm not in this for profit. i just want to form a group. the more the merrier and more economical. for more details, feel free to call 0920 3026259. thanks...
  • been there in yr 2001. you have got to try thier local pastry. parang ensaymada na may yema sa center. forgot what it's called. pero Vjandep yung brand, sa local market nabibili. Grabeh! Nag-uwi nga ko sa manila ng box-box! Mouth-watering! Yummy! Sigh...
  • ^ the pastry's named "Pastel". My friend owns that business, he used to bring that stuff to school after going home to Camiguin for the weekend.

    junben_c: don't forget to include White Island (or does it go by another name now? I haven't been there for so long)
  • right on. pastel nga!
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    sorry count me out junben_c... something came up.
  • travelholic and gastrixia,

    wer did u stay in camiguin and cagayan de oro? im lookin for a place to stay preferably along the coast. can u post the contact number or website here pls? thanks :)
  • junben_c: We stayed at a private resort near Mambajao (my family used to go there annually) owned by my mom's friend. However, there is a well-known resort there named Paras Beach Resort which has the best accomodations in the whole island.

    Website: houseoftravel.tripod.com/paras.htm
    Number: (088) 855-2201 - CDO Line
    387-9008 - Camiguin Line (sorry i don't know the area code for Camiguin)

    My friend who owns this place should give me a commission :glee:

    I used to live in CDO before ... i could tell you the best hotels to stay at though:

    Near the beach - Lauremar Beach Resort or Harbor Lights Hotel

    The Best accomodations (and the Priciest too) - Pryce Plaza Hotel (and it's near the airport)

    The Best Hotel near all the nightlife - Dynasty Hotel

    Have fun you guys
  • thanks for the info gastrixia. il call the resort for the rates and all. any idea how much yung canopy walk and white water rafting in cagayan?
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