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Born to be Wild of GMA7 vs. Matanglawin of ABS-CBN

:) Sinong mas professional at mas ok panoorin sa dalawa?

1. Born to be Wild of GMA 7

2. Kim Atienza's Matanglawin
(According to Kim, the Whaleshark is a whale. WRONG!)
(According to Kim, there is a Rhinoceros during the time of the Dinosaurs. WRONG!)

I think it's Born to Be Wild of GMA 7. ABS-CBN don't produce that kind of Quality show... if you'll ask me. :bashful:


  • Mas maganda talaga ang pagkakagawa kapag GMA. *okay*
  • kellypockellypoc Britney drives me crazy PExer
    nag versus ka pa
  • fattyacidfattyacid Aim 2014 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
    i thought Kim corrected the viewers about the wrong notion na whale ang mga butanding? he even said na isda sila at hindi balyena.

    as regard rhinos, their evolutionary root was traced to an earlier hoofed ancestry during the Paleocene period, when the evolution of large size mammals began, but, as suggested by some scientists, earlier large-size mammals may have appeared and started to evolve as early as in later part of the Cretaceous period, when the disappearance of the dinosaurs, which were the primary predators then, occurred.
  • hu's babyhu's baby ni hao... PExer
    maraming awards na ata ang matanglawin dba...may anak tv seal din sila..
  • janicecrisjanicecris Member PExer
    for the TS: wag ka ng magtanong kung ano ang mas magaling kung bias ka na agad sa question mo pa lang. npakabias ng question mo kse may criticism agad na nakalagay sa matanglawin dun sa question mo tapos nagcomment ka pa na mas magaling pag gawa ng GMA. what you posted is an opinion, not a question.
  • connie.connie. EJAYSTER PExer
    Gusto ko yung Born to be Wild kasi mas correct yung info nila keysa Kuya Kim na yan...pang elementary level yung info nya na binibigay....

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