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Favorite Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew book

IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
I read most of the Hardy Boys, and although I can't remember each and every one of the books I remember distinctly that I liked them all equally. I pretty much hated Nancy Drew, though--I found her to be lame. I liked Bobbsey Twins better than I did the Nancy Drew line.


  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    For those of you who read the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series of books, which ones were your favorite?
  • I've read a heckuva lot of Hardy Boys books, but, like Ira, I found Nancy Drew too lame...and her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson? Geez, what a real spineless dweeb :)

    My Hardy Boys favorite is "Mystery of Wildcat Swamp"...I think it's about the wildcatters striking black gold, and then keeping people out of the area...it was a very informative novel, and just captured my imagination.

    Don't you think the world's losing a whole lot when kids in grade school no longer read these books?
  • i used to envy these people....ang interesting ng mga buhay nila.....

    anyway, my fave 4 d hardy boys collection was the mystery of the totem... basta pumunta pa silang alaska...

    sa nancy drew naman, mystery of the 99 steps

    sa bobbsey twins, yung sa country fair...
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i started reading Nancy Drew stories when I was in grade 2 and started collecting them too... gusto ko yung 99 steps tulad ni chez-o, yung Secret of the Old Clock kasi yun yung una kong book... sayang hindi ko natapos lahat...yung hardbound lang ha, yung Case Files kasi na Nancy Drew, di na ganong maganda...

    Sa Hardy Boys, marami rin...di ko na maalala... :)

    Sayang di na "IN" sa mga kids to ngayon, ang ganda pa naman ng mga boods nina Carolyn Keene and Franklin Dixon.
  • Confirmation lang: Di ba Franklin Dixon, Carolyn Keene, and the Bobbsey Twins writer (forgot na) is just one person?
  • I remember my first Nancy Drew book. I was in the hospital and my mom bought "The Haunted Bridge" for me. That started my collection and my love for reading. I still have my Nancy Drew book collection now, including a few Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins which I hope to pass on to my daughter (who already loves books at age 2!).
  • OK, read almost all the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins stuff plus the other series syndicated by Edward Stratemeyer, and been so much engrossed with this thing called the Stratemeyer syndicate, so here is my opinion:

    Actually, there are various people who were involved in the writing of the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series at different times.

    Mildred Wirt, I believe, began the Nancy Drew series, and also wrote a couple of Hardy Boys books. Leslie McFarlane, on the other hand, began the Hardy Boys series, and, later, also wrote a couple of Nancy Drew books.

    Notice the little overlap there.

    Taking this into account, most of the early Hardy Boys volumes were written by Leslie McFarlane, but some 80 or so volumes were written by Franklin W. Dixon, thus giving Mr. Dixon the popularity and synonimity to Hardy Boys.

    Nancy Drew and Dana Girls series, on the other hand, was majorly authored by Carolyn Keene.

    As for the Bobbsey Twins, Laura Lee Hope wrote almost all the series that I know of.

    From what I read, Stratemeyer was so bright that he thought that the business's lion's share did not necessarily come to the author, but to the owner of the copyright. I really used to think that Edward Stratemeyer wrote everything, but I was so wrong. It was all about his syndication business.

    So, Yoshi, the answer is NO.

    Let's go back to being there.

    ...I also would like to add that Edward Stratemeyer was a prolific author/writer himself, and loved plotting/outlining stories for - and expanding ideas of - his ghostwriters. So there.

    Let's also wait for asterisk who is an Edward Stratemeyer scholar-*****-fanatic way back in our elementary to high school and UST days.

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  • Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Bobsey Twins, etc. I read all them, at least those that were published then at my time. I don't remember anymore what my favorite was but my first Hardy Boys read was, "The Case of the Chinese Junk" or something like that. I would read about two books a day. My religion teacher really hated me because she used to catch me again and again reading a book behind a notebook. Gawd!! I can still remember those big piercing eyes that always seem to be shooting daggers at me heh heh heh.

    At home, same story, I always got a sermon because I was always on my bed reading instead of doing my household chores or studying. Oh well ....
  • What a valuable information you have there, Sinned!

    Personally, not because I felt I was Frank and sometimes Joe before ;), but because I really did love and was enraptured by the flickerings of The Flickering Torch Mystery, the topsy-turviness of The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge, the mysticism in The Clue of the Screeching Owl, the labyrinthine Jungle Pyramid, and the disturbing plot in A Figure in Hiding etc. etc. Now what sucks is the pathetic Hardy Boys TV series.

    As for Nancy Drew, I would name The Secret of the Old Clock, Nancy's Mysterious Letter, The Mystery Of The 99 Steps, Mystery Of The Glowing Eye, and The Crooked Banister among my favorites.

    The Bobbsey Twins were pretty cute too. Who's going to forget the country fairs and the trips to the seashores by the wide-eyed twins Nan and Bert, and Flossie and Freddie?

    The question right now is: Are you willing to re-read some of them and re-live the wonderful and youthful experiences these books brought to us before? Or are you not over them yet? :)

  • I tried reading the Hardy Boys but I still preferred Nancy Drew. The Bobbsey twins, ok lang, I kinda liked the fact that they're twins (since I'm a twin myself) =).

    My fave Nancy Drew book is The Haunted Bridge, even though Martin Bartescue is really annoying. Aragorn: I agree that Ned is a loser. Nancy's perfectly fine without him following her all the time and trying to protect her. The Nancy Drew book that I hated was The Crooked Banister. Man, it was so boring!
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nako, I don't think I'd want to reread them! Part of the magic that these books held for me was that they were truly believable in the mind of a child. I hold these books in high esteem because they transported me to adventures that I can only dream about. I used to envy the Bobbsey twins because they're always going somewhere exotic, and the Hardy boys are always on an adventure somewhere with not much of parental/elder discipline to control them. But the thing is, if I read it at my age, I might start comparing them to higher works of literature, and wonder what I ever liked in them. I'd rather keep my good memories of these books intact, and maybe just give my future kids the whole set for them to read, and hopefully begin to develop a love for the written word.
  • I used to pretend I was Nancy Drew! :) Tapos nagro-role-play kami ng friends ko...sila daw sina Bess Marvin, Goerge Fayne, Hannah the housekeper, Ned, Burt & ...(?) = yung mga boylet nina Nancy & co... :)
    My favorite was the book about the Twisted Candles. :)
    hhaayyy nako...parang I felt nostalgic when I read this thread..parang na-transport ako back into childhood! :)
  • Yo, Sinned, what's new thing about? I mean did you re-register?

    About Stratemeyer, I really don't have inside info, but records show that all the The Hardy Boys, Bobbsey Twins, Dana Girls, and the Nancy Drew series are attributed to him under different pseudonyms, which is not really improbable because the books follow the same style and almost the same formula. It is a very probable conjecture that in time, Stratemeyer formed a corporation or a group of writers to write the series under the same pseudonyms and since he has the right for characters as well for the reputation of the books, Stratemeyer gets a large share. Even now that he is dead, he is still earning.

    Back to the original question. I read all of the Nancy Drew books and I mean the originals. I like them more than the Hardy Boys. I believe my favorite is "The Mysterious Mannequin."
  • I got fond of reading the Hardy Boys casefiles. BTW, how did the casefiles end (if it ended yet)?
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sayang lang talaga na hindi na ganong ka-exposed ang mga kids ngayon sa mga books ng Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. :)
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Do they still sell these books now? I haven't seen them for a while in the bookstores. If they're still in the local market, how much would a book cost? And are the authors still alive and producing new books for the said series?
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    meron pa atang casefiles Doc, pero ang gusto ko yung hardbound.... yun yung masarap kolektahin...yung old books. :D
  • ZenZen PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nyarks, di ko na natatandaan lahat ng mga Nancy Drew books na nabasa ko, pero mga gusto ko: Secret of the Old Clock, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, The Haunted Bridge, Ghost of Blackwood Hall chaka Moonstone Castle Mystery :)

    Kuya ko yung nagbabasa ng Hardy Boys, sakin Nancy Drew. Now that my interest's spurred, babasahin ko mga Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books namin after graduation. ;)
  • I believe it is still a continuing publishing empire. However, as of date, only the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys series remain viable since they are still in print till the 1990s. The proliferation, however, of unprinted materials written by some yet-to-be-named ghostwriters are still under the scutiny of the Stratemeyer syndicate scholars. I am not sure though if these were already published since what I see around some bookstores are the re-prints of the classic series. I went to the New York Public Library in 1997 where the syndicate is currently being housed but missed the chance to know more since the documents about the syndicate were opened a year after.

    Until now, these series are subjects of university enquiries and enthusiasm. And yes, they still sell these books for like 3-4USD/book. In the States, that is. I don't know in the Philippines where literature is a dead thing.


  • Dito sa States dami pang Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew books. Personally, I liked the hardbound books better than the paperbacks. I dunno why pero ganon.

    I liked Mystery of Cabin Island from the Hardy Boys. :)
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