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the best bookstore....where and why?

hmm.... ?????


  • well.. personally for me.. Barnes and Noble in Skokie, IL. at the Old Orchard Mall.. awesome ambience.. across from the movie theater.. restaurants all around... ppl that go there.. (the girls) hot hot hot! ;)
  • Powerbooks, because they really have a nice selection of books.
  • Try Bibliarch. There's one in Rockwell and one in Glorietta. I'm not sure if they have a new outlet. They carry unique books on various subjects and catergories. Mostly (if not all) hardbound. Quite expensive but you they only sell a maximum of 3 copies of each book.
  • Powerbooks Megamall, large selection of books which you can read to your heart's delight. And you can place orders and reserve books. Tops sa service!

    Online, it's Amazon for me.
  • Powerbooks Pasay Road. Its because they have a really wide selection of books. They also have chairs where you can take a peek at the book before deciding to buy it. At least you don't just buy the book and end up not really liking it once you get home.
  • I agree with Jonny, the best bookstore I've ever been to was the Barnes and Noble at Old Orchard in Skokie. It's complete with coffee shop (Starbucks), Computer Software section, Music CD's section along with one of the largest selections of book titles. You can really lose yourself for a whole day just checking out the great titles they have. Helpful and knowledgable pa yung staff. Actually, Old Orchard might very well be the best mall I've been to although a little on the expensive side.

    In the Philippines, Powerbooks in Pasay Road and Bibliarch in Rockwell are pretty good.

  • Powerbooks in Megamall.... para malapit sa mga clothing stores...
  • Powerbooks in Megamall.... para malapit sa mga clothing stores...
  • Powerbooks in Megamall.... para malapit sa mga clothing stores...
  • powerbooks in megamall. interesting selections and kinda cheaper too! plus, dami pang chiks! hehehe!
  • Ako, laking National Book Store...kaya National Book Store pa rin! =) Hindi ba supermahal ang mga libro sa Powerbooks?
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    acridmouth: Pareho lang ang prices ng books in National Bookstore and Powerbooks, because they have only one owner, the Ramos clan. Xandra Ramos and her cousins run Powerbooks, while Xandra and co.'s lola is the head honcho of NBS. Powerbooks just stacks more high-end books than NBS, that's why it seems more expensive.
  • powerbooks in alabang. it's really neat and clean, plus they let you read the books in the store. less chances of buying a book and finding out that you don't like it pala. and i get to look through those really nice (but expensive) books i wouldn't (and couldn't) actually buy...
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Unless I'm mistaken, Socorro Ramos has yielded much of the day to day management of NBS to her sons. She sure has been there a long time - she's been a publisher of my dad for 40 years now!
  • Ira: Ganun ba? Thanks for the information. Maybe I ought to check Powerbooks sometime soon.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Bu: You're right. But Socorro Ramos is still overseeing NBS and has the last say with regards to things.
  • I love Barnes and Noble! Every book I want is there and you can even sit down on the floor enjoying it without anyone bothering you... :)

    Dito sa Pinas, I love the Filipino Bookstore. Im really hooked on Filipino books right now kaya I love going there kasi lahat ng magaganda naandon...

  • I love the atmosphere in Barnes and Nobles and Borders(?). You could lose yourself amidst all those wonderful books. However most of my books were bought at National Book Store, so it's National for me I suppose :)

    btw my brother bought this hardbound book in Powerbooks and it was surprisingly cheaper than the one sold in National.
  • powerbooks, naturally. it's the best.
  • Overall, i'd say Powerbooks because of it's large collection and great ambiance...but the National Book Store in Katipunan is not so bad either, not that many books, but definately has great ambiance.
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