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anne rice anyone???

who haven't read anne rice...
i was reading feast of all saints the other day, the last one i haven't read, and i just can't get enough...
don't tell me you didn't ever want to be a vampire after reading the vampire chronicles...
or a witch after reading of the mayfair witches......


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I've read Rice, although I'm afraid I don't like her stuff.
  • I've read the entire vampire chronicles except for Armand. I didn't like Memnoch The Devil as much, it was too slow it only became interesting at the end.

    hmm..no, I didn't want to be a vampire after reading them. Though I did play Vapire: The Masquerade LARP (Live Action Role Play) in the states.
  • Who's Anne Rice??

  • Never read her/not my kind of stuff - altho' saw movies (only on TV/video) based on her books - Interview W/ A Vampire (Lestat - is dayu? :)) & one w/ Dan Ackroyd & Rosie O'Donnell as a dominatrix or somewhat - ano ngang title?

  • Although my name is §inned™, I am not really into vampires and Anne Rice. But, I saw Interview With a Vampire and Exit to Eden (yes, Geepers, that's the film you are talking about) and I didn't like them both.

  • Belinda is my favorite Anne Rice novel ;)

    yah.. starting with Memnoch the Devil, all of them sorta kinda got stale already, but i'm interested in reading Pandora.. My favorite characters are those of the First Brood ;)
  • AdaAda Administrator PEx Moderator
    I’ve read two of her books – Interview With A Vampire and Lasher. The former was tolerable, the latter absolute torture. I swore never to read any of her books again.
  • I read all three "Interview w a Vampire", "The Vampire Lestat" and "Queen of the Damned". That was the time I gorged on and was steeped in "vampiric" things. Na-convince din ako na pwede talagang maging vampire tayo. Ayoko lang yung mga parts na ginagawang megaphone of her personal views yung iba. I didn't agree on those. Prose, yun nga, di masyado A-okay pero I enjoyed the vampire (their origin and their "telenovela" conflict) idea she put forth.

    Lesta: R u serious u don't know Rice and u have that nick?
  • Jonny: Pandora is a nice book. Specially after Memnoch The Devil, it's the start of the new chronicles. The Elders.

  • slurbrun, :):):)

    Ada, I agree with you on that Lasher book, after reading a few pages, I just threw the book away. Hardbound pa naman, pero okey lang, binili ko lang naman ng barya sa Goodwill Store :). But still, it was a waste of good "barya." :(

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  • maxwell: yep.. i plan on reading them one of these days... i think i'll buy her books paperback for now since they're not worth the $27 hardcover anymore...

    speaking of the elders and the first brood.. that's why my favorite vampire chronicle book is Queen of the Damned..
  • I got to scan "Lasher", medyo nag-gravitate ako dun sa mga pages where Lasher was still in his newborn stage. Medyo nag-ka-vertigo of sorts ako do'n. ;)
  • Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Read the Sleeping beauty Chronicles of Anne Rice. Extremely erotic, full of SM and kung anu-ano pang sexual practices. Anne Rice's perversion in text. Worse than Belinda...

    Anyway, her other books are ok. I like the Vampire Chronicles. They're interesting concepts of Vampires.

    Did you know she gets drunk whenever she writes? It helps her think better.
  • She's a wino, alright! Look at all the rubbish she is telling about me.

  • Read Queen of the Damned and Interview with the Vampire. Her prose is so cloying, thick and dripping like syrup, gives me heartburn. Not really one of my faves. She created a whole myhtology of her own though and it is likable.
  • i'm a vampire chronicles fan and haven't read any other novels aside from those vampiric stuff. my favorite characters are akasha and armand. i heard that they'll be making a movie out of her novel "Queen of the Damned", which i find really good.
    i have to get hold of those other novels u guys mentioned because i'm really curious about them.. do u know where i could find those novels under her other pen names (Anne rampling and AN Roquelaure)??
  • ive read vampire chronicles...my favorite was 'queen of the damed'...im just itching to read Armand...could anybody tell me if its good?
  • i like anne rice's novels... i already read interview, vampire lestat, memnoch (my favorite) and servant of the bones.

    currently reading pandora...
  • I'ne read every book anne rice ever wrote,from the infamous Vampire Chronicles to the Tales of the New Vampires and her erotica novels under another name.Isn't she soo good? :) Me wanna be a vampire..especially if they all look like Lestat :) (no,not you, I meant Tom Cruise:P)
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