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Maoui David

mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
Anyone know about Maoui David?

She's the pretty girl in MTB.....

a cool dancer and a great singer as well

this kid is full of potential.....

post infos about her and maybe some pix as well:D


  • mars11mars11 引きこもり PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️

    Maoui David, appearing on Philippine TV, thrills audience at Lourdes Restaurant


    LOS ANGELES, Calif., (Sunstar) -- Remember Maoui David who used to help her dad, Andre, as karaoke disc jockey at Lourdes Restaurant several nights a week and who used to delight the crowd with her spirited and enchanting singing and dancing?

    Well, a couple of months ago, Maoui, 14, and her dad left for the Philippines to launch her career in the entertainment world and it seems working very well.

    One evening about two weeks ago, all activities at Lourdes stopped around 9 p.m. to watch Maoui sing and dance on a program called ASAP on Channel 2, Philippines, beamed to the U.S. via the Filipino Channel.

    The information about her appearing on Philippine television was tipped to the nightly crowd at Lourdes by Maoui's mom, Megs, who works there part-time and the customers were very happy to see the once shy and reserved Maoui go about her routine with the show host and main performer, Jolina Jengco Rosal.

    With her beautiful face panning close for the camera as she sang a lively tune, one could see that there's a hint of professionalism creeping into Maoui's personality. If she keeps this up, there is no doubt she will make it all the way to the top.

    "Maoui has the beauty, talent and personality of an entertainer. You could see that easily when she used to sing here at Lourdes, without any preparation or make-up," said a customer. "All she needs is guidance and training."

    "My daughter belongs to a group of up-coming performers called Batch 10," said Megs proudly. "She has to begin from the bottom, you know. It's hard work but she is bent on making a name for herself."

    All eyes were glued to the television sets in the restaurant for about 10 minutes as Maoui and her group went about their numbers.

    On the show, Maoui was made up to look more mature than her age and her outfit, a slinky and colorful skin-hugging pants made her young and beautiful body stands out. And the girl could sing, indeed, which is not a surprise because both her mom and dad are singers themselves.

    Megs is known to sing some of the most captivating songs on the karoake machine at Lourdes, if she is not busy serving the large crowd that flock to the family restaurant almost every night. Andre, her dad, in addition to disc-jockeying for the restaurant would occasionally thrill the customers with his baritone voice.

    Others who entertain the crowd every now and then at the popular restaurant, are Jing Gaffud who works part-time and DJs, Roger, Malou and Joseph.

    Among the many professional and semi-professional talents who come to sing at Lourdes occasionally are C. Tyrone Posadas, Melvin Ventura, Dwayne Alejandrino, Lito and Helen Mendoza and Mary Aquino.

    Although quite young, Maoui has been a print and commercial model in the Philippines and member of the ABS/CBN Talent Center (Phils.) under the management of Randy Santiago.

    Maoui won the Banig talent search last May in Los Angeles. She was supposed to be one of the front acts for Banig's May 12 concert at the Alex Theater in Glendale but Banig wanted to sing a duet with her instead, with the accompaniment of a live band.

    Maoui was featured in the recent concert of Roselle Nava in San Diego as well as the Filipino Family Day last July 14 at Knott's Soak City water park in Chula Vista sponsored yearly by The Filipino Press which was witnessed by about 5,000 people.

    From the look of things, we will be hearing more about Maoui in the Philippines.
  • she's one cool girl saka ang ganda niya talaga kit ko na siya sa personal sa mall...one hot babe *okay*

    The more you learn, the more you know, The more you know, the more you forget The more you forget, the less you know So.. why learn.
  • sorry ha pero naiirita ako sa kanya. mars, are you her PR from talent center? hehehe:) mukha eh.

    tell your talent na lang not to try TOO hard. just relax. nahahalata ko na she's trying too hard to be pa-cute. tell her to be natural lang. be real!!! be true!!!! i know, cliche pero talaga, i see through her.

    advice lang kasi talagang ewan! :) i'm sorry if i'm too harsh.
  • ako ren... di ko sya gusto. ewan ko... di cya pretty for me. tsaka ang weird nag ichura nya sa portion na todo nato. :D
  • sowee pero di ko rin sya like. parang pilit magpaka-biba at cool. pero ewan natin, let's just give the newbie a break. baka sakaling mag-improve.
  • i'm sorry but i don't really find her pleasing as well. she does have potential but i think there are other talents who are sooooooooo much more deserving (read: more talented and prettier)
  • KaTaZiAKaTaZiA PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i think that yes maybe sometimes she's a little too oa.. she does need to relax a bit.. but you never.. maybe that's just the way she is.. super hyper.. muhka naman mabait and has potential.. and she's got a beautiful voice *hopefully we'll hear more of her singing* and she can dance.. i've seen her on star studio and wansapanatym a few times.. she's ok as a contra.. she's pretty.. give her a few more years.. she still has lots to learn...
  • actually, noong una ko siyang makita sa mtb nasabi ko sa sarili ko, "sino 'tong babaeng ito?!?!" wala akong ka-idea-idea kung sino siya. ni hindi ko siya nakita nung ni-launch siya as star circle batch 10. teka, na-launch na nga ba siya?!?! diba na-launch na ang batch 10?!?!

    first impression ko, kabago-bago lang niya pero parang bat feel na feel na niya ang pagiging host. naisip ko pa nga magtanong dito sa pinoyexchange kung meron bang nakakakilala sa kanya kasi talagang clueless ako kung sino siya. tapos a few weeks after ko siyang unang nakita, mas lalo akong nairita kasi iilang weeks pa lang siyang naging visible sa tv nagsisigaw na siya ng, "hello to the maoui fans club!" aaaaaaat samahan mo pa ng matching banner sa may audience. naisip ko tuloy, may fans na nga ba siya!?!?

    until now, hindi ako masyadong impress sa kanya. masyado talaga siyang hyper! para bang hindi baguhan. ok naman yung confident siya pero yung pagiging over niya, di na nakakatuwa!

  • my opinion only:

    i don't like her. she kinda reminds me of love a?over. maybe it's her teeth. anyway, i hope they get her off MTB. she doesn't have that certain STAR quality.

  • sometimes i feel that for a novice like her, she has had too many exposures. pero kung ang manager/discoverer mo nga naman ay si randy santiago, di ka magtataka kung bakit naging regular host si maui ng mtb at kabi-kabila ang mga projects sa ratsky. pero in fairness to her, i read that she was a straight-A student in san diego, where she used to reside before coming here...i dunno how true.

    for me, she's an okay host (minsan nga OA). she knows how to adlib, at dun ako impress sa kanya. she can also sing and dance, and i think she's an effective kontrabida (ive seen her act in wansa and mmk). pero di sya masyadong pretty. (doesn't she have a slight resemblance to roselle nava?) there's nothing striking about her face. pero okay lang, may talent naman eh.
  • i think she's cool... bilib ako kasi game na game sa mga pinagagawa sa kanya
  • mostly namang naiirita sa kaniya ay mga girls, oh, di vah? insecure lang kayo sa byuti niya, basta MAGANDA AT TALENTED ang batang yan, yun lang! mas maganda nang siya na lang sa MTB kaysa kay VANESSA, huwag na nga siyang bumalik!
  • no offense but i don't find her pretty.
  • i find her hair, specifically the bangs, funny. her mouth reminds me of joker. she should tone down a bit, when it comes to hosting.

    iba talaga pag malakas ang kuneksyon mo. there are others na mas deserving sa kanya who should be given a break.
  • i find her cute,ok nga siya talented marunong kumanta and kayang mag dala ng sayaw:cool:
  • OCEANNEOCEANNE PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    all I can say is she's fine and simple. She might not be that too pretty but she reminds me of anne hathaway. Good luck to her
  • I like her! She has the charisma, the face and the talent!
  • after tabing ilog, she's in berks na. saw her kanina. maganda ang batang ito at may boses na panlaban sa kantahan. very pretty in person.

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