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office gossip

i don't know if this is the right category...

anyway, have you ever indulged in office gossip? have u started a piece of gossip (kahit totoo o hindi)? what do u do when a co-worker comes up to you and starts making chismis?

personally, i've worked in a couple of places and so far, i've realized that office gossip is everywhere. it's the norm but i'd like to really refrain myself from joining in on it kaya lang minsan hindi ko napapansin eh ayan na pati ako nakiki-tsismis na rin. then, it's too late na. to my credit, i have never started a malicious rumor about another person but when i do hear one, syempre nakiki-comment na rin ako, which doesn't make me a better person anyway.

it's just that i saw the movie, doubt (with meryl streep) and natauhan ako nung lecture ng priest about gossip and the scattered pillow feathers.


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