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Looking for relatively short novels originally written in languages other than Eng.

I'm required to read three books for a course (thus the "relatively short" requirement :D ). At least one of the books should have been written before the 1900s. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! :)


  • vijdaqvijdaq bisayang dako PExer
    For a novel written before 1900, perhaps Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. For the other books, Peter Handke's 2-in-1 book, two novels in a thin volume, A Moment of True Feeling and The Left-Handed Woman. Another good one, by Patrick Susskind, is Perfume...very Borgesian.

    I guess you know that Tolstoy's Russian, and Handke and Susskind are both German. Among the Italians, try any of Alberto Moravia's novels; forget Italo Svevo. Among the French, try Albert Camus; The Stranger is my favorite.

    If you weren't limited to novels, I'd suggest any volume of short stories by Italo Calvino, The Castle of Crossed Destinies perhaps, or T-zero, or Primo Levi's The Periodic table.
  • JDELEONJDELEON Saint in Process PExer
    Authors that have been translated well:
    Banana Yoshimoto (I think she is translated)
    Milan Kundera
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez...

    May Angels smile upon you,
  • asteriskasterisk Member PExer
    Should you read the novels in their original language?

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  • EinaEina Member PExer
    Thanks for the replies! :)

    vijdaq: I'd love to read Anna Karenina at some point but it doesn't fall under the relatively short category. :D

    PePs: Maybe when I finally learn French. :D

    asterisk: I don't speak that many languages. :D I'll be reading the books for Swedish class and I don't like reading a translation when I can read the book in the original language because as PePs implied something always gets lost in the translation thus the no English rule.

  • asteriskasterisk Member PExer

    Then I suggest Sweden's most famous novelist Selma Lagerlof (1858-1940). Her works are deeply rooted on her native land's legends and sagas. In 1909, she became the first woman to win the Nobel prize for Literature. Her most popular work is The Adventure of Nils.

    Bibilography of her works

    •GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA, 2 vol., 1891 - THE STORY OF GÖSTA BERLING - Gösta Berlingin taru. - film 1924, dir. by Mauritz Stiller, starring Greta Garbo
    •ANTIKRISTS MIRAKLER, 1897- MIRACLES OF ANTICHRIST - Antikristuksen ihmetyöt
    •EN HERRGÅRDSSÄNGEN, 1899 - TALES OF A MANOR - Herraskartano - suom. Helvi Erjakka
    •DROTTNINGAR I KUNGAHÄLLA, 1899 - Kunghällan kuningattaria
    •JERUSALEM, 2 vol., 1901-02 - transl. - Jerusalem - film 1995, dir. by Bille August, also basis for three-part television film
    •HERR ARNES PENNINGAR, 1904 - HERR ARNE'S HOARD / THE TREASURE - Arne-herran rahat - film 1919, dir. by Mauritz Stiller
    •NILS HOLGERSSONS UNDERBARA RESA GENOM SVERIGE 1-2, 1906-1907 - THE WONDERFUL ADVENTURES OF NILS - Peukaloisen retket villihanhien maassa. suom. Juhani Aho - film 1962, dir. by Kenne Fant
    •TÖSEN FRÅN STORMYRTORPET, 1907 - THE GIRL FROM THE MARSH CROFT - film 1017, dir. by Victor Sjöström; film Das Mädchen von Moorhof, dir. by Detlef ; Sierck/Douglas Sirk; film 1940, dir. by T.J. Särkkä; film 1947, dir. by Gustaf Molander: film 1947, dir. by Gustaf Edgren
    •EN SAGA OM EN SAGA, 1908
    •LILJECRONAS HEM, 1911 - Liljecronan koti
    •KÖRKARLEN, 1912 - THY SOUL SHALL BEAR WITNESS!- Ajomies - film 1920, dir. by Victor Sjöström; film La charrette fantôme, dir. by Julien Duvivier
    •KEJSAREN AV PORTUGALLIEN, 1914 - THE EMPEROR OF PORTUGALLIA - Portugalian kuningas - film The Tower of Lies, dir. by Victor Sjöström; film 1944, dir. by Gustaf Molander
    •TROLL OCH MÄNNISKOR 1-2, 1915-21
    •BANNLYST, 1918 - THE OUTCAST - Kirottu
    •CHARLOTTE LÖWENSKÖLD, 1925 - transl. - Pappilan kasvatti - film 1930, dir. by Gustaf Molander
    •ANNA SWÄRD, 1928 - Anna Swärd, suom. Helmi Krohn
    •ETT BARNS MEMOARER, 1930 - MEMORIES OF MY CHILDHOOD - Lapsen muistelmat
    •HÖST, 1932 - HARVEST
    •SKRIFTER 1-12, 1933
    •FRÅN SKILDA TIDAR, 1943-45
    •The Legend of the Christmas Rose, 1990
    •The Changelling, 1992

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  • EinaEina Member PExer
    I bought Nils Holgerssons Underbara Resa Genom Sverige last summer but haven't mustered the strength to read it. :D I have trouble reading older Swedish work due to all the spelling reforms. The book is 600+ pages and was actually meant to be a textbook in Geography.

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  • Lonneberga12Lonneberga12 Viking Pride PExer
    Hej, I love Nils Holgersson by Selma Lagerlof. It's one of my favorites. I even want that book so badly but it's not available in stores. :(

    Nils Holgersson is so handsome. I love him. He's cute. <3
  • If you're looking for something short you here's my list:
    "the little prince" Antoine de Saint-Exup?ry (french)
    "A Heart So White" Javier Marias (spanish)
    "The Metamorphosis" Kafka (german)
    more stuff like this you can find here: best writers.
    All these books are easy to read and can change the world view if you have not read them before.
    pardon 4 my english)
  • I believe that you can find it in some of the persuasive essays at Let's hope that you will. Well, i wish you luck in your searchings.

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