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Your Biohairs Experience

BatotoyBibo My batotoy is bibo!=p
Lately people keep noticing my thinning hair, especially on both corners of my forehead and on the crown. Though some of my paternal uncles have 'prominent' foreheads, they're not bald at all and so I don't consider baldness running in our blood. It's more of stress, I guess. :hmm: I have oily skin and dandruff problems too. :(

Recently, I watched the impressive TV ad of Biohairs and would like to try it. I have already inquired through phone and the package consisting of products (solution+shampoo+conditioner) good for 3 months use is worth P8,500. Cheap if effective, expensive if not. Does anyone of you here recommend this product?

I have asked some of the following questions from Biohairs agent on the phone but I would love to hear actual answers from real users:

1. Is Biohairs really effective in regrowing your hair?
2. How long have you been using Biohairs before you stopped because you already achieved the desired result?
3. Did hairfall and dandruff problems recur after you stopped using Biohairs?
4. Is it safe to use? From what I read on the net, minoxidil (primary ingredient) has some side effects if taken incorrectly.

Hope to hear from real users! :)

Thanks in advance!


  • Sorry dude
    5. Please don't ask about cosmetic brands or "As Seen On TV" goods. They aren't under the realm of medicine, and with most, if not all, of the "medical" products being sold on TV, they don't do what they're purported to do. If you want to open a thread about the products sold on TV, post them in Style and Fashion.
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