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What's your favorite pasttime between breaks?

Hey dudes and dudettes! Share with me naman your favorite pasttimes during your class breaks. Do you study (?), hang around the campus (magpa-cute) or whatever!!!
Please feel free to tell what's really been happening to all you students during breaks!!


  • Since I live in the dorm, at times I go back to sleep or read the papers. However, I also have to attend to my extra-curricular stuff most of the time, or study (cram, actually) when there's a test. If there is really nothing to do, me and my friends would often rush to the mall for a quick movie. :)
  • uptowngirluptowngirl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    get some shut-eye at the tambayan, play tong-its, kwentuhan, watch a movie o kaya naman catch up on some backlog schoolwork! ;)
  • Tulog or tambay with a group of friends. Depende sa mood. hehehe... :)
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    I used to go to the malls between classes (and even during classes) with my friends. Or just hang out in the tambayan, or look for nice restaurants to eat and drink in.
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    ate ira: have tried that hundreds of times! pero we ended up stranded (!) inside the mall & eventually not attending our class.... :)
  • sleep, eat, study pero most of all CHICK-WATCH!
  • Usually we just eat and hang out at the tambayan. Sometimes, we play billiards. It really depends kung anong trip ng mga tao. :)
  • usually kwentuhan sa tambayan and included na dun ang eating!!!
  • kwentuhan and kainan sa college canteen or tambayan or robotics lab, or go to glorietta or the nearby robinson's place to watch movies :)
  • eat
    pex sa computer lab
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