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Pregnancy Paranoia

I have got a problem and i hope you could help me on this:
last night my boyfriend and i went to a resort.. i gave him a handjob, and when he came, i used tissue to wipe off the ***** off him. after a few minutes, we hit the showers, and i lathered my hands with soap , shampooed my hair , and applied soap to cleanse my vagina. will that inserting my hand in my vagina get me pregnant if ever my hand had come contact with his ***** when i wiped it off him? also, when he came into my breasts, he wiped it off me. we hit the showers again, and i soaped my whole body, including my vagina. is there a possibility that ***** would still be in my breasts, and then got transferred to my vagina? im sorry if this is pretty immature or i sound lke i dont know anything, but this just happened to be my first time. i couldn't sleep last nite. i would be grateful for replies. thanks alot


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Chances of you getting pregnant is almost nil, although I wouldn't say it's zero, since apparently you guys are only practicing withdrawal method. ***** is also present in the male's pre-ejaculate (secretion prior to orgasm).
  • hi doc ira, thanks for the reply.
    when i said that he came into my breasts, i didn't mean that we practiced withdrawal. there wasn't any penetration involved, nor genitals touching. i was just worried that my hand might have touched some *****, and when i was taking a shower, i soaped my hands well before cleansing my vagina. my worry was my hands getting in my vagina might have *****..i there a possibility? ( considering i have washed my hands with soap..)
  • Ira
    Ira Member
    You're most probably not going to get pregnant if that's the case.
  • thanks for answering my query :)
  • doc, what if :

    there was genital contact outside the vagina (no penetration). the girl was fertile, and both parties are not sure if the guy had a pre-ejaculation (*****, *****...).

    what are the chances? what can you suggest for them to know if the girl is pregnant or not?
  • an additional info:

    the girl is IRregular..
  • Don't ask about numbers, we won't be able to give you any. It's not impossible, but it's rare that the girl will be pregnant.

    How to know if the girl is pregnant? Pregnancy test. Or, wait for the girl to have her period.
  • i shud be asking dis 2 d OB pero nde pa sya naka sched... she's 2 months preg. everytime kc na mg me-make love kmi nag kaka bleed sya ng konti.. shud we stop making love or ok lng yun?? thnks..
  • MeAko
    MeAko Membership
    Y E S!

    Please do not continue sexual relations if there is bleeding. Bleeding may indicate infection etc. She might be prescribed with Duvadilan or other meds to strengthen baby's "kapit". She might also be prescribed vagina inserts if there is infection.

    Your OB will be the best judge of when you guys can continue. Until then, please "no contact."
  • jharrrdy
    jharrrdy ♥dangerous♥
    eh pano kung mga one inch pa lang yung napasok tapos di sya sure kung may lumabas or wala...
  • As long as there is penetration, pregnancy is possible however small the chance.
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