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Sauna - is it good for you?

After working out in the gym, I sometimes go to the sauna room to relax. However, I really do not know what good will the steam do for you. Will your blood circulation be improved? What cleansing effect does it have?



  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Saunas are basically for relaxation. Supposed benefits of sauna like increase in metabolic rate, cleansing of the pores, burning of body fat, and purifying the body are for most part nonsense, although there is a slight rise in metabolic rate. Sweating does not rid our bodies of toxins, either. That's a myth, and only the liver and the kidneys have the ability to do so. If you remain in a sauna for long periods, loss of sodium and water may occur, causing dehydration. That, coupled with a very strenuous exercise, may cause substantial water and electrolyte loss. So if you plan to go to the sauna, better hydrate yourself first after your workout--gatorade is an excellent fluid replenisher. Keep hydrated, and don't turn yourself into a prune by staying too long in the sauna.
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