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The good things about SEX???

Most people say that sex is a good exercise. Are you agree on this??? Is this practice really effective? What do you think???

Ah yeah!!!


  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    It's a nice way to relax, but as far as exercise is concerned, it's not really a great way to burn calories. Anyway, you decide (don't ask me why the weight range isn't continuous--I just lifted the statistics from Your Health, 1990, Prentice-Hall. I guess you can roughly estimate the calories burned anyway through extrapolation--their differences aren't really big).

    Sex (with active partner)
    Weight(lbs.) Calories burned/min.
    105-115 - 3.9
    127-137 - 4.5
    160-170 - 5.3
    182-192 - 5.8

    Full court basketball
    Weight Calories burned/min
    105-115 - 9.8
    127-137 - 11.2
    160-170 - 13.2
    182-192 - 14.5

    Golf (with golfcart)
    Weight Calories burned/min
    105-115 - 3.3
    127-137 - 3.8
    160-170 - 4.4
    182-192 - 4.9

    Stairclimbing (normal)
    Weight Calories burned/min
    105-115 - 5.9
    127-137 - 6.7
    160-170 - 7.9
    182-192 - 8.8

    As far as sex goes, it's only a tiny step above golf exercise-wise, and is even much lower than climbing stairs. :D

  • Doc Ira di ko alam na nakaka-relax pala yung sex... yun ba pang relax mo?? hehehe j/k

  • Ira:

    Just curious... did the publication define what "having sex" was, in terms of length of time, positions involved, etc? (*crosses fingers and hopes that the figures may go up... it definitely beats the hell out of walking a full 18 holes... LOL*)
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    abraqkadabra: Nyak!

    dotcom: the calories burned are in minutes, so if you decide to do a marathon you can still compute for it. :P The position I think is the normal missionary position, and your partner is "active" (as opposed to a dead partner? or a frigid one who's just lying there? ewan.) :D

  • doc ira hahaha nabasa ko sa isang article nakaka-burn daw yan ng maraming calories... hehehe tapos different positions at degree of difficulty mas matindi sunog... hehehe

  • alam ko nakaka burn ang sex ng calories pero a way to relax? bago yun ah...
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Kulit: It's a stress reliever, and syempre afterwards relaxed na relaxed ka. :D
  • Susme, I used to have a GF that loves sex, na ngayayat ako nang husto. Unfortunately she dumped me after a while =(...Today, I'm with this girl who does'nt like to have any pre-marital sex. I'm 30 lbs. heavier, siguro dahil sa frustrations dinadaan ko na lang sa kain, Food that is!

  • I've always thought of sex as some kind of a sedative...sarap matulog after, right?
  • everything is good about it except venereal disease of course.

  • jerrylee: hde naman siguro kami ganon na ka green minded para maisip na iba yun kinakain mo.... hehehe... :)
  • wAgKaNgMaKuLiT: naughty girl!!! hahahahaha.. hindi raw, I think si green grin yon hahahahaha!!!

    Ira: How about those oldies with age 55-75 yrs old, especially the male. Most of them admit that they like a seventeen year old guy after having sex with somebody. O diba parang nag-redbull energizer biglang lakas sila... Is there any scientific explanation why sex can be like a steroid that keeps you going and going... O manyak lang talaga 'tong si lolo, ah yeah!!!

    jerrylee: ng alin??? hahahaha!!! ah yeah!!!

    ParuParo: Ang gleng-gleng mo naman... ah yeah!!!

  • anong naughty? bait ko nga eh...
  • PLEASURE... TAMA DI BA????????
  • nabasa ko rin about a recent study na sex could help you get rid of colds (sipon).. i dunno if it's true.. totoo nga ba?
  • it's good for the heart din! silly.gif
  • Originally posted by ainna:
    nabasa ko rin about a recent study na sex could help you get rid of colds (sipon).. i dunno if it's true.. totoo nga ba?

    Hello, Ainna! Where are you based?
    I have a cousin kasi named Ainna in the States..

  • Sarap ulitin :D
  • dakidaki PExer
    isa pa.... isa pa.. :D
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