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Tigress Maruja Banaticla

She's not the most talked rookie this coming season 72 for nothing.

It was October of 2005. There were three new faces for UST HS, an era just after the DIMACULANGAN-LOPEZ-LAZARO Troika... Rhea was still the the team then.

They were #2, 8 and 9

The new trio could make a clean jumpserve, #2's seems like a floater, #9's was quite erratic but perfect form, and #8's was perfect.

And then the show came to place, these three played open...#2 jumps sky-high, #9 still erratic but spikes the ball in the fastest and sharpest angle, and #8 same with #9 but more consistent.

When Rhea finally suited for the College Team in Season 70, #2 was converted into a setter. Many of the few fans of the then starting #2 was quite disappointed. Because of her high jumps and strong spikes, she could be a hard-hitter. But after one season Coach Vicente was right, the replacement of the then Blue-Chip setter Dimaculangan sets the ball in excellence, the distribution, the stability..it was all there...

In the mean time, from the erratic, thin and shy #9, her massive improvement has captured media attention. Her skills was even more polished. Initially she was made to play Center, but due to UST High School's Height abundance, she was made to play open, to contribute unstoppable scoring. Stardom has gotten her, she's the much awaited...

But #8 did not fell short of #9, her consistency and strong spikes have made her famous in the high school volleyball scene, also her alluring beauty and figure made points too. She bared the character of The Leader in the UST High School Team...and now she is about to spike her way to the bigger arena...

#2 was Kimberly Fajardo, 5'7"
#9 was Alyssa Valdez 5'8" UAAP Jrs. Athlete of the Year
#8 was MARUJA BANATICLA 5'7", Shakey's Girl's V-league MVP

Sorry....fan kasi ako nitong Trio na to ever since, but let's give the focus to MARU now....


  • nice resume for this young girl...*okay*
  • UST WVT can't wait to have her :)
  • nice!
    looking forward to see them play,pics please!
  • @hare very impressive..nasundan mo talaga sila..ako kasi late na..hehehe hard hitter pa rin si kim kahit setter na..and alyssa has gone on to win back to back mvp awards sa uaap and sana mag tatlo pa.. pero thread to ni maru so let's talk about her..mahusay na bata talaga,malakas pumalo,mataas tumalon,nag libero din ata sa rp juniors and winner ang jumpserves..taray ni maru may thread na!!!hahaha
  • cool description hare!!! is the 'lazaro' you mentioned kimberly lazaro?
  • TigercubTigercub PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    im sure dadami fans ni maru pag nakapaglaro na siya for the UST WVT, maganda na magaling pa... :D
  • may pictures ba kayo ni Maru?hehe
  • swerte naman niya dahil may fans na agad siya hehe
  • Hi Banaticla & UST fans! spam_bot 1.0 is here! I love to spam!

  • meron na rin palang thread dito si Maruja... sa UST.net.ph matagal na siyang meron...

    Hare baka pwedeng bisitahin mo and give some accounts about her... click mo na lang yung link... naka-underline na....

  • HisbenzHisbenz PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    omg, haha.nasubaybayan ko rin ang batang ito. When i watched the finals of uaap Girls VT, napatanong ako kung sino yung batang yun. Aside from her pretty face, may potential talaga siya. She really leaps high and a decent hard-hitter and well, she do jump serves.. Like the TS, im also one of the fan of Banaticla.
  • TigercubTigercub PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    baka magkaroon na ng group na MARUNATICS! hahaha
  • It remains to be seen kung magkakaroon ng immediate impact si Maru sa Tigresses. Magaling siya pero marami pang kailangan matutunan sa loob ng court. But still, a good addition sa rotation ng USTe na kailangan ng spiker.
  • pikabooh88 wrote: »
    cool description hare!!! is the 'lazaro' you mentioned kimberly lazaro?

    pa-epal lang ako hehehe yep he means kimberly lazaro..she used to be an open spiker for the ustgvt..a really really talented open spiker from what i heard.di ko kasi sya napanood nuon eh,time na nila maru when i started to watch the ustgvt.if maru is able to adjust well agad sa level of play ng college volleyball then malaki maitutulong nya sa team.ust is lucky to have her :D
  • Maru is also lucky to be part of a team na ready ng manalo ng UAAP title.
    Good luck sa kanya.
  • paanong jump serve? jump serve like ferrer's and gervacio's?

    or jump serve like alarca's?

    gusto ko makakita ng nag jujump serve talaga na parang sa international competitions

    sana makadevelop ang uste ng ganun

    ang pinakamagandang jump serve ko pa lang na nakita ay iyong kay stephanie mercado during last vleague
  • experience lang yan for Maru :D
  • pictures-pictures naman po dyan....tnx!(*_*)
  • Tigercub wrote: »
    baka magkaroon na ng group na MARUNATICS! hahaha

    siya na ang aabangan sa v-league and UAAP.:D*okay*

    baka maging Tabaquero din ang sikat niya.
    Yup, it was Kim Lazaro...she used to be a hard-hitter nung high school...
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