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Talakayang GMAT | Graduate Management Admission Test

CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
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How do you prepare for the GMAT? Do you need to review? Or stock knowledge lang?


  • coZeecoZee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i took GRE before, eto requirement if you want to take masters in the field of science.
    (GMAT is for MBA di ba?).

    anyway, isa lang masasabi ko, ang hirap! nahilo ako sa exam, heheheehhe
    i bought those reviewers na, w/c is nakatulong naman.

    suggestion ko is, review ka talaga maigi, then cool ka lang during the exam.

  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Carambs - ano ba yan? NMAT tapos ngayon GMAT?

    Anyway, you'll have to review for the GMAT. Some of the questions are tough. I have a good friend who took the GREs - super genius and he still reviewed for them. Anyway, he got 800s in the Math and Abstract reasoning sections and 760 in the verbal so one can do well on it. If you want, I'll ask him how he prepared.

    And a word of advice - think long and hard - Medicine is very different from an MBA. Try to determine what would make you happy down the road. Don't think about the money aspect of it since that's an almost sure way to end up unhappy. I know the dilemma well though since I came very close to quitting Intarmed for a career either in Law or in Business. There are still some days when I wonder if I made the right decision but it's obviously too late for me. The good friend I refer to above started out in Intarmed too but had the guts to quit and go into EE and he hasn't looked back since.
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    CaRaMBa, I advise you to sign up for a good test prep service (such as Kaplan, etc).

    I'm afraid that testing is no longer about measuring one's ability. Test prep services, apparently, are able to improve your scores (up to 100 points), a difference which matters in these days of ultra-competitive admissions.

    Ate Ronee and I (who both attended Michigan) were recently in touch with a Michigan faculty member who teaches Asian Studies at the business school. She lamented the fact that the school was not getting a larger pool of accepted Pinoys. Hard times is obviously one reason, but another is that Filipinos are consistently outscored by Russians, Chinese, and Indians on the GMAT. That is because of test prep, mostly. Those guys go through it, and most Filipinos don't.

    Nearly all of my American classmates had test prep for GMAT, too.

    It's a competitive world, and we should use all the tools at our disposal.

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  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    BU, thank you thank you thank you for the advice. :) I'm thinking about it really well right now. Don't worry, money will not be a basis for my decision. I'm realizing so many things right now - sobrang overwhelming.

    It's good to know that other people go through this thing, not just me. Akala ko sobra akong weird because of this. :)
  • Rest assured, CaRaMBa, that you are not weird at all for thinking about these things, well, about life in general and what you want to do with yours.

    I have an assistant who's planning to apply to business schools in the US for her MBA degree. She took her GMAT about 2 years ago and she had prep test; her score was 710. Her boyfriend went to the US about 2 months ago in order to take prep test over there; he wouldn't have been able to do that here in Manila because of so many distractions daw. His goal was to achieve at least 800.

    The requirements and the competition to get into the top b-schools, particularly in the US, have become much tougher over time. Your GMAT score is just one of the pre-qualifying factors. Even more stringent is the number of years of meaningful and quality work experience.
  • Best of luck on your GMATs.

    Check the BusinessWeek Forums page for tips and to get a feel for the MBA meat market.
    (http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/index.html then go to the Forum section)

    Took it last year. This is my preparation advice:
    1. Order the official GMAT Review Diskettes & books from www.gmat.org.
    a) do the review & practice exams.
    b) just before your actual test date, do another set.

    2. Schedule an afternoon test (anecdotal evidence suggests that PM testing is better here).

    3. If you are not happy with your score, take it again.
    a) After getting a mediocre score in my first try, I rescheduled for the next month. With little additional preparation (For a month, I didn't touch my review materials; I just did one practice exam the day before) my score jumped 90 points.
    b) KAPLAN and other review classes are not for everybody. My sister took them and her GMAT score did not change at all.

    4. Get a copy of "How to Get into the Top MBA Programs" by Richard Montauk. It works.

    5. Send in all your apps by DECEMBER!!! (c/o apply.embark.com) Try for early decision if you can.

    May Angels smile upon you,

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  • kasi, balak kong kumuha ng masters pero kailangan pala ang GMAT. mahirap ba ito? sa mga nakakuha na, baka naman may TIP kayo sa isang naghihingalong katulad ko? ano ba ang passing? may leakage ba nito? :lol:
  • Can anyone recommend any good GMAT sites or references? Actually I'm gonna take the admissions test for a certain UP Graduate Program.. i need help on what to review or study!
  • Those babies are good for 5 years or so I hear, so anyone who is even remotely interested in taking graduate courses abroad within the next 5 years should perhaps give it a look :)

    So where do we take the sucker? :)
  • The trouble w/ waiting 5 years before applying to b-school is that the average scores keep on getting higher every year. If a 700 was excellent 2 years ago, it is now just the mean score. That's why there are people aiming for an 800. Try to get the highest score you can today and don't apply to far ahead into the future. Kaplan courses work great but also do some self-studying by buying GMAT study guides.
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    I must agree with the gentleman above. I took my GMAT 20 years ago and 600 was considered excellent. What has been happening? Are students getting better?
  • Students are getting better at preparing for standardized tests. They anticipate and strategize the way they take questions and master all the shortcuts. Kaplan teaches those things in their courses.
  • Hey guys...

    I was wondering if some of you already took the GMAT in any university in the States? Can u give me some feedback, cause im planning to take up my master's there...MBA.


    Do you have any suggestions on how to study for it? or do you have tips on answering it?
  • Are there any other benefits or oppurtunities you can get for qualifying the Graduate Management Admission Test....other than entering the world's best and elite business schools?
  • Unless you're really looking forward to getting into b-school, taking the GMAT will mean nothing at all.
  • If you score in the mid to high 700's, you will definitely be flattered when the top schools try to recruit you for their "b" school. It does not guaranty admitance but they definitely have noticed you. Definitely a great ego boost.

    By the way, GMAT is not only required by the top "b" schools but even the second and third tier schools require it as part of your overall credentials.

    The mid 700 score, that's Lek-Lek's score! Heh heh heh.
  • So...academic credentials lang talaga ang pag recognize sa GMAT. Well, getting an MBA or or business related Masters is in my mind...pero I have a very dynamic mind kaya I was thinking I could use GMAT scores in other purposes like applying for professional career or in management. (mahal kaya mag take ng GMAT...actually review palang it costs alot!!!)
  • VjSophieVjSophie PEx Rookie ⭐
    where can you take the GMAT, and where are the review centers?
  • Originally posted by VjSophie
    where can you take the GMAT, and where are the review centers?

    for review...try www.kaplan.com I know they have a centre back in Manila.
  • Yung GRE po ba ay puwedeng substitute para sa GMAT pag nag-apply for an MBA?
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