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Aids Injectors... is it still safe to go to the movies?

JuggaloJuggalo http://brightclub.com.ph PExer
maybe its just me pero nakakatakot na talaga yung mga kwento ng mga tao tunkol dun sa mga nangiinjection ng aids sa mga sinehan... la lang, nakakaparanoid isipin na one moment masaya kang nanonood ng sine tapos the next your life is ruined e...

totoo ba talaga to? san ba madalas nangyayari yan tsaka wala bang preventive measures ang malls tunkol sa kanila?


  • whytewhyte Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    depende sa movie house na pupuntahan mo.
    pero still its not 100% safe.
  • jpmontoya3jpmontoya3 Banned by Admin PExer
    just watch na lang siguro sa mga movie house in rockwell and greenbelt siguro naman safe dun...huwag siguro sa megamall
    diba urban myth yan?
  • shr<3shr<3 Dont4getAbtUs PExer
    Just always trust your extinct if you dont feel like going to the movies then dont ....hehe layo noh.. anyway just always pray and have faith to the our God!! Im sure he will take a good care of you.....
  • Prof. UmbridgeProf. Umbridge hem hem... PExer
    hindi naman totoo 'to.
    pero kung feel n'yong natusok kayo, clean the wound immediately and punta agad (as in agad!) sa M.D. - mas ok kung sa infectious disease specialist para mabigyan ng anti-retroviral drugs.
  • justin690justin690 Banned by Admin PExer
    Kwentong barbero lang ito.

    May nagpa totoo na ba ng balitang ito? WALA PA!!!
  • annieliseannielise sui generis PExer
    Sheesh. Another one of those e-mail hoaxes.

    Read on....

    Nothing is safe any more!

    Have a few drinks at a bar, you wake up without your kidneys. Flash your headlights at a passing car, gang members open fire on you in a drive-by initiation rite.

    Now, it appears, you can't even go to the movies without putting your life at risk – this according to the latest email scare story making the rounds.

    Read this.

    Warning - MUST READ

    Be careful the next time you go to a cinema. These people could be anywhere!! An experience of a friend of my brother's wife left me speechless. Please do send this out to everyone you know. This incident occurred in Bombay's Metro cinema (Among the best in town). They were a group of 6-7 College girls & they went to the theater to see a movie. During the show one of the girls felt a slight pinprick but did not pay much attention to it.

    After sometime that place began to itch. So she scratched herself and then saw a bit of blood on her hands. She assumed that she had caused it. At the end of the show, her friend noticed a sticker on her dress and read the caption. It read "Welcome to the world of AIDS". She tried to pass it off as a practical joke but when she went for a blood test a couple of weeks later (just to be sure), she found herself HIV Positive.

    When she complained to the cops, they mentioned that her story was one of the many such cases they had received. It seems the operator uses a syringe to transfer a bit of his/her infected blood to the person sitting ahead of him/her. A horrible experience for the victim as also the family & friends. The WORST bit is that the person who does it gains NOTHING where as the victim loses EVERYTHING. So, be careful...

    Welcome to the world of urban folklore. What you've just read is a legend in the classic style; more precisely, a new variant of a popular tale from the mid-1980s known as "AIDS Mary."

    The AIDS Mary legend was first documented almost ten years ago by folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand in his book, Curses! Broiled Again! (W.W. Norton, 1989). At that time, Brunvand noted that a familiar scenario had been cropping up in slightly different forms around the world since about 1987. It usually took the form of a cautionary tale: after a night of casual sex with a woman he doesn't know, a man wakes up the next morning to find the words "Welcome to the world of AIDS" scrawled in lipstick on his bathroom mirror. Supposedly, the woman had contracted the fatal disease from a previous lover and sworn to pass it on to every man she could seduce. (For more on the earlier form of the legend, see AIDS Mary, by Barbara Mikkelson.)

    In the 1998 version the original punch line is retained, but the story has taken a decidedly darker and creepier turn. No longer are the victims culpable for their plight. It's not careless sex with a stranger that seals their doom, it's simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent people are randomly chosen for infection by anonymous villains – AIDS by stealth injection.

    The same scenario is played out in another recent variant, also circulating by email:

    Subject: Important message from Al (SERIOUS)

    This could be life or death for somebody. There are these gangs running around Britain sticking HIV-infected needles into people and then handing them a card/leaflet reading 'Welcome To The World of HIV'. This is not a joke or an urban myth, it's actually happened to somebody Fi (the woman whose e-mail I'm using) knows. They've been seen in Brighton and in Crawley, and last night they were active in The Gallery. So you can understand why I'm more than a little anxious about this. Any of us could have been in the Gallery last night, and most of us were planning to go. The idea of this happening to anybody I care about gives me the *****, hence the warning. I'm not trying to scare anybody or make anybody paranoid, but please, be careful and maybe don't go clubbing for a few days. Christ knows you won't be missing much.

    This is not a joke. Please forward this. Reply to the address I'm sending this from if you have questions - she's the one who told me about it. These people don't just operate in clubs, they operate on the street, while you're shopping, anywhere, so being paranoid probably isn't the answer. But please, take care. This IS happening and I couldn't take it if it happened to you.


    Urban legends are often called "friend of a friend" tales because the information presented in them is hearsay, typically credited to a thirdhand source. Both of the present examples adhere to this formula.

    "An experience of a friend of my brother's wife left me speechless," writes the author of the Bombay version (who is anything but speechless).

    "This is not a joke or an urban myth, " the author of the British version pleads, "it's actually happened to somebody Fi (the woman whose e-mail I'm using) knows."

    None of the factual claims made in these stories are corroborated with evidence. Some are downright ludicrous – for example, the claim made in the Bombay version that the victim got a blood test "a couple of weeks" after the incident and was found to be HIV-positive. That's highly unlikely. The incubation period before detectable antibodies appear after exposure to HIV is typically four to eight weeks, often longer.

    There's also the improbable claim that police told a victim that hers was only "one of the many such cases they had received." If that's so, why hasn't the press taken an interest? One would think that multiple instances of HIV infection caused by hypodermic-wielding thugs in two countries would have incited a full-tilt media frenzy by now, but reputable news organizations evidently don't find it credible.

    Maybe they're all just waiting for Matt Drudge to break the story.
  • mamonnnnnmamonnnnn Banned by Admin PExer
    :lol:@ extinct. kaya ako bihira manood ng movies eh baka ma extinction tayo dyan. :glee:
  • wispawispa Member PExer
    elementary pa lang ako may tsika nang ganyan
  • true, elementary pa lang buhay na ang legend na to. circa robinsons and the supposed python twin of robina g. who feasts on lady customers who use the fitting rooms within the robinsons department store. eto yung 2 hottest urban legend during those days...
  • spiterispiteri norahnian PExer
    Two words: URBAN LEGEND
  • wispawispa Member PExer
    Re: Robina's python twin, di ba may crush pa nga yung ahas kay Alice Dixson kaya pinakidnap daw si Alice tapos binayaran ng milyon milyon to shut up?
  • MissisZMissisZ Member PExer
    correct, elementary pa lang ako, this news on aids "injector" is already circulating but yes too, no one has ever came up and said he/she got her aids coz some evil dude left an injection in a movie house and he got struck by it. anyway, i dont know if this is true also, a college professor once relayed to us that these kinds of news are sometimes a test of some research agencies to check how fast a news can circulate. oh well...one thing though, dont let these kinds of news spoil your social life. watch ka ng movie if u feel like it.
  • ladyanneladyanne ^Devilaeris^ PExer
  • shr<3shr<3 Dont4getAbtUs PExer
    yah true!!! yun umuwi ako sa phils nag ka news abt that natakot tuloy akong manood ng movie..but still didnt stop me for going to the movies....
  • jazzmine22jazzmine22 Non-Member PExer
    Yung friend ng nanay ng friend ko ay nawawala. Nagfifit lang daw sa robinson tapos biglang nawala. SABi baka daw dun sa ahas na yun
  • re:python twin

    gosh, di ko na matandaan if si alice dixson yun pero may kinidnap nga na female celeb kasi type niya! and nagsheshed daw ng skin si robina just like her twin kaya laging tinatakpan legs nya! lol!

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