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Aljo Bendijo... asan na siya???

Hindi ko na yata nakikita si Aljo Bendijo sa TV Patrol?
Pati si Korina wala rin... nagtanan ba sila???


  • Originally posted by deng2001
    Hindi ko na yata nakikita si Aljo Bendijo sa TV Patrol?
    Pati si Korina wala rin... nagtanan ba sila???


    tanong din yan ng kapatid ko. Baka naman daw nag date lang.:D

    I heard na may sakit si Korina. Wa balita kay fafa Aljo eh.
  • Hello Peeps!

    I wasn't able to catch MUB because of the changes in my schedule at work. I dont know if he's still there for the newsbreak I no longer see him in TV patrol kase Julius was there to be Korina's partner. He doesn't seem visible for few months already.

    Can somebody tell me where is he now? Parang I read somewhere he is back to ABS CBN-Davao. Is it true? Sayang naman kase kung nawalang talaga sya ng work dito sa Manila ABS-CBN kase from the survey which Ricky Lo published months ago Aljo belong in the Top 10 news anchor in terms of reliability of reports.

    Share naman dyan ng whereabouts nya and what is he doing now. :rolleyes:
  • according to korina's text line, aljo will be back doing reportorial jobs soon. she said "napag-initan dito sa dos". his success came too soon kasi e. many would kill to be in the primetime news. kaya nga si korina hindi na sya pumayag na mapunta kay karen yung tv patrol dahil sya na ang next in line after noli..no matter what the management says.

    ang kapuna-puna lang was that when dong puno was back as vp for news, narigodon na naman ang abs newsroom. patigasan na lang talaga ng mukha. matira matibay. honestly, it was good that korina is at her "bitchest best". nobody dares to cut her across. snakepit talaga. bad or otherwise, i feel ganun dapat ang preparedness ng papasok sa abs. and that's what aljo failed to do, perhaps.
  • from Inquirer

    Too much too soon for Aljo Bendijo?
    by Dolly Ane Carvajal
    24 June 2003

    MANY readers are asking why Aljo Bendijo is missing in action. He used to be very visible on "Magandang Umaga Bayan" and "TV Patrol."

    Is it a case of too much too soon for Aljo? Insiders claim that he developed an attitude problem and was perennially late for work. He is also said to have this strange habit of not showing up for appointments or canceling at the 11th hour.

    People close to him insist that he backs out at the last minute from gracing events that have large crowds because of his shyness. People who don't know him well would mistake such behavior for cockiness.

    I guess he could not handle his sudden fame properly. He used to be a newscaster for ABS-CBN's Davao station until he was plucked out to join "TV Patrol." Every aspiring newscaster would do just about anything to trade places with him, but too bad he didn't love his job enough so all the good breaks went to waste.

    The trouble with landing a high-profile job is that sometimes, people tend to focus too much on the perks of the job instead of the job itself. They should consider the benefits that go with the job as incidental and not as the main basis for working. They're called fringe benefits precisely because they should be kept on the side. The preoccupation should be the occupation itself.

    I got a chance to know Aljo, and he's basically a shy guy. I even wrote in a previous column that I admired how he has remained a simple probinsyano despite all the fame and fortune he has got. Maybe his colleagues see a different side of him that I haven't seen.

    Hopefully, Aljo can still get his act together and regain his popularity. He's got what it takes. Since he has the right ingredients to begin with, perhaps what he needs now is an improved recipe to achieve the sweet taste of success all over again.
  • It's good to know that he will soon be visible again, MISS NA KITA FAFA :rolleyes:
  • Hi! You mentioned that Korina has a text line? How do you access that? Is it really her?
  • i would like to believe it's her but she sends a reply to all who subscribed to her text line at one time. i don't know if she replies to specific concerns...pag pinuri nyo sya siguro..ganun gusto nun e.

    for smart users just text korina to 326. ewan ko for globe.

    btw, she's going to east timor next week, part of the asian tour of CONVERSATIONS ata yun..she's the only female journalist among the pool.

    and she's not getting married in october.. i have a friend who knows the boyfriend and the guy is not really "husband" material.
  • oops sana pala dun sa morning girls thread ko to nilagay...si aljo nga pala bida dito. sowee:*)
  • Nasaan na nga ba ung mga un?
  • Reema quit the MUB recently for some reasons.

    Si PAPA ALJO ang namimiss ko talaga, still nowhere.
  • Reema quit the MUB recently for some reasons. I think she still in G-force, tama ba ako?

    Si PAPA ALJO ang namimiss ko talaga, still nowhere.
  • well, reema's stint didn't last long
  • Ang balita ko napulitika yata sa ABS-CBN si Aljo Bendijo. May mga naiingit yata dahil ang bilis daw umangat ng career. Kaya hayun, binalik yata sa probinsya.

    Kawawa naman.
  • i feel uncomfortable breaking this very sad news. aljo was kinda kicked out of his regular sessions at ABS CBN 2 because he was tested positive for drugs.

    I do not know what pushed him. Maybe the "inggit" factor because of his fast risising career which caused others to envy him. Maybe because he was forced to date a fellow reporter (who likes him very much) and be matched with her in a morning show and the girl's parents (a politician and a top network official) are pushing the pair but Aljo has a sweetheart in Davao. Or Maybe Aljo just couldnt cope with the rigors of his fast rising career.

    It isnt easy for celebrities to deal with stardom. We need to understand Aljo's predicament. And pray and hope that he will be back on track soon.
  • Originally posted by jj9527
    It isnt easy for celebrities to deal with stardom. We need to understand Aljo's predicament. And pray and hope that he will be back on track soon.

    stardom???? Aljo is far from stardom yet????:rolleyes: :confused: :rolleyes:
  • whytewhyte PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    easy come easy go. :(
  • tin28tin28 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ano???nagdrugs sya dahil di nya matake na pinepair sya kay katherine de castro???

    tama ba naman yun???

    ang chismis dati attitude problem daw eh
  • Tsika nga nasa drug rehab si Aljo. A case of too much too soon?:confused::confused:

    Si Reema naman, sus ang aga naman niyang naalis sa MUB, balik si Aida Gonzales.

    Narinig ko don sa radio program ni Ogie,ang dami daw nagtext at e-mail sa management ng 2, commenting na dapat palitan si Reema as traffic girl.Mali mali raw kasi ang sinasabi on air. Ngayo fitness report na ata siya inassign. Pero :zzz: pa rin siya.

    Isa pa ring too much too soon?
  • di rin ako komportable panoorin si reema sa traffic ng mub. buti na lang binalik si aida gonzales, she's perfect for that segment and really knows what she's talking about. napanood ko kanina si reema doing the fitness thingy, parang napipilitan lang siya.

    about aljo, i was watching the news one time and nakita ko siya sa background, parang nag-a-assist. na-demote. dinig ko before he has an attitude problem.
  • napanood ko sa TV Patrol si Aljo kanina, isa na yata uli sya sa mga "Patrol ng Bayan"...:rolleyes:
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