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Axis Powers Hetalia

Uhm...this anime/manga/webcomic has not been released yet to the local channels though... uhh...yeah.


anyone knows this?? OwO let's discuss. OWWWWWWWO


  • What's the story behind the Manga/Anime?
  • It's about countries personified by the author. OwO the main chapters at this point are about world war 1 and 2.OwO

    the anime though only runs for 5 mins.XDDD right now it has 12 episodes and still running.^w^

    It's really nice~ though, we're still waiting for "Philippine's" character to be made. OwO

    the main protagonist is South Italy (Lovino Vargas-some countries have human names) hence called "hetalia" from the words "hetare" and "italia" literally meaning "useless italy". OwO and included in the axis powers who are allies with south italy are Germany (Ludwig) and Japan (Kiku Honda). ^-^

    personally, i got interested in world history because of this. ^w^
    it's really fun. OWO
  • The show is fun but somewhat weird - and a bit insulting to the Italians on how the show portrayed Italy's role during WW2.

    Yeah hintay ko din Pinas character though I have a suspicion that its going to be an Asian Bishounen with massive loyalty to the American character.

    I was shocked to find out that Hetalia is number 1 to voters rankings for Winter 2009 Lineup in NicoNico [compared to my fave show Rideback which was ranked 24] At least Hajime no Ippo sequel is number 4 :D
  • Well hetalia's been quite a hit. ^w^

    at least italians didn't take seriously their character in APH unlike the koreans....>.> hetalia's just for fun. ><

    HO MY i wish it'll really be a bishie...cuz' i see philippines as a girl. OTL a maid. OTLOTL
  • Naicha_loverNaicha_lover PEx Veteran ⭐⭐


    Baka interesado kayo :)
  • Nahanap ko sa Metanorn may Hetalia Philippines na... I guess sana
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