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Saiunkoku Monogatari (colourcloud palace)

Hi guys, has anyone heard of this yet?

It has finally been shown on animax but this has been shown over NHK and is currently on its 2nd season.

This was also a novel and they say the anime has been pretty faithful to it.

how did the novel end? anyone?




  • i was about to create a thread for this buti na lang nag-search ako. haha. angtagal na pala ng thread..



    Set in the fictional empire of Saiunkoku, the story centers on Shurei Hong, a descendant of a noble family that has fallen on hard times.

    Her father works as a librarian in the Imperial palace, a post which offers prestige and respect, but little compensation. Shurei teaches in the temple school and works odd jobs to make ends meet, but her dream is to pass the imperial examinations and take a post in government, a path forbidden to women.

    Shurei's plans come to an abrupt halt when the Emperor's Grand Advisor makes a startling offer for her to join the imperial household for six months as the young Emperor's consort and teach the Emperor to be a responsible ruler. If she succeeds, the financial reward will be great.

    The story details Shurei's growing relationship with the Emperor and other members of the court, the intrigues of imperial politics, and her commitment to better herself and her country.


    According to legend, Saiunkoku was once infested by demons who threw the country into turmoil. A brave young warrior named Sō Gen gathered together the Eight Enlightened Sages of Colour and drove away the demons.

    Sō Gen then forged the nation of Saiunkoku and became its first emperor. After Sō Gen's death, the eight sages disappeared, but according to legend they still exist among the people. A beautiful shrine was built for the Eight Coloured Sages and still stands within the Imperial City.

    Saiunkoku had always been divided into eight distinct provinces named after colours of the rainbow. Six hundred years ago, the Emperor commanded each ruling clan to change its name to match its province. Commoners were forbidden to use the same family names as nobles.


  • Is the anime any good? Maganda kasi *** feedback nung manga, yung anime kaya?
  • CSMeekaiCSMeekai PEx Rookie ⭐
    hmmn, tagal na nga tong thread. hehehe. napanood ko na 2nd season. ehehe

    the anime still tries to be as faithful to the graphic novel as much as possible, there are, however some scenes where most fans of the graphic novel feel that they would have difficulty closing because it was not included in the anime.

    charmian continues to update the plot and the summaries based on the novel and the gaidens. you might want to check out her blog at http://yuzutea.net

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