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    by: culasha

    It was quite a relief for a workaholic soul to get lurk at a super popular thread here at PEX what with a headache and an asthma attack at the same time whew and the occasional deadlines and reports that need to be done…there was something in the air last week that I have to get hold on for a moment, its good that I did a fine job not minding how I surpassed all those tensions.

    Well anyway….it isn’t surprising anymore for ANGELS to make it.. but I wanna congratulate you guys for a super tremendous job that we once again captured….bravo ANGELS we did it again oopppsss, I’m so amazed for a concerted effort of all the REPUBLICANS for the last two weeks Ms. Angel Locsin has hailed as FANTASERYE QUEEN and only a couple of days ago (if I’m not mistaken) she toppled Bea Alonzo in the most coveted PRIMETIME QUEEN yey…words are not enough how I admire the time, effort and energy that you have all spent all for the love of ANGEL….love it immensely as I get to know all those lovable ANGELS who never fails to amaze me….but oopppsss everything isn’t over yet as STARMO’s 100Pinay voting gets underway…yay.


    One of the most challenging parts of being a fan is to keep up with what is expected of you and that is to give a 99% if not your all to make sure that Angel stays on top, I knew how it feels to get discouraged, crushed and burned with some disheartening thoughts by some intruders but somehow we managed to get through it with flying colors…who are they anyway? Some of the bitterest oh so loser-est rants from Angel’s former fans who can’t moved on and can’t accept the fact that Gel is more popular than ever before…


    It feels good really to be a part of someone’s life, especially if she is great and a kind hearted individual worthy of our love and respect. I’m sounding like a pirated CD but I would never run out of good words for Angel, it has proven time and again that she’s always been a nice person inside and out, in her recent interview the Star for all Seasons Gov Vilma Santos has nothing but all praises for ANGEL, it shows that the more she gets mature the more she gets to be so humble.


    She never misbehaved in public, her fast growing fans all over the world can attest to that, the ANGEL experiences and a numerous testimonies of her faithful followers or maybe an ordinary people in the streets and not her fan can still say wonderful words for her. She’s nice even to her harshest critic that she even spent her precious moment with her, she’s so cordial during inevitable times when they’re caught on the same events or gathering.

    In Hollywood the paparazzi pet remains to be Britney Spears and her bizarre behavior gets to be in headlines from not wearing an underwear while clubbing, to driving with her then infant son on her lap from shaving her head.....but back home in showbiz all we are seeing is nothing but good natured young stars who loves to work so hard and hone their craft for their families and Angel is certainly one of them.


    Ms. Angel Locsin enjoys the perks of what they called nature's largesse-beauty, talent, wealth, confidence and a lot of fans, it takes one special being to get to the top and for that we should all continue to give our Angel our love and full support.

    by culasha


    I seldom watch B&K for some reasons that concerns work and its 101 pressures, but I managed to catch halfway of the episode as I sneaked out with my loaded desk (yey live with "if there's a will there's a way" thingy) last Thursday which featured ANGEL’s fans day. I always say this with much delight and pleasure indeed to watch anything about ANGEL more so if it’s a special show, a teleserye or even just an ordinary guesting in all the Kapamilya shows (who else yay?) I just can’t imagine what its like to finally get to see her win an award and see her first movie at Star Cinema with no less than Piolo Pascual as her leading man, so it has a november 12 playdate and everyone's so excited to watch it..grabee!


    Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino have both expressed their fondness for Angel in a number of ways. I’m also a fan of Kris. She’s really a good host and oh so honest when she said that she may not qualify as MABAIT but can guarantee the public that there’s never a dull moment with her. I’m so amazed that she’s got a lot of stories to tell and she offers a wealth of information on a variety of topics under the sun. But I have once doubted her especially that she’s more close to CB her kumare( ninang of Baby James) and I expect her to take sides, you know they are somewhat on the same wavelength if you know what I mean harhar but I was wrong in judging her as I’ve seen in her gestures how she genuinely likes and touched with ANGEL’s mapitagan and super marespeto attitudes, I was struck with her when she said “matagal na tayong magkakilala and yet you still call me Ms. Kris!!! Kris or Ate Kris will do” followed with her trademark hearty laugh.

    Angel at dbuzz promoting LOBO DVDs 1 & 2 when Kris pinched hit for CF who was in Canada that time

    One of the reasons why I thought ANGEL got all these thousands upon thousands or millions of followers from all walks of life are a fact that she’s loving, appreciative, sweet, humble and very down-to-earth. Not all celebrities, rich and famous at that can put humility as number one trait in their book, her life is an open book she has lived and lost a love one some few years ago and yet she never indulged in bitterness, she likes to see the good in people and always see the brighter side of things, and gosh no matter how pathetic her former fans are doing to put her down…there really is no other way for her to go than UP...super harsh but that’s the truth…

    Can't we blame TRES band if they had to compose a song for her professing their love and admiration for a young woman who’s more than just a pretty face but has a good heart indeed. I believe also that Angel has matured enough in her manner of answering Kris’s inquisitiveness on and off cam, you could feel her sincerity in all her replies in a major way, one thing pa that we all love about her is her love for her family most especially with her DAD, some kind of unconditional, unwavering faith and steadfast hope that soon enough all isn’t loss in her father’s sight, it really is so touching to see a great love of a daughter who would do anything for her father who is the source of her existence. I can’t help myself but shed some tears that went uncontrollably and I was sniffing until the commercial break as I got to reminisce how I missed my very own Tatay so much….yeah like Gel I’m also a tatay’s girl.


    I salute all those wonderful friends, the original angel locsin fanclub, angel republic, halu sis yzel & super wolfies hi! ms. kaharian yey who were so lucky to get to be beside our Angel, I guess it was really an unforgettable moment to be there as it would forever be cherished for the rest of our lives, we’re also praying, hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that we would also get to see you as in… all of you in person someday, the idea for now… it seems is quite far-fetch but who knows de baa sa ANGELS nothing really is impossible?!! It would really be one hell of a blast I guess. Love it guys, as I’m super looking forward to it right sis GA?!!


    At this point I’d like to let cha all know that I’m quite…(.modesty aside po) overwhelmed with the fact that my ANGELMANIA collection is now on its sixth series, and counting? if I may call it at that…series daw oh ahihihi to give you a quick recap or a roundown here are the complete six titles….can’t give you the links as I’m not that forum/thread savvy/expert,whew

    Angelmania I – Angel GLAMS…SHINES…& SIZZLES
    (F&H launch as a new image model)

    Angelmania II – Angel all the way

    Angelmania III – Hey how about this? A loveteam boon or bane?

    Angelmania IV – A pocketful of ANGEL

    Angelmania V – Can’t get enough of Angel

    Angelmania VI – Absolutely ANGEL

    Come to think of it, it’s really my passion to write and I’m kinda inspired to share something kaya lang there’s the pressure hehehe sana mapanindigan ko wish me goodluck hehe

    Angelmania one was so memorable to me as it marked my super first time ever to see Ms. Angel Locsin in the flesh and i was like stunned for one hour!! i couldn't believe that i was few steps away from her......as in we're breathing the same air!! whoaaa the first thing that my neighbors asked was if Angel was just as gorgeous in person...my answer was that if it was all possible she's even more glowing...radiant and super stunning in the flesh...super kakaiba ang glow nya she's 5'5 plus her four-inch stilletos and her smile...grabee WOW, if you can feel its impact when you watch her on TV, just imagine how mesmerizing it is up close...i'm sure you would all agree with me.

    I never realized that I’ve come this far not for anything else but for all of you guys here at AR & wolfies threads I wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart to sis ross for suggesting to put my angelmania stuff at page one….also to sisters GA, jek/new & lhyn for some pm’s regarding the last ditch instruction on how to vote at starmo…love yah talaga, touched ako sobra, kahit napaka cruel ng poll for me, why they wouldn’t allow me to vote for Angel? I’m so down huhuhu well anyways life has really it’s ups and down and like Angel I don’t have the right to feel bitter right guys?


    Lemme end this by saying to ANGELS that our trust and loyalty to Angel may be tested and there will be instances when we won't have time to spare for each other but know how blessed we are for the chance to embark on a friendship this special....it means so much to me...kamusta naman ang drama ko today!! SUMESENTI ATA AKO NG BONGANG-BONGA bwahahaha

    THE TIES THAT BIND[/highlight]

    by culasha


    Just as we all thought that everything would always be fine and dandy, it cannot be avoided that some not so good things are meant to happen. Angel Republic stands in unison, “its like united we stand….united we fall” kind of principle. It such a great gesture to share our common passion and interest in this thread. We know how hard it is to keep with all those endless polls, but we have proven time and again how our strong force…ala WAYA can make such a big IMPACT.

    Sure enough our love for MS. ANGEL LOCSIN has made a mark…We love Angel from the bottom our hearts. I used to hate being a fanatic as I thought that a celebrity is entitled to his/her privacy come hell or high water and it was quite OA to invade their lives all the time scrutinizing every nook and cranny their personal lives like who are they dating and going out with… Isn’t it a fair game if we learn to respect their personal decisions no matter how in principle that we’re opposed to it.


    When I came across LOBO thread and Angel Republic my life hasn’t been the same since then, I became a permanent inhabitant of PinoyExchange.com…whooaaa…I’m really a fan of Manong Pex yeay!

    My day isn’t complete if I didn’t lurk or post my hi…halu with smiley emoticon…musta na guys or my super-kilometric-slash-emote post every weekend I always cherish the moment of being a WOLFY, and an “ANGEL” added to this is our incomparable, inimitable obsession with Angel and Piolo tandem, we loved to see them every minute, every second, every single day and our desire to nudge our way into them with uncontrollable passion giving some people an EGO that is huge more than anyone can ever think of. There are many among us particularly at AREP who dedicate our lives and existance for a continued support for our ANGEL, we’re not in anyway threatened with the possibility that she might also be paired with other actors aside from Piolo whom she had share stellar role at LOBO and a lot of endorsements together and now currently filming Star Cinemas, and Rory Quintos opus, tentatively titled “Down Under”

    I used to be a regular lurker and even posted my thoughts at GELO thread but I stopped it the minute I found out for myself that I’m not that comfy and not that welcome there. You could feel the cold treatment, it was as if they didn’t appreciate my presence at all. At first I didn’t mind it as I thought that they were also occupied with alotta stuff, but lately when “bestfriend” posted at Angel Republic, some few days ago ranting her sentiments to one of the “pioneers” there. I was taken aback, I’m not used to bash as I thought that it’s such a waste of time and bandwich but I can’t help but recall some instances when I read something like “ constitution tenets chuva thingy like what Ms. Sanctina replied to Beth27 which quoted as:

    “you can join if you want . but ang kailangan lang eh yung
    tunay na sumusuporta sa gelo, and who supports our goals and our mission, if anyone abides the gelos constitution and its tenets as well as the house rules, welcome na welcome kayo, pero kung alanganin po sinoman, kung gelo ba siya o anoman,... well, sad to say, those are not suited here."


    Oh well……Madam Tina crosses over from being so sarcastic to rude. She’s so damn preachy right? You wouldn’t believe that such statements was came from her. Such an unkind gesture for someone who should know GMRC, coming from her it was really such a turn-off. Don’t cha think she is so unfair to treat anyone or anybody from Angel Republic just like that….antaray HUH?

    Wasn’t it also a disaster or unbecoming for a lady like “PRETTY EENA” to be a MALDITA in her finest performance so far. OMG I wouldn’t be surprised if she would bag an award for the superb TRUE TO LIFE portrayal yeah!! way to gooo GURL!!

    C’MON GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE GURL, mind you, she’s really an ETANG DICHER heir apparent in all angles, gosh for some strange reason, why on earth she happens to be her “look-a-like? handsdown she plays the role to a T grabee…I’m so uber impressed to the max….drumroll please…bravo!!

    Seriously, it is downright disappointing and so frustrating for these people particularly for these ladies… whom we all thought would be the pillars of GELO whom we look up to... respected, admired and even envied( but that was THEN) to act this way, to think that they are not kids anymore huh?! It’s as it they are MESSIAHS to begin with and that Angel and Piolo’s success in their careers are solely dependent on their existence. They want to impress upon us ANGEL REPUBLICANS that they are “great-slash-guru-slash-geek-slash-know-it-all-educated slash A CUT ABOVE THE REST.. PURFECT..oh so flawless, ELITE…E’LAN top caliber individuals..whew....so gifted people grabeee!!

    That GELO isn’t GELO WITHOUT THEM…sobrang haleeerrr!!


    HOW DARE YOU TO IMPOSE RULES AND RESTRICTIONS at GELO thread? What?? May MARTIAL LAW sa GELO THREAD? Are you deliberately challenging our level of tolerance and asking for TROUBLE? You made us feel that you’re SUPERIOR than us. Don’t ever give us your super flimsy reason that hey here we go again…we put words into your mouth….DUH…haleerrr!!

    Well, we’ll get into that; we’ll surely give you something your looking for as we’re not a bunch of dumb cowards not to read between the lines tsk...tsk..

    Who are you by the way? Do you really know Angel and Piolo outside what is given to us by their publicists and resourceful tabloid reporters? Do you really have an access to the most private corners of their lives to be that overly familiar with them? OR DO YOU ONLY ASSUME THAT YOU KNOW THE FACT more than a FICTION…. DO YOU REALLY KNOW BETTER PRETTY EENA? Or are you JUST BITTER or a sour loser and full of insecurities on yourself to be this harsh to people you hardly know….think about this gurl…you’re going overboard.

    Isn’t it so disgusting for a lurker how pathetic you are with your stance….GROW UP please….it’s about TIME…


    Piolo and Angel wouldn’t be happy to find this thing that you’re casting bad vibes and a badspell in their forthcoming movie….tsk…tsk…. you keep on saying repeatedly that you wouldn’t do anything to put ANGEL and PIOLO in a bad light, it doesn’t make sense at all as you’re keep saying otherwise….such a disgrace!!

    Don’t be too EPAL and so KAPAL guys, mas madami kami dito sa ANGEL REP alam ninyo yun….,mas makakahakot kami ng hukbo-hukbong tagahanga at mga kaibigan kaysa sa inyo na iilan lang…mas makakatulong kami sa loveteam nina Piolo at Angel. SANA MALINAW SA INYO YUN!!

    Konting HUMILITY lang po mga Ma’am….kahit na katiting lang….learn to respect each other rights for once in your life, at the end of the day….i really don’t think that you love ANGEL LOCSIN cuz….if you do…you wouldn’t be like that to ANGELS!!


    For you PRETTY EENA…..if you think you’re far better off or too pretty than others….GOOD FOR YOU BUT….let them say it in your face…wait for them to praise you to high heavens and put you in a pedestal….don’t be too damn PROUD of yourself about being educated, intelligent and pretty when in fact…..YOU ARE NOT!! windang noh?!

    If I may quote Betty La Fea’s themesong…. ANG PANLABAS NA ANYO AY KUMUKUPAS NGUNIT ANG PAGKATAO AY HINDI LUMILIPAS…beauty is useless but character is the best…..why do we have to complicate matters? bakit kailangang from time to time eh mag-inis, at manlait, MANG-OKRAY, magpa CUTE kayo o MAGPA IMPRESS sa mga REPUBLICANS and magpasipsip, uber BAIT and sweet ng bongang-bonga sa mga CPAs?

    Angels I’m always be here for you no matter what happens, it’s so unfortunate that we have to feel this way with a group that we all believe then to be on the same league as we are…the road maybe bumpy and rough but rest assured that WE CAN DO IT….kaya natin lumaban ng patas at sabayan….underneath it all it boils down to this ‘TEAM ANGEL TAYO”…..kaya natin ‘to guys de baaaa!!!

    by culasha


    Whoaaa hu-woo everyone’s in a party mode….so ecstatic….we’re in cloud 9 yeay….i was literally jumping up and down the moment I found out that Angel Locsin hailed anew as 2008 Most Beautiful Pinay at Starmometer poll….wow… now it can be told that ANGEL REPUBLIC rocks!! and RULES!!:bop: without a doubt....SI ANGEL AT WALA NG IBA*okay* she's got it ALL!!!


    We can’t seem to get enough of Angel from being the Fantaserye and Primetime Queen to the undisputed MOST BEAUTIFUL PINAY. For three consecutive years, it such and achievement for a young lady her age and stature to stay connected immensely with her numerous fans, I mean all these overpowering support was truly amazing to the max!!

    People love her so much, they naturally fuss over her, if let’s say you have seen a lot of people in a mall, aha chances are she’s there promoting her teleserye or she’s being introduced as the hottest endorser of a fashion apparel, she’s definitely HOT!! well anyways, life has since then been that “killing” ohh that’s oh so gross my sweetie…I mean so hectic for Gelai, she often doesn’t know what her day will be like, it’s not surprising for a popular young actress to be in a limelight----hottest billboards, commercials, magazine covers and the like. It pays to be gorgeous and famous; whenever she goes she commands so much kind of attention from all kinds of people.

    Her pleasant demeanor isn’t for the cameras alone. Angel is so nice to everyone, I’ve read a lot of testimonies from “super WOLFIES” that she smiles as if she isn’t tired, she neither complains nor becomes irritable just like LOLA MR!!ngek


    Even when Angel Locsin was just starting at GMA Network you could feel then that she isn’t rude, she said in one of her interviews then that she doesn’t want to be mean and that she hates to make people feel bad “ I WANT TO BE KNOWN AS SOMEONE WHO MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY….someone who cares and someone who makes a difference…all these traits are worth emulating. Angel’s most endearing quality is her humility, she is so totally unaffected by her popularity and stardom.

    by culasha


    Yes we all have some kind of fascination with celebrities..admit it pleezz:lol:yeah po i'm so proud to be an ANGEL fan:D

    Let’s start with a sense of definition,nyahaha well…well..well.. we have to grab a dictionary or go straight to dictionary.com to find out if you want know the definition of a word or term…so what is the meaning of the word EPITOME[i-pit-uh-mee]… noun-
    An epitome -a person or thing that is typical of or possesses to a high degree the features of a world class…as she is the epitome of goodness. and indeed she is!!

    Let’s see some synonyms- embodiment, exemplification, model, typification, quintessence…I’ve been so vocal to tell this to you guys how my weekend goes with Angel on it,she's a part and parcel of it.. don’t get me wrong as I’m not assuming on something…of course I’m talking about doing an ANGELMANIA collection, it really is true that time flies so fast when you’re having fun and for like two months I can’t believe it that I’ve made nine articles already. I’ve been getting much less than my desired six to five sleep each night I guess it was just sheer adrenaline that kept me going...yay!!

    Sheer exhaustion and a bad case of opening week jitters can really stretch my nerves to the breaking point…but its healthy and stimulating sometimes to say what you wanna say considering that hey guys this is a free country…I read in a short feature in one of the glossies that during high stress situations, it feels great to write something on what gives you joy or something that would make you smile….yeah proud to be a solid AREP come hell or high water…super!!


    So what makes Angel an epitome of a modern day PINAY? Or such a beautiful Pinay for that matter…she really is the undisputed MOST BEAUTIFUL FILIPINA for like wow….three consecutive years…for someone to stay on top…consistently….that’s really something talaga...winning feels so fabulous…being voted is really uplifting, what’s more if it’s not manipulated...tampered… paid.. and doctored?…tama po ba yun FHM? YES mag?

    The lady who looks every inch an ideal girl has a well-sculpted nose and a sweet smile, from the neck down she's ohhh so just perfect...in the real sense of the word.…Angel excels in swimming and her success as a commercial model hangs on the fact that she is that wholesome and oh my gulay she is really the antithesis of the most popular star....her name gets hotter by the day....an IT girl....what's more she's truly admirable and kindhearted...that make her supah damn STANDOUT!!


    She’s definitely HOT and is driving everyone crazy…looks can sometimes be deceiving..in every rule there is an exception yes but in her case….it isn’t….Angel is so genuinely nice that even on bad hair days, she never loses her cool….not unlike the super LOLA MR (agen?and agen and agen?) that’s why a lot of people hate this gurl….so is it safe to say now that we know na the reason why it takes a “lifetime” as in uber tagal matapos ang thread nya….challenge natin mga ANGELS bwahahaha…mambully baa!! Again I commend ANGELs inimitable style of bonding….anything for ANGEL….we’re solid as a rock…grabeee!!

    Angel’s always been a go-getter and her focus in acting career has made her more mature and responsible in all her actions…and yes we can’t wait anymore for her to grab her first ever acting award soon….as in super the "soonest" am i being so presumptuous?


    A lot of women will say that stars are really a lot more vain than others. Angel among showbiz hottest young star has inarguably possesses a very nice skin, she knows that looks plays a major part in her career and her every pore is so closely scrutinized...She must have learnt a great deal from her role as Lyka...the fashion assistant in the House of Elle....love LOBO to the max....truly irreplacable...as in subraaa!!

    by culasha

    ANGEL AN EPITOME OF UNPARALLED BEAUTY, GRACE and DIGNITY thanks to the one and only SERENDIPITY08...watch out for my 11th!!

    Sweet words are easy to say;
    Sweet things are easy to buy;
    But sweet people aren’t difficult to find here at AREP

    Hi sweet Claire! As in may ganun huh?!

    Kinda surprised to read some pms from ANGELS who I looked up to with ease, whoaa touched ako grabee….hinahanap nyo din pala ako pag hindi ako nakakapagpost, I wanna say thank you so much guys... well me too, my life isn’t the same anymore if I didn’t lurk or share my angelmania pieces with all of you here. Miss you all so much. Team Angel tayo for life yay!

    the gorgeous charmer never fails to turn heads with her sun-kissed complexion and brighter than sunshine uber megawatt smile.

    The past two weeks were not so fine as far as my work is concerned, it was so hectic that I wasn’t able to have all those tons of BRs at thread 41 and before I knew it, thread 42 was already underway and gunning for more pages. Foruming has never been more inspiring when you get to interact with nice people this side of the universe, oh well I believe with all my heart that the essence of friendship is not just the smile and gestures we give but a feeling when you discover that someone believes in you and willing to trust you, of course there have been some arguments and a little disagreements along the way as we all are entitled to our own opinions right guys?!!

    thanks makulit luv it super!!

    For someone who’s ever gotten to keep abreast with Angel’s career you could feel how she managed to keep her feet firmly planted on the ground, she’s so real that despite having grown up in the public eye, she has never been that overly obsessed with her popularity and fame, there wasn’t that ere or a slightest hint of super-mega-starforallseasons status in her, there wasn’t that..i’m so popular…super hot and kaya nyo ba asking price ko? ekk.. Some unsavory read: uber bitter comments have been hurled at her, but I always have this theory that those bashers are not that many, aha she/he/in-between is maybe, well..just one person hiding in different alternicks,kundol is dat you? am I right? sucks…c’mon grow up, how could you call her a “has-been” as you put it LAOS, if she has hailed the 2008 Most Beautiful Pinay…errr I mean the undisputed…gosh for someone to be voted as the NUMBER 1 Pinay for three consecutive years..well (I dunno if you’re just bitter or plain dumb…haleeer tsk tsk)...Top 8 Most Beautiful Women for People Asia Awards, Fantaserye Queen for 2008, Maxim’s No1 Hottest Girl in the land for this year, Box Office Princess of Phil Movies from the 38th GMMSF only to name a few, what with gigantic billboards strewn all over the supah major thoroughfares at the metropolis and to the glitzy covers of fashion and showbiz mags. I have to refrain here for mentioning truckloads as I have a lot of stuff to talk about taray mode whehehe sometimes you really have to read a lot and open our eyes wide enough to know what you’re really up to kase kakahiya ka lang if you blurted this and that when in fact you don’t have proofs naman, you might as well shut up and DIE now…hindi ka kawalan sa sanlibutan mind you!!


    No doubt about it Ms. Angel Locsin star shines brighter, she’s got that look of electric vibe that makes her a standout from the rest of her contemporaries, she’s a trendsetter and truly an icon of today’s generation, with her unbridled talent, grace, class and dynamic free spirited lifestyle with a nonchalant confidence her success has been anything but orthodox, still Angel is the unabashed fashion trendsetter and remains one of showbiz hottest endorsers. I’m not bowed with The Yes List of the TOP 20 Celebrity Endorsers, the stars who diumano earned 1M to 20M because you buy what they say chuva. I have no objection whatsoever with Kris and the Mega for attaining such a stature what I find so unfair talaga is when I found out that Angel Locsin landed the 12th spot tied with Lucy Torres-Gomez and Marian is on TOP 3 tied with KC, if it’s a consolation that they consider Angel and put her in the number 12 position well, so ano credible na kayong matatawag ngayon? Just because you included Angel in your list now does that mean that we have to buy a copy of yes October? how can we take your stand of completely eluding Angel Locsin’s in your 100 Most Beautiful Stars when in fact she has hailed as the Most Beautiful Pinay for 2008!! it was really such a big insult on our part when you have chosen to include starlets Ehra Madrigal, Iwa Moto, Nina Jose or a teeny weeny bopper Empress Schuck or Ynna Assistio,OMG sino silaaa? (eh haleerrr guys kilala nyo ba ang batang ito?) yeah the cliché goes on "the beauty is in the eye of the beholder" thingy is maybe you’re mantra,everyone seems to have sumthing to say about it, so there's the glaring 101 biases as in grabee!

    Angel Locsin was on the list last 2007 but to ignore her this year well ganun lang siguro talaga life uber dami bitter. So the next time a poll came out at Yes we have to take it with a grain of salt, hey as always it would always be paid, tainted, LUTO and manipulated successfully but not that bongang-bongga.. sa true lang napakasakit tanggapin ang katotohanan na OLATS kayo whaha

    Angel and Piolo team-up on the big screen soon to hit theaters
    come November, yeay!

    Angel Republican have always been grateful with all those press people who truly appreciates Angel for her craft but we too have always been ready to fight openly with you and our fellow pexers especially when we feel that Angel are being treated unfairly and unjustly maligned. Stars as great and as super to the max popular like Ms. Angel Locsin is like a convenient punching bag for some people, i'm just a fan but really am so sick of graphic condescending attitude of some individuals who think they are damn right in everything they say, well think again guys!!

    YES MAG 2007 100 most beautiful stars issue!!

    I can say with pride that she has achieved so much with her age and
    stature and being popular is a validation of her utmost dedication and love for her fans who supported her ALL THE WAY!

    well kung ganito ang isang LAOS na ULTIMATE cover girl pa eh gusto ko na din maging LAOS forever!!naririnig nyo ba sinasabi nyo? upakan na lang kaya?

    Regardless of our own issues in our respective lives, its such a relief of some sort to keep up with what's right....and what's fair!! gonna leave you with an uplifting thoughts "the finest part of a good person's life is the little unknown acts of kindness and love. We obtain happiness not because we look good outside and do great things but because we are beautiful inside and do small things with great love" thanks so much Ms. GA, mareng kaharian, and serendipity08 a.k.a. cel, sis lhyn & new super love yah!
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  • REPOST ko lang from sis rose...

    :flower: Congratulations sa New House :flower:


    Ang ganda may light house..
    at ang liwanag at maraming Blessing.
    ang darating sa ating Angel Locsin!!!
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  • [highlight]LOVE ME AGAIN - Now Available in DVD and VCD!!![/highlight]




    DVD - Php600.00
    VCD - Php299.00

    Special Features:
    * Main Picture with English Subtitles
    * Full Trailer
    * Behind the scenes
    * Music Video
    * Love Scene (Directorr's Cut)

    Note: Those special features are available at DVD copy only.

    [highlight]Grab now!!![/highlight]


    *credits to travelvinz25
  • [highlight]Angel in ASAP '09 (3/8/09)[/highlight]

    Today the wait is over
    Today she has finally arrived

    The Woman of the hour
    The Angel we have all been waiting for
    The newest ASAP Kapamilya ...

    The hottest covergirl of more than 30 magazine covers
    The most sought after television and movie actress
    Appearing in 8 top rating shows and 13 hit movies

    A beautiful face of more than 20 premiere product endorsements
    An inspirational model for the youth today
    One of the biggest Kapamilya stars ...


    [highlight]compiled comments from ASAP thread on Angel's performance:[/highlight]


    grabe impact ni angel sa asap!!!
    most demand na ang song na sinayaw nia...!!
    dami na nag hahanap sa imeem youtube etc...!!
    infearness full support ang g-force kay angel lahat ng member
    ng g-force sumama sa sayaw ni angel kulang nlang
    si teacher georcelle!!!
    ganda ng asap mas nakaka excite ang 2 week ni angel dis sunday

    Just wanna add ..Angel's dance number last sunday was really sizzling hot..loved it!!!

    Welcome to Angel_ galing nyang sumayaw at least ngayon ehhh pwede n siyang sabihin na dancer
    Harana ng mga leading man kay Angel_ i like this part nakakatuwa ang mga leading man ng abs ang kulit ni vhong at john loyd
    pero kinilig ako sa moment ni luis at angel talagang they came out at mukhang happy sila together

    Galing Ni Angel Malaman Ang Statement Nia Na Sinabi Nia Na
    G Force Lang Ang Nagpasayaw Sa Kanya...!!
    For Sure Kahit Nasa Kasuso Cia Di Cia Napipilit Na Sumayaw
    Well Well Well Panalo Ang Asap Last Sunday
    More More Angel At Kanto Boys Nxt Sunday

    thank you so much ASAP. ganda ng sayaw ni ms. angel. hot and gorgeous! sana isama siya sa 'it girls'. i wonder how she will
    blend with the rest of the girls like ms. anne and ms. bea.

    another comment lang about sa asap last sunday..
    graceful naman pala si angel eh.. she's a natural! she's a good addition sa asap..

    Now palang ang ASAP dito ganda na ASAP loved Angel Locsin dance number.grabeeee..as in grabee.. sabi nga ni Piolo.
    angel's number was hot! glad to see her sa mga ganung dance number to think na hindi siya napapapsayaw before. sasama kaya
    siya sa it girls? let's wait and see...

    Welcome Angel to the ASAP family

    Oh my! Finally, na-introduce na rin si Angel as the new ASAP kapamilya. I love her dance number. Ang ganda talaga naman and
    sexy... Kakakilig naman ang mga ASAP boys sa pag-serenade kay Angel.. kakatuwa si Luis pinag-papawisan.. Si PJ kilig talaga
    with Angel.. Si JLC and Vhong comedy.. Nag-kiss pa si JLC kay Angel..kilig.

    Thanks, ASAP! Sulit po paghihintay namin kay Angel, ang sexy nya grabe! Salamat po sa lahat ng nag-welcome sa kanya at sa
    mga natuwa sa dance number nya.

    I (am) sooooooo Happy every Sunday I get to see Ms. Angel Locsin in ASAP
    go go go Angel......

    Ang Ganda ganda ni Angel so sexy and lovely.................
    ang sarap titigan ng mukha ni Angel di nakakasawa pati dance no. niya sobrang galing...... nasa timing pati yung buhok niya


    infairness, ang hot nga ng dance prod ni angel... todo sayaw tlaga.. mas maiinlab si luis nyan. hehehe

    grabe prod ni angel
    in fairness ang H.O.T as in
    nakakatibo hehehe

    angel was soooo hot sa dance number niya!

    napa buhat ako sa upuan ko ng humalik si jlc kay angel!ang cute!siya lang ata nag effort magkiss kay angel sa cheeks!ang
    cute!bagay din sila.....nasa contract naman nila na they will be paired either late 2009 or baka 2010 na.sana matuloy. they
    look good on screen..good boy and may pagka naughty kasi dating ni jlc.oh shuxx....i really heart him!
    pero ang cute din ng lahat ng kapamilya leading men...

    shux ang ganda ganda ng idol koi kanina sa opening number niya sa asap
    naiiyak ako dahil sobra akong proud sa beauty,body,personality,appeal,charisma,talent and all.
    ang galing ni angel.back to her natural skin color na siya.medyo light tan.ang ganda at sexy tingnan ng skin niya.ang
    flawless..ang smooth ng underarms niya pang rexona model talaga.hehe!
    ang saya talaga pag may angel sightings!

    Oh and welcome Angel Locsin!

    grabe ang sexy ni angel!!!!

    Ganda pa rin talaga ni Angel L....

    awsome!! angel is now a regular on asap??!! wooot!! that was one hot as prod #!!! hehe!!!

    ano ba!! na tutumboy ako kay Angel L.. ang hot ng sayaw pero mas hot yun porma niya.

    Wow what a dance number from Angel Locsin.... WELCOME ANGEL TO ASAP FAMILY.....

    WELCOME PARTY FOR ANGEL - what a HOT number! grabe ang galing ni angel... everytime na nagpe-perform siya sa asap she alwaysamazes me... sinong makakapagsabi na ang isang angel locsin ay hindi marunong sumayaw? isa talaga itong malaking sampal sa gma... imagine, sa abs lumabas ang hidden talent niya... well sa totoo lang, marunong sumayaw si angel kaya lang nahihiya
    lang siyang ipakita yung galing niya... asap lang ang nakapag-pasayaw sa kanya nang ganun...

    ang ASAP lang ang nagpasayaw sa kanya.. kasi naman noh, sina anne, bea and shaina.. they're singing, dancing and acting..
    alanagan namang hindi siya makikipagsabayan diba? hahaha
    *** naman o.. logic tayo.. dun sa gma, reyna siya dun, she can say "NO" .. pero sa abs, always "YES" dapat siya diba? so
    ganun nga. dun nga sa extra challenge na ang challenge sa kanya ay sumayaw sa harap ng maraming tao, but she refused to do
    it. nahihiya raw siya tapos sabi niya, sa sop pa lang daw siya nkakasayaw nung click days pa niya... o diba? Darna na siya
    nun. she said "NO" na.. kaya ngayon, lesson learned , never refused something that might affect your career in the future..

    i agree, otherwise.. she's gonna lose everything she has worked hard for.. mabilis mawala sa limelight ang celebrity na
    namimili ng trabahong gusto nyang gawin. maraming talents ang abs cbn na potential rival ni angel kaya it is but right that
    she obeys and not do things her way..
    im happy that angel is a new asap kapamilya.. i appreciate her more when i watched her last MMK appearance. Congrats Mis
    Angel Locsin.

    well, si angel naman dati kaya ayaw niya sumayaw,esp nung sa extra challenge, dahil nahihiya siya..hindi siya confident sa
    sarili niya so ok lang na tumanggi siya tutal choice naman niya yon, at lahat ng tao, may karapatan mag desisyon sa sarili
    nya...right??it doesn't mean na nag NO siya ng ganon na lang dahil siya yung reyna nung time na yon..and kung mapapansin
    natin sa video, tumanggi siya dahil kinakabahan siya at na-pepressure and sabi niya nga, hindi siya comfortable sumayaw dati
    at hindi niya alam na magaling pala siya..in other words, tumanggi siya because of low self-esteem
    pero now, ang galing galing pala niya. and take note, hindi siya nakikipagsabayan sa ibang asap girls dahil ganon dapat sa
    ABS, ang kanya lang, sinabi niya mismo na gusto niyang mag-improved in so many ways.
    anyways!!! angel and anne for a very very hot dance number!!! oh my days!!!i can't wait for it!!

    James Ty III
    Angel kasi underwent a personality development seminar when she joined ABS. Kaya nga she's more confident. Noong nasa GMA
    siya, hindi siya confident dahil hindi siya binigyan ng ganitong klaseng seminar workshop ng Siyete.
    Pati sa pictorial niya ngayon, mas sexy siya. Unlike before when she only wore a tankini and shorts sa FHM.

    angel no - hot number just like anne curtis

    Im so glad that Angel is now part of ASAP,
    who says that she cannot dance? Ofcourse she Can!
    She's so hot hot hot! Not cheap..

    grabe naman yung dance number ni angel.pinagpawisan ako kahit may snow.
    parang sila lang ni anne curtis ang may ganung dating pag sumasayaw.
    enjoy na enjoy sya habang sumasayaw.di malaswa tingnan.di gaya ng iba dyan.

    yeah...for me as well...i am a girl ha pero sina angel at anne lang yung may x-factor sa mga ganong sayaw...you are right,
    sila lang yung may ''GANONG DATING'',maybe dahil magaganda talaga sila at super sexy...mga mukhang classy pa...haha..pag
    silang dalawa ang may performance...na-aamaze na lang tayo...

    Angel Locsin And Anne Curtis Together On A Sizzling Hot Dance Number!!!!!!!

    whoa?! i like that!
    two of the most beautiful showbiz personalities in one prod!

    I agree. but they need to another girl there... para tatlo sila. para kasing kulang kung sila lang dalawa ni Angel and Anne.
    ang tanong, sino ang magaling mag-emote ng sexy pose at dance just like Anne and Angel does? hmmmmmmm? isip isip

    James Ty III
    Angelica Panganiban, for me. Sometimes, she opens her mouth when she dances.
    Another possibility could be Cristine Reyes dahil sexy nga ang kanyang dating.

    Angel, Anne and Angelica would be perfect. They can be called the A's/Ace of ASAP.

    Nakakatuwa naman. May bagong group na naman na binubuo dito.
    I think the idea for YRS and D-lites started here before the groups were actually formed in ASAP. Mukhang dito talaga sila
    kumukuha ng ideas, ah.
    I like the idea of Anne, Angel & Angelica sa group. Parang bagay sila magkakasama. Mga over sa kasexy-han and all really
    good actresses. Tapos coincidence pa na their names all start with A. ASAP's Aces.

    Angel dance number was ! I agree sa iba dito dapat si Anne at Angel na lang sa isang group. Pwede rin isali si KC. Silang tatlo ni Anne, Angel. Si Anne, very graceful, Angel very sexy, and KC very sweet.


    positive feedback on Angel's ASAP performance and most of them from non-arep ...




    *credits to angel charmz for the pictures
  • 3325917840_6267cd6a0b1-1.jpg

    When you're driving along major highways this season, watch out for another sizzling Folded & Hung billboard with Angel Locsin. While the young actress didn't go topless for the brand this time (Remember the tantalizing image of Angel clad in just F&H jeans along EDSA last year?), the new campaign is hotter than ever.

    In these scorching months, expect to see Angel dressed for a sexy summer escapade - seductive maxi dresses, on-trend separates, and of course, sensual swimsuits that can flatter any figure. F&H draws inspiration from the elegant appeal of the '50s and '60s and mixes it with the brand's signature modern look. We love how the classic one-piece gets a style update with this formula! Interesting cutouts and details, like layers, knots, and accents, instantly transform an otherwise simple one-piece into a sexy maillot.


    We snuck a peek behind the scenes at the shoot of this new summer collection and liked what we saw. Apart from being on-trend, the new collection can also flatter girls who don't have aspirational stick-thin body types. If you're not convinced, just see how great the swimsuits look on Angel's curves.

    Bernice Bautista, Editorial Assistant
  • Hair Asia covergirl Angel Locsin to tape new soap 'Only You' in Korea

    After her successful movie team-up with her "Lobo" leading man Piolo Pascual, Angel Locsin is set to start working on her new soap opera, "Only You," a Filipino adaptation of the popular Koreanovela of the same title. Angel will have leading men in the ABS-CBN teleserye, Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo. And they will tape portions of the show in the original setting which is Korea. Taping starts this March.

    In order to concentrate on her new show once taping starts, Angel had to work double time to finish all her commitments. The last few weeks found her working double time shooting her TV commercials. They are now on the second campaign for her TV ads for such products as Head & Shoulder, Rexona, Smart (with Piolo Pascual), Folded & Hung, and some others.

    Angel Locsin, the goddess

    Because she is also a sought-after covergirl, Angel also finished all her pictorials, especially for the cover of Hair Asia's 20th anniversary issue which will come out today, March 9, in time for the 19th Hair Asia Open Championship for Make-Up and Hairstyle competition which will be held today at the World Trade Center. For the cover, Angel was made-up and styled as a goddess, which she is actually on both the small and big screen. She came out beautifully in all the photos taken by photographer Francis Abraham, a far cry from the Angel Locsin who used to be a champion swimmer when she was in her teens. Angel has indeed gone a long way, and has a long way still to go in terms of achievement, no matter what her detractors say.

    Just recently, she appeared on "Maala-ala Mo Kaya," in an episode based on a true to life story of an intelligent UP grad who despite graduating Summa ***** Laude (in Agriculture) she couldn't find a suitable job and so she ended up performing in nightspots. Angel did a remarkable performance in that episode, earning for "MMK" a very high rating (37.7%), which reportedly is the highest so far that the show garnered since it moved to a Saturday timeslot.

    Celebrity World, March 9, 2009, 12:00am


    Angel Locsin has finally introduced by ABS-CBN as ASAP's newest members. On the first part, Angel had a wonderful dance number together with G-Force and it was really amazing. Then, she was serenaded by ASAP Leading men, includes Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, John Lloyd Cruz, Jericho Rosalez and her real life sweet heart, Luis Manzano. The grand welcome of Angel was so successful, she shown to the televiewers that she really deserves to be in ASAP through the improvements on her hosting and dancing skills. She also promote her newest teleseye in ABS-CBN, Only You with Sam Milby and Diether Ocampo.

    The Grand Welcome of Angel Locsin in ASAP made as the highest rating of daytime last Sunday in the Nationwide TV Ratings. It registered 19.3% beating the rating of its rival SOP 14.3% . It was the most watched daytime program last Sunday.
  • Beyond the spotlight: Celebrities who do good

    Angel Locsin catapulted to fame via the fantaserye Mulawin and later proved it was no fluke when she followed it up with the equally popular TV adaptation of the Mars Ravelo comics Darna; both shows for GMA-7. Now, with ABS-CBN, Angel is busy as ever but still finds the time to do her part for charity.

    During her birthdays, Angel makes time to do good for her fellowmen. In April 23, 2007, Angel celebrated her birthday with Gabriela foundation, a political-sector partylist which aims to support women and less fortunate children. The following year, Angel spent time in Payatas, Quezon City where she gave food, clothing and other basic needs to the less fortunate kids in the area.

    extracts from www.asianjournal.com
    Tuesday, 10 March 2009 23:38 Rochelle Pangilinan / AJPress
  • Who is Angel Locsin outside the spotlight?


    Though Angel Locsin has always been voted as one of the sexiest and most beautiful women in the country, she practically breaks out of the stereotype with her laid-back and somewhat boyish manner and style off cam. This side of the multifaceted actress got more emphasized as she revealed her collections and other personal favorites during her live chat on ABS-CBN.com. “Dati sobrang adik [ako sa stuffed toys], as in sobra. Bago ako matulog isa-isa ko’ng tatanggalin tapos pag-gising ko sa umaga ilalagay ko ulit sa bed ko. Ngayon mas action figures [na yung preference ko]. Mahilig na po ako sa wrestling kaya makikita mo sa room ko si Hulk Hogan, may Batista, may toy cars… Ewan ko po [kung bakit]. May mga dolls din naman pero mas nakatago na yung iba. Siguro dahil kapag less clutter mas okay. Nagtatanggal lang po ako ng dumi. Tsaka kapag pumupunta mga pamangkin ko laging na ha-harbat yung mga yun eh (laughs).”

    The star of Only You is also a proud “mommy” to her pet dogs which she believes is a preparation for raising a family in the future. “Meron ako’ng pug si Java pinaka-oldest ko. Parang meron akong anak eh ‘no? Tapos si Flip, isa siyang English bulldog. Kaya ko siya pinangalanang Flip dahil ang pebbles ko po sa lanai pinapapak po niya. Tapos pinaka-baby ko po si ****-****, isa po siyang Brichon Frise. Actually kasama ko po siya ngayon hindi lang po siya pwedeng pumasok dito sa ABS dahil hahabulin po ako ng gwardya.” She further explained why she named her super cute toy dog as such. “Nung binili ko talaga yung asong ‘yun ang pangalan talaga niya Beauty. Eh hindi ko carry yung Beauty dahil masyado na siyang cute. Mga sasakyan ko ang lalaki ‘di ba, tapos puro black, tapos tatawagin ko’ng Beauty? Binaboy ko pangalan niya para fair,” she casually remarked.

    As if her unique way of naming her pets is not enough to show how extraordinary she is, her next revelation about her fondness for wild creatures in the past further amazed her avid online fans. “Dati may monkey ako. At saka alam ni’yo po yung ibon na kulasisi? Yung ibon na yun lagi siyang nagta-tumbling pabaligtad, yung parang nag-vevertical siya? Mayroon ako nun. Nagkaroon din ako ng piranha. Alam kong illegal pero hindi ni’yo na ako pwedeng hulihin dahil patay na po sila. Tsaka dati may cat po ako kaya lang takot yung dogs ko sa kanila kaya nasa ate ko na po,” she added with a smile.

    But as much as she wants her life to be simple and worry-free, Angel knows that there are certain sacrifices she has to make in exchange of fame. One of the things she misses the most is riding public transportation without causing a commotion around her. “Oo naman nage-MRT ako, nagta-tricycle ako. Bakit ko pipigilin sarili ko na gawin yung mga ginagagawa ko dati na nakaka-survive naman ako? Kaya lang siyempre minsan yung privacy, yung hindi ka makapila para bumili ng ticket ng MRT, baka hindi ka makaabot sa next train. Pero ginagawa ko pa rin naman. Pinipigilan lang po talaga nila ako. Tsaka may nagagalit kapag ginagagawa ko po yun,” she explained.

    When asked if she would consider going back to school, Angel revealed the reason why she doesn’t want to take home studies just like other celebrities. “Actually iniisip ko yun eh kaya lang gusto ko talaga may classroom. Feeling ko namimiss ko yung high school talaga. Gusto ko maranasan yung buhay-college. Kapag nagkataong mabigyan ako ng chance na mag-aral kahit short course, gusto ko sa classroom talaga,” she stressed. But for now she is concentrating on doing her new soap and honing her talent for hosting as a mainstay of ASAP ’09.

    Is there anything Angel could not do? “Huwag na po nating asahan na magrerecord ako ng album. Parang lolokohin ko na yung sarili ko n’yan. Siguro kapag nag-voice lessons ako. Pero sa ngayon hindi ko nai-imagine sarili ko na gumawa ng album. Nakaka-appreciate lang po ako ng music,” she laughingly said.

    To know more about Angel Locsin, watch the complete video of her live chat on TFCNow!

    by Rachelle Siazon | March 09, 2009 1:05 AM
  • [highlight]Vote for Ms. Angel Locsin :bop:

    current results:
  • MMK Angel Locsin Episode Tops Saturday Primetime


    Maalaala Mo Kaya episode last Saturday night [Feb. 28, 2009] starring Ms. Angel Locsin received a whopping 37.7 percent rating, 10% higher than second-placer The Singing Bee. It’s rival shows Bitoy’s Funniest Videos only got 20.8% and Kapuso Mo Jessica, Soho garnered 20.1%.

    Perhaps one of the most challenging roles ever played by Angel Locsin, she is a mental case in this episode of (MMK) Maalaala Mo Kaya. She is a U.P. graduate with honors but due to lack of job opportunities to get a decent one, she decided to shift into a jobs that pays more than one’s honor.

    Angel Locsin ended up in the night house dancing the time away only to come back with an ailing father. She then decided to come back to Manila in her previous night job but when she decided to come back, it was too late. Her father died of grief and remorse upon learning that she went in with a life that is harder than what they are having before she graduated in college with honors.

    This caused her to loose herself and eventually loose her mind. She went insane due to life’s misfits knowing that she had been denied of the life she dreamed for her family and for herself.

    *extracts from:
  • hello everyone :wave:...internationals and :bat: new house na...
  • congrats.gifmga angels

    thank you sis charmz at sis jewel sa bagong bahay:kiss:
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