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Paaralang Kay-inam sa Batsilyer ng Agham sa Pag-aaruga (BSN)

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    *ponders the situation*
  • SwatchSwatch Butt Boy! PEx Rookie ⭐
    No doubt...UST is!!!!
  • ???§ÎNNëÐ??????§ÎNNëÐ??? Banned by Admin PExer
    UST, tapos UP.
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Check the boards' passing rate. UP.
  • ChicagoPinoyChicagoPinoy student for life PExer
    Maligayang Pasko at Mapayapang Bagong Milenyum!

    Sa panahon ko, UST and UP produced quality Graduates in PT, Pharmacy, Nursing and Med. Tech. In Pharmacy, UST graduates took the local board exams in June while UP grads took the one in December. Both schools produced board topnotchers. This one is the latest:
    Pharmacy graduates who want to practice their profession here in the US still need to hurdle the 6-hour FPGEE (Foreign pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Exam) which has an application fee of $700. When I took the exam last 1996 at the Rosemont Convention Center here in Chicago, I met a lot of UST graduates and few from ICC, SLU and CEU.
    Employers for Nurses, PTs/OTs and Pharmacists here don't really care from which school in the Phils you graduated. As long as you pass the state board and able to make it in the interview.
    If you happen to visit one of the health centers/hospitals in a major US city, pag may nakita kang kababayan natin na nagtatrabaho either as a nurse, therapist, pharmacist or lab. tech, tanungin mo kung anong school sila graduate sa Pinas. You will be surprised by their answers. :)

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    pt? ust. kse nandun girlfriend ko
  • archangelarchangel anti-social PExer
    UST Kolehiyo ng Narsing! Last May board exams, UST got the first placer while 26 others were into the top 20.
  • MisterHappyMisterHappy Minanipulang Talipapa PExer
    no doubt about this, UST and UP.
  • mark_markmark_mark MAXICARE APPLYT 09178046275 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ok siguro but i still prefer med schools in cebu like velez and cebu doc.

  • ClefairyClefairy Member PExer
    UP! :)
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    up and ust. kaya lang may politiking sa UP!
  • PlaymatEPlaymatE Member PExer

    Sa palagay niyo, kasi naman ang hirap magkamali ngayon ng college na papasukan kapag nursing ang kukunin... alam niyo ba marami ngayon opportunities abroad...nursing ang in ngayon pero may mga iskul na hindi maganda ang pagtuturo kaya gusto ko lang mapakingan ang mga opinyon ng mga estudyante...thanks
  • archangelarchangel anti-social PExer
    My vote is (love my own):
    UST College of Nursing.
    - It has one of the best facilities, curricula, and faculties around.
    - Has consistently topped the board exams year after year
    - Getting a job after graduation will never be a problem

    My advice is, don't choose nursing just because it's the "in" thing right now. Don't forget what happened before when hiring of nurses suddenly declined and same with Physical Therapy. Foerecasts say that the "exodus" of nurses will only last 5-7 years.
    Going abroad ( if that's your main goal) is not as easy as you think (just the way I did, immediatle after I passed the boards).
    Let's say you're planning to go the the US, you need to take lot of exams. Exams which are much harder and really, really expensive. These are the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) Examinations which costs 185 dollars ( yes, dollars), the National Council Licensure Examinations (NCLEX) or the state board exams in the US- costs also more than a hundred dollars and you need to take these either in Guam or Saipan (if you're lucky, some States don't require this) and a couple of English tests that also costs more than a hundred $$$, like the Test on English as Foreign Language (TOEFL), Test on Spoken English (TSE), Test on Written English (TWE).Plus, the processing takes some time coz you also need to apply at the ICHP or International Council on Health Practioners.

    Skills-wise, my advice is: don't go out of the country raw. Try to get as much experience as you can. When I had my job last June, I thought that I can make it smooth but I was wrong. I must learn and re-learn a lot of skills and theory I gained from the last 4 years of school to think that I was a fresh grad then.

    If you really like nursing, you must be prepared in a lot of things you don't expect. First is, give up your social life, especially when you reach Nursing proper which is the 2nd yr. You will only have a maximum of 4-5 years or even less. You'll be memorizing things/ words you could hardly even spell like adiadochokinesis. And once you get a job, you'll be put on a moring, afternoon or night shifts, worse is you even go on a 12-14 hour duty, you can't have planned vacations or gimiks, you'll be doing domestic tasks such as changing somebody else's beddings, cleaning other's perineum ( you'll learn what perinuem means once you get into nursing school).

    But the fun part which I enjoy most is doing technical skills and applying your knowledge you gained while you were in college and be able to see in real life what you can only read in books like manipulating a Swan Ganz catheter, being able to see live the human anatomy, you'll can now watch E.R. and understand what the MDs and RNs are talking about.

    Nursing will open a new world for you. You'll meet different kind people and learn to deal with them. And most of all, the most important thing in Nursing is CARING. Nursing is not a lucrative job (as far as the Philippine setup is concerned!) but the real reward is UP there.
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  • simonesezsimonesez Spearo Schmero PExer


    Do you know anybody selling their CGFNS books/study materials? Please let me know. Thanks.
  • archangelarchangel anti-social PExer
    Originally posted by simonesez


    Do you know anybody selling their CGFNS books/study materials? Please let me know. Thanks.

    try goodwill bookstore. they have wide choices of review materials not to mention the cheap price. i bought a reviewer (1994 edition though) for only 38 pesos!
  • simonesezsimonesez Spearo Schmero PExer

    Thanks. Actually I was considering Jack Rudman's book sa worth $35 because a lot of people are recommending it. Do you have any info if it's any good?

    Have you taken/passed the CGFNS exam yourself?


    Sorry kung nakisingit ako sa thread mo ha.
  • archangelarchangel anti-social PExer
    Originally posted by simonesez

    Thanks. Actually I was considering Jack Rudman's book sa worth $35 because a lot of people are recommending it. Do you have any info if it's any good?

    Have you taken/passed the CGFNS exam yourself?

    hope to make it this july?

    are you a nurse? where do you work?
  • simonesezsimonesez Spearo Schmero PExer
    nope. am doing this for somebody.

    goodluck on your exams.

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