whoi si the cutest guy in your school????

imogenimogen drama queen PExer
OPS! bawal ang school wars dito ha??? im merely asking kung sino ang pinaka cute na guy sa school niyo! maybe later, itatally ko siya lahat and ill show you the results! heehee!!!!!! sagot na!

:) :) :)


  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    sorry about the typo.... the tpoic is: WHO IS THE CUTEST GUY IN YOUR SCHOOL?

    :) :) :)
  • _Mase__Mase_ psykotic PExer
    Imogen, obvious ba?


    Love from the Psyko!

  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    AAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! HUY BABAE KA! bakit naman dito pa tayo nagkita??? hehehe!!!! anyway.... sige hahanapin kita uli sa irc!!!

    :) :) :)

    uy peeps sagot!
  • moodswing75moodswing75 Member PExer
    i would love to answer your question but i can't for the following reasons:

    1. i'm no longer a part of any school. alumni na po ako. (you will be too in about 2 1/2 years)

    2. you already know what my answer will be. sorry ha? alam ko sukang-suka ka na sa ka-artehan ko pero what can i do ba? meron pa eh. don't worry! i'm about to "practice what i preach" and make a move. just wait, i need to gain strength pa eh.

    Sa CRC (or UA&P) kilala ko kung sino . . . si E - - - - - - - :)
  • blue babeblue babe Member PExer
    wala! walang gwapo sa law school!!! sana may mag enroll na cutie this coming school year... :D
  • bugsbunnybugsbunny ONE BIG FIGHT! PExer
    Paul Tan-chi
  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    bluebabe: ur in law school pala? uy galing! good luck! hmmm.... diba dapat may mga cute sa law school??? heehee!!!!!

    :) :) :)
  • _Mase__Mase_ psykotic PExer
    Imogen, I heard our lovable crush has hooked up with a vampire...er...I mean a vampire slayer.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar.


    I still got the pic you sent me.


    Aren't any cute guys sa BroadCom, huh?

    [This message has been edited by _Mase_ (edited 04-22-2000).]

    [This message has been edited by _Mase_ (edited 04-22-2000).]
  • imogenimogen drama queen PExer
    haay nako! oo nga daw!!!!! kainis!!!!! (heartbroken kuno)

    the cutest guy for me is not from broadcom, or UP. he's from UA&P. blush.gif

    talk to you soon aryt?

    :) :) :)
  • blue babeblue babe Member PExer
    thanks... i'm sadistic kasi eh... as if all those years in school wasn't enough, i signed up for an extra 4 years (2 more to go and i'm done!!!).

    anyways... no... wala talaga eh... and sino may sabi na marami guapo was law school? saan?! pwede ba pakilala na lang?? :)
  • _Mase__Mase_ psykotic PExer
    Poor blue babe.

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