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Who's The Real King of New York?

To all rap fans who do you think is the real king of ny,beside biggie he past away RIP

Nas or Jay-Z

For me Nas,I like nas the most ilke him than pac & big.

and what's ur fav song by Jay-Z & Nas

Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell,The World is Yours,New York State of Mind part I,Black Girl LOst.The MEssage,Nas is Like

Jay-Z - Dead President II,Can't knock the hustle,D'devils,Big Pimpin',I just wanna luv ya.



  • Sai Giddy is the king of NY.

    used to be Big L.

    c'mon now.

    "when i was breakin' the laws, you was bendin' the rules/
    i was locked behind the walls, you was gettin' suspended from school"/

    ain't that proof enough?

    like he said,

    "it's time for y'all [email protected] to get off Jay-Z's d!ck"/

    word is bond. nuff' said.
  • bacdafuccup man what do you have to say ***** but you ain't a black to used that word man don't used that word to a real black or they're gon kick yo ***.now who's riding ****?
  • your name says it all. u one fool.

    it's called "quotations" bytch. it's inside it. meaning, he is the one who said it, not me.

    check the words first before you talk shyt alright dude?

    so you better bacdafucup or get...


    if you really got things to say post at the REAL HIPHOP thread and save ya trash talking there. until then, peace.
  • say whut!tmy name came from the dumbest rapper/singer ja rule and change it to jafool cause he is the fool.now man you say its a qoutation but i am the one who made this thread so u must be talkin' to me,just because i made a thread bout hova and nas i am a d!ck ryda.you must use that quotation in a right position.I am the one who u talkin' to dawg.


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