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I just got my batch ring!

Ice BurnIce Burn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Senior year has finally sunk in. I just received my batch ring. The damned thing didn't come cheap, kaso I had to get one kasi magiging collector's item ang ateneo batch 2000 ring. I'm a sucker for such things. Sheesh.

What about you did you get yourself a batch ring?


  • nixnix Administrator PEx Moderator
    It was always too expensive for me, so I decided not to get one. Collector's item???
  • Our batch decided not to get one.. it was too expensive yata kse.
  • ako nde na kumuha kasi nde naman ako naka-graduate sa aking alma mater ...boohoohoo. wouldn't mind wearing my gf's kasi we came from d same school and same course :)

  • I didn't get one. Can't find a practical purpose/reason for it.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    nix: Yep, it could be, years from now. Almost anything in the year 2000 will be a collector's item in the future. My dad made sure he kept the newspapers last January 1, 2000. :) From those who bought the first Time magazine, who would have thought that it would be a collector's item?

    Well, I have two batch rings, one for high school and one for college. I'm a very sentimental person kasi. That's really the only use for it, for sentimental reasons. One of the tangible things that can bring back everything. I have high school batchmates who didn't order rings because at that time they thought it was too expensive. Now, less than 10 years after graduation, they really regret not buying a ring.

    My dad still has his high school ring. Whenever we talk about it, or whenever he brings it out, it's so aliw how he makes kwento. :) I would think that 30 years from now, the P3000 that I paid for will be worth it.


  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Hello, Ice Burn:

    I got myself a big and heavy Ateneo ring and spent about P1200 my junior year. In graduate school, I spent more money and got another class ring. I've worn them probably...four times since I bought them.

    I suppose we all need to have physical souvenirs of important times in our lives, but rings (especially the big and heavy kinds) aren't practical enough to be worn regularly.

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