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From friends to lovers.. will it work?

I've been friends with this guy for over a year now.. Constant textmate until things evolved into something special..

I am just afraid that it won't work out.. and losing him is the most painful thing...

Same stories, anyone?


  • ~gIrLnXtDoOr~~gIrLnXtDoOr~ PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    why do you think it won't work out?
    friendship is a great foundation for a relationship... it's a risk nga to take it to the next level... but everything in life naman is a risk diba? :D

    well, my husband and i started off as friends...
  • ^
    i agree pero alagaan nyo kasi once na nagkasakitan kayo dont expect na mababalik pa yung friendship nyo anyway goodluck
  • Lola_RoseLola_Rose PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hmmm... It didn't work out for me. This guy and I, we were so close, best of friends. He had a gf at that time. Although I was already feeling something for him, I kept quiet. I was never the time to steal someone else's guy.

    Anyway, they broke up. I waited. Then he started asking me out for dates. The first time he asked me out, I agreed, of course, having this secret feelings for him.

    Didn't work out. It was so funny. We knew right then and there that we can only be just friends.

    He's still a close friend of mine.

    He and his gf got back together.

    They got married last december.
  • hindi ba sa friendship nagsisimula ang isang pagmamahalan?? hindi ba?
  • medyo naive ang comment na to:
    di ba mas maganda ang basis ng relationship is friendship. that way, di kayo nauubusan ng pag-uusapan and common interest. in a way, comfortable na kayo sa isa't isa, but not too comfortable. am i making sense?

    i mean, gets ko yung sinasabing "spark", "magic"... if you find your self having this "spark" with your friend, go for it. you may have something very special, sayang pakawalan...
  • medyo related ang topic na ito sa nagyayari sakin ngayon,

    i'M A 1RST YEAR/3RD TRIM student,wala ak0 sa block section kaya para akong alien, iba-iba ang section. sa isang subjet ko kasi, for the first time ever, may kumausap na guy sakin. kada meeting yun.
    sya palagi ang naguumpisa.
    then kanina, nagusap na nmn ulit kami, tapos pinuna kami ng kaibigan nyang lalaki ata yun. ang sabi sa kanya. " nice boy . . "

    then lumapit yung friend nyang yun tapos nagusap sila na sa tabi lang nila ako.kasi wala naman yun prof. namin eh.
    tapos parang nagbubulungan sila. so syempre nadisappoint ako.

    tingin nyo itutuloy ko pa ba yung pakikipagfriendship nya sakin?
    feeling ko kasi pinagtitripan lang nila ako eh.

  • Kaibigan muna tapos Ka-IBIGAN na.
  • dun kami nagsimula ng asawa ko. tropa muna then naging kami.. yun nga lang once na may di magandang nangyari mas masakit. happy naman relationship namin. and if you want to come with your friends in gimiks oks lang kasi kasama din sya. same group of friends kasi db..
  • friendship is the best foundation for love!
  • yup. dyan naman lahat nag-uumpisa di ba? :)
  • oo naman. *okay*
  • Mag wowork yan! Kung parehas kayo ng definition ng friendship. Iba kasi yung tropa lang ng isang taon sa kaibigan na dumamay sayo sa hirap at naging proud sayo in good times. Well, good luck!
  • wala naman masama kung magkaibigan kayo na nagkagustuhan di ba??

    ang mahirap ehh kung 1 sided ang pagkakagusto..:(
  • it will work if you let it but based on experience, if it did not, everything is over, not only the romantic relationship but also the friendship.
    too risky..
  • Halos lahat nagsimula muna sa pagkakaibigan tapos pagkaka-ibigan. :lol:

    Mas mabuti nga iyong magkaibigan na kayo, kasi mas kilala niyo na ang isa't isa, hindi ba? :)

    Sa tingin ko, maayos naman ang inyong magiging relasyon. Subukan lang ninyong ayusin agad kung anumang problema mayroon kayo. :)

    *Bago lang po. Hehe! :naughty:
  • ayus nga eh. siguro natatakot ka lang na pag di nag-work yung relationship, pati friendship sira na rin. kasi nga, maraming nagsasabi, once nag-break, pati friendship nawawala, unless magkabalikan.

    pero para sakin, that's better than love at first sight ;) mas may security ka, lam mo yun? kasi at least mas kilala mo na kaysa yung nagkagusto ka muna tas kikilalanin mo pa lang. at isa pa, nabawasan na rin yung risk.
  • hyacinths wrote: »
    I've been friends with this guy for over a year now.. Constant textmate until things evolved into something special..

    I am just afraid that it won't work out.. and losing him is the most painful thing...

    Same stories, anyone?

    depende yan sa tao. pero i personally think that it's a gamble to risk your friendship into something more kase kung dati wala siya masyado pinagbabawal sa'**, na pede ka makisama sa mga ibang guy friends niyo - ngayon hindi na masyado because you both have the commitment and the understanding na.
  • blue_tracerblue_tracer PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    friends to lovers.. puwede siguro..

    hhhmm.. pag hindi pa masyadong malalim friendship ninyo.

    more than friends less than lovers na ba..? hehehe :love:
  • well, the fact that it "evolved into something special" is a sign that you should try to give it a shot. I remember a friend who tried to court me, everytime he called me baby or tried to be romantic I burst out laughing. Needless to say it did not evolved into something special. :lol:

    about fearing that you might lose him someday...

    If you don't risk anything you risk even more. - Erica Jong.

    Good luck :)
  • When you grow old with your husband/wife and all the attractive physical attributes are gone, friendship will be your strongest bond.

    Although there's a risk of losing the friendship if it doesn't work out, it's still worth risking. You have a chance to have a very meaningful relationship with a person you enjoy being with. The rewards greatly outweigh the risk of losing a friend. If your love is true, go for it.

    Also life is not worth living if you never take risks. You'll always be wondering "what if...?" for the rest of your life.
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