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The Best Anime this Season (Summer 2003)

These are the best to get/download this season...

1. Naruto
2. Last Exile
3. Scrapped Princess
4. Wolf's Rain
5. Gad Guard
6. Macross Zero
7. Narue no Sekai
8. One Piece
9. Spiral
10. Stellvia of the Universe
11. Kaze no Yojimbo
12. Gundam Seed
13. Ghost in the Shell: SAC

* Just to keep you updated on the anime to look out for


  • I wanted to leave out Ninja Scroll TV, but I guess purist might like it, for it's eccentricity....eh, wierdness... ha ha ha..

    What else...

    GTO sana, pero tapos na...

    ah, DNAngel pa pala... don't forget to get this one too.
  • Last Exile.... galing :cool: everybody who likes airships and steampunk battles MUST watch this one... think of it as Laputa in steroids
  • wolf's rain

    macross zero (kaso bitin)
  • Gundam Seed hands down, the best anime i've ever seen!!!!

    Next on the list is macross zero.
  • Impressions: New anime.

    D.N.Angel - it's Kaitou-type anime again (KKJ and KST). This time it's not a girl.
    E's Otherwise - rules, period.
    Gad Guard - Cowboy Bebop + Mecha = GONZO sucks.
    Kaleidostar - wanna watch this one, carnival show stuff.
    LastEXILE - this time GONZO rules, totally cool!
    Matantei Loki Ragnarok - detective series, nice and moody.
    Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch! - singing shoujo anime again, wanna watch!
    Narue no Sekai - nice little romantic comedy, alien style like Onegai Teacher.
    Scrapped Princess - didn't watch yet (no plans?)
    Stellvia of the Universe - didn't watch yet (no plans?)
    TEXHNOLYZE - like Lain, but maybe even weirder.
    Ultra Maniac - woohoo! THE shoujo anime of the season, watch it!
  • tagal ko din ndi nakapost dito ah... hehehehe... para sa akin... uhm... ah... Soul Taker pa din! Soul Taker na lang lagi ko napapanood sa bahay eh
  • true_stepperstrue_steppers PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Naruto and One Piece tops my list!

    followed closely by Gundam SEED, wolf's rain, e's, dnangel
  • E's Otherwise' s story telling sucks deep... and the voice acting is piss poor... plus sub par OAV graphics... not to mention a pathetic lead... he he he, out of style na ang mga pathetic leads like shinji, and this kai koudo guy from that series...

    Ang mga in ngayon ay yung walang inuurungan na leads, like Kiba (Wolf's Rain), Luffy (One Piece), Naruto (D'oh), Claude (Last Exile), George K (Kaze no Yojimbo)..etc.. ^_^

    IMHO lang po, pero I'll still collect them...
  • Voice of a Distant Star - not to be missed!
  • anybody here watched konjiki no gash? i think this one's worth mentioning too.... :D
  • i'm only currently watching Naruto. hindi pa ako nakakatry ng bago eh.

    bluemist, so labas na pala UM series? who's subbing it?
  • So far only AnimeJunkies is subbing Ultra Maniac, sana may ibang mag-sub, I want good quality!

    Atsaka AJ is currently under fire from an anime US company, look at this:
  • Bored with the NEW titles :bigyawn:

    I only want the ff:
    DNAngel :newangel:
    Dear Boys (Slam Dunk Interhigh?)

    Spiral's life is too short...oh well :(

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    Hours of laughter and fun = PRICELESS!
  • redwitchredwitch PEx Rookie ⭐
    Matantei Loki Ragnarok - there's a site that hosts 2 chapters of this manga. Meron din palang anime
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