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Why look back?

It's been about 4 years since i last heard from my ex. We separated in a bad way...it turned ugly at some point when he refused to pay loans which he incurred during our relationship and i was left to pay for everything since he dropped me like a hot potato for another girl.
It was then that i told him..."good riddance and i wish i never even knew you."

For 4 years he never once contacted me...until today, when i saw that he viewed my fs profile. He recently got married last october 2008 in civil rites) to his current gf...and i learned they are several months on the way (expecting a baby). So why in heaven's name would he suddenly view my profile? He just got married 3 months ago...

Why would he look back now? :confused:

I know it shouldn't bother me anymore since i am in a new relationship myself but a part of me just can't help wonder why he would suddenly reach out...why would he even care to search for me (im not part of his friends list and i changed all my numbers and ym account)...most importantly why now? :bop:

To be honest, i was really hurt by the callousness by which he treated me when we were breaking up...i never thought someone who would claim to love you very much one day would turn to someone so cruel...it was truly unforgettable.

Now this...now he shows himself...WHY?*peace*


  • Maybe nagpapansin lang, and besides bakit ka nabobother? nagview lang naman sya diba? Siguro naman hindi ka nya in-add sa FS account nya, ignore mo na lang sya, unless gusto mong magpapansin din.
  • di nga dapat mag pa affect pero somehow na apektuhan ako...konti kasi sobrang sama talaga nung experience na yun. i cant claim to have completely forgiven him yet kaya siguro parang na allergy ako nung nakita ko siya sa people who viewed me...parang sumama timpla ng tummy ko...hahahhahaha...adverse reaction talaga.

    thanks...will keep that in mind...
  • Inom ko Kremil-S, hehehe, joke lang. Hayaan mo na sya, tutal me asawa na, hayaan mo yung bago niyang asawa naman ang mabwisit sa kanya, hehehehe... Just be happy na lang.
  • rickymrickym PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    would you believe i even have my ex on 'google alerts'
    we are even on each others ym, but i'm always on invisible.
  • really rickym? why keep her there and i suppose you pick up information of what her current events are?

    hmmmm...curiousity? my question is still why?

    uzi lang ba? hehhehehehe
  • blue_tracerblue_tracer PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    tama.. curiosity lang yun..

    o kaya.. update. :)
  • nash_bedistanash_bedista Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    siya mag kaka-obligasyon na ...

    *** wala pa.. just enjoy and ignore him ...

    nagpapansin lang un... or baka mangungutang lang sguro yun.. joke..
  • ^lolz. may gana pa sya mangutang ha :glee:

    he viewed your fs, so? curious lang yun or just looking for an update.
    if you dont want to be affected in case he would still view you fs, mag-anonymous ka.
  • why bitter? you still love him noh, uuuyyy..:naughty::D
    He got married 3 months ago. I think he just want to reminisce those times when he was still single, when he was still with you. He's leveled up na eh. He cannot go back to being single again unless, divorced. So maybe, namiss niya yung his being single.
    Or baka,in 3 months he realized na, "putchix! Ang hirap pala ng buhay may asawa." So naisip niya, "maalala nga yung buhay single ko, nung hindi ganun kahirap at kabigat ng commitment.":)
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