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2nd Phil.Toys and Collectibles Convention 2003

jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
2nd Phil.Toys and Collectibles Convention 2003


June 21, 2002
SM Megamall Conference Hall A&B,
5th level Bldg. B
Manila, Philippines

organized by :
Collectibles Unlimited

raffles and bargains
figure customizing contest
artist caricatures
henna tattoo
vintage cartoons
and more.....

Collectibles Unlimited: The 2nd Philippine Toys and Collectibles Convention 2003 will retain the high points of
the first convention held last year.

These include the country's top merchants of toys and collector's items, celebrity collectors' prized items on
display, auctions, raffles and trivia contests.

In addition, this year' convention will include fun activities for the true toy aficionados like toy customizing,
diorama, and scale modeling, action figure designing, a comic-artist appearance, book signing and caricature booth,
henna tattooing and film showing

IF you want to be an exhibitor and participant for the toycon
email us at [email protected]

message brought to you by :

Omake Omake News Philippines
your leading Anime and Alternative news maker in the Philippines


  • totoo bang may modelkit contest dyan? o kaya action figure customization?

    Info please
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    yup may contest nga

    wait nyo lang yung info

    post ko na lang dito

    or dun sa mga interested na sumali sa contest
    email me para ma email ko agad yung rules..

    email me at [email protected]


  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    entrance fee - P20 only
  • wow! ok yan! P20 lang entrance! ":)_

    sige antay namin updates. ":)_
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    2nd Toys and Collectibles Convention 2003
    SM Megamall Conference Hall A & B
    June 21, 2003

    Action Figure Customization and Diorama Contest

    Contest Mechanics

    1. This contest is open to all individuals from 10 years old up.
    2. Contestants should register their entries before display. Pre-registration is done at BT Hobby Craft, 80 Blue Lane, Shoppesville Bargain Center, Greenhills, San Juan. Deadline for registration is at
    12 noon of June 21 at the Megamall Conference Room A.
    3. There are three (3) major categories for the contest. Each entry upon
    registration is assigned a category and will be judged according to the criteria of the category it belongs to.

    Category A – Customized Action Figure 3 ¾ - 8 inches
    Category B – Customized Action Figure 8 inches and above
    Category C – Diorama / Combined Entry / Action Scene
    4. Each entry shall be pre-screened before allowed entry into competition. Entries should comply with the following qualifications:
    a. Should not exhibit or contain obscene or lewd imagery, materials or paraphernalia
    b. Should be a completely original entry, that is, no duplication of an existing commercially produced action figure or diorama scene
    c. If entry is a model kit, significant modification and alteration of parts is required to be allowed entry (allowed only upon discretion of organizers)
    d. Entries should be properly labeled with the following information: Title, Name of Creator, Entry Description
    e. No expensive, valuable, flammable, toxic or otherwise offensive material used for construction
    5. The organizers will take great care and provide security for the exhibit area, but is not responsible for any loss or damage done to the entry. In this regard, great care should be considered in the construction of the items. Glass case or any protection for the additional security of the item is allowable.
    6. Deadline for submission of entries is on June 21, 2003 at 12’o clock noon. All items are to be claimed on June 21, 9 Pm or will remain the property of the organizers.
    7. Criteria for judging will be the following:

    Construction and Detail - 30%
    Accuracy - 20%
    Paint Job - 20%
    Overall Appearance - 20%
    Originality - 10%
    8. Minimum number of entries for each category is six (6). If there is no sufficient number of entries for any particular category, that category will be closed
    9. Prizes will go to the following:

    Category A, B, C – 1st - Trophy
    2nd - Certificate
    3rd - Certificate
    Each 1st prize winner will receive a 20% discount card to BT Hobby Craft Store in Shoppesville, Greenhills

    There will be a special award given to the Best in Show, that is, any one particular entry that is judged to be the best over-all entry in the show. The chosen entry will be awarded with a round trip ticket to Cebu courtesy of PAL.

    10. All contestants are subject to these contest rules with no exception and any queries regarding these rules are to be aired before the judging of the entries or results will be regarded as final.
  • vprojectvproject PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Hmmm...bakit parang biased yata against model kits yung rules?

    Just my 2 cents ;)
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    na realize kasi ng mga organizers na marami class pala ang model kits,

    may aircraft and vehicle, mecha, vinyl, porcelain, plastic kits....
    kaya medyo madami category.

    kaya ganyan na lang yugn ginawa .

    pero pwde isali naman sa diorama

  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    activities and program of events will be posted here this coming week. .


  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐

    here are the Guest Comic Artists that I invited to join in my Hobbyzone Booth !

    Gerry Alanguilan- Komikero, Wasted, Superman Birthright, Stone
    Lyndon Gregorio - Beerkada, Stricken
    Ariel Atienza - Class, POParazzi, West Side
    Ryan Orosco - Darna, Stricken
    Wilson Tortosa - Battle of the Planet, banzai Girl
    Carlo Pagulayan - Elektra, He-man (TrapJaw)
    Eugene Perez - CEO Glasshouse Graphics Asia
    Dennis Crisostomo - Indie artist, He-man (TrapJaw)
    Jaclyn Lim - Comic Artist
    John Velasco - Indie Comic Artist-Illustrator
    ARtists' Den
    Omake Omake News Philippines
    Blitzworx Comic Entertainment
    Ground Zero Comic
    Roy Arman Canlas -Myths and Legends, Armor Troopers, Txtmen
    Jomike Tejido - Mikrokosmos
    Joanah Rose Tinio- CResci Prophecies
    I.M. Nut - D-koi Junkie
    also Carl Vergara of Zsa Zsa Zaturnah might join us in the booth

    Culture Crash Comics will be there also, they have their own booth !
    they might release Issue 11
    wohohohoho !

    because of my time is limited, I failed to invite and contact one Foreign Comic and Animation Studio.
    maybe next event we will try to invite them here.


    Diorama and Customize Figure Contest
    STORMBALLS Dance Performance
    Comic Artists Signing, Appearance, Sketching, and Caricatures
    Raffle Contest
    Game Demos
    Individual Booth Activities
    and Jay will be having a Henna Tattoo session

    there are no Cosplay Contest , but Cosplayer are welcome to hang out in our event.
    We might give special prize for lucky spotted Cosplayer....

  • Collectibles Unlimited has a shop in Manila right?
    may i know their contact no. coz i want to inquire some toys..
    btw, what time does the convention start?
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    Collectibles Unlimited is the organizer of the event

    compose of top collectors in the philippines

    BT hobby shop - viramall
    hobby shop - shangri la
    hobbyzone - siera madre st. mandaluyong

  • Asteeg! *okay*
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    still in hyper mode !

    astig yung event !

    going once.....

    going twice.....

    item sold !

    (hirap pala maging host at magpa auction sa event)

  • Pasado-4 am na gising ka pa? Whoaaaaa... :D
  • ang liit sobra ng place. Parang mga sardinas kmi. I hope next time mas malaki na ang venue at sana may booth na ngbebenta ng toys na more of girl's side. Ksi halos lahat panglalaki ang binebenta. Pero over all, ok nmn. I have the opportunity to watch the star wars dance. It's cute.;)
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐

    oh man!


    ahehhahahhaah !

    last time kasi may Barbie collectors...kaso bigla nawala

    we will include some girlie stuffs next convention

  • uu nga. maliit nga yung place. kasi sa mga exhibitors, guest, exhibitors alalays and barkada eh puno na yung lugar. ahiahihaia...

    anyways, masaya naman eh. dami toys kaya lang konti pera ko.

    pero may nabili ako.... ...mga plato (yes, plates). ahiahiha.. ":)_

    abangan ko na lang yung susunod and sana nga mas maluwag.

    good luck and more power. ":)_
  • happosaihapposai PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by Hentai_Yin_Moko
    uu nga. maliit nga yung place. kasi sa mga exhibitors, guest, exhibitors alalays and barkada eh puno na yung lugar. ahiahihaia...

    anyways, masaya naman eh. dami toys kaya lang konti pera ko.

    pero may nabili ako.... ...mga plato (yes, plates). ahiahiha.. ":)_

    abangan ko na lang yung susunod and sana nga mas maluwag.

    good luck and more power. ":)_

    Yes!! Mas Maluwag at mas maraming plato at platito... hehehehe...
  • this is a totally off topic question buuut, will there be an anime or jmusic convention here in the philippines soon? o.o
  • jeazjeaz PEx Rookie ⭐
    we have lots of events coming your way !!!

    also check out the mos eisley night !!
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