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Is Their Anyone Here Who Is An Employee Of Abs-cbn Or Gma???

tanong lang..........coz napansin ko na some people here are either really obssesed fanatics or r simply employed by the company to argue about the smallest comment anyone makes about each anyone?


  • bluechipsbluechips Member PExer
    pansin ko nga..

    ...tapos kapag may comment ka about a certain station or a certain personality of that station...kahit constructive yung criticism mo...aawayin ka. Hindi lang pala away...minumura ka...

    ...kung ganyan ang ugali ng mga tao na nagtratrabaho la local TV stations...kawawa naman ang TV industry natin... at saka, cable channels na lang ang papanoorin ko.
  • fr34kfr34k Banned by Admin PExer
    not to mention, if you diss a TV station...say, GMA...they'll assume maka-ABS ka (and vice versa)...ano 'to sabong?
  • JC00JC00 Member PExer
    both networks suck.
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