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For bands, musicians, and Pinoy music lovers!! Musikko.com is the first music directory of Fil artists, establishments and organizations, dedicated to promoting local music and fostering a community of music enthusiasts supporting the Philippine music industry.
Individuals or groups can register as a band or company and be featured in our listings, or sign up as an individual Musikko member - band members, music video directors, event groups, choreographers, tattoo artists, graphic designers, etc. and interact in a network of organized creative communities! Visit Musikko.com. Music News, Events, Gigs, Reviews, Articles, Shoutouts, and more!! Join the fun! Sign-up. :)


  • Thanks for the info. I've seen this site (www.Musikko.com) before and it really rocks! The best part is the gig/events info I get from that site. It helps getting updated with the local scene even if I don't get to go out much these days. Hahaha! :D
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