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working at summit publishing

sarinsarin motivational sleeper PExer
hey guys, i just want to know something about summit publishing. i recently received a job offer from one of their magazines called YES!. okay ba magtrabaho dito?


  • sarinsarin motivational sleeper PExer
    btw, summit's also behind FHM, seventeen, candy, etc.
  • ohmyohmy downloading.. PExer
    if not mistaken, they have the most titles..

    based from several visits.. almost 90% are female staffers :D

    i think they will be moving to their new office pretty soon, so useless to comment about working environment :p

    as for YES! if you like showbiz and chikahan.. am sure you will enjoy working for the magazine :)

    were you with other magazines before? or is this going to be your first job?
  • sarinsarin motivational sleeper PExer
    no, i haven't worked for magazines before, only local or in-house newsletters. and no, this isn't going to be my first job either, but it will be my first job related to publishing.

    by the way, do they pay well? :deal: :lol:
  • sweet_7326sweet_7326 Member PExer
    ndi ba jg summit company sila?

    you can check this website -
  • Yes, Summit Publishing / Summit Interactive are part of or affiliated with the JG Summit (Gokongwei) conglomerate. I believe Lisa Gokongwei heads Summit Publishing.
  • sarinsarin motivational sleeper PExer
    gokongwei? thanks for information. that helped a lot.

    anything else anybody would like to add? i'd really like to know more about the company/magazine. i already went to the website and checked it out. okay naman.
  • kireigonjinkireigonjin ano yan? ano yan? ano yan? PExer
    I've read one issue of Yes and I liked it because it featured the interiors of the houses of celebrities like Christopher de Leon, Mel Tiangco, Che Che Lazaro, and other reputable personalities. The articles do not really delve on rumors. They discussed more on the interior design of the houses and a little background about the home owner, of course. And mind you, the background are the interesting ones; not the ones we read from tabloids. The overall theme was tastefully done.

    As for Summit Publishing, well, I can only go as far as saying that I have a friend who is a contributing writer in Good Housekeeping. She seems happy about her job and does not complain or air gripes about the company and her boss (Robina Gokongwei herself).

    In my opinion, since it's going to be your first publishing-related job, Summit will give you good training. Good luck!
  • sarinsarin motivational sleeper PExer
    thank you so much. that one helped a lot. personally, i was worried that i'd work for a showbiz magazine that was, well, you know ;)...the usual stuff that you see.

    thanks again. it's really very encouraging.

    anything else anyone?
  • Bea19Bea19 Member PExer
    Uy gusto ko nga dyan mag work e. Mahilig ako sa showbiz atska hindi baduy yung mag nila. Ano work mo dun at pano ka mag apply? Help me naman oh. Fresh Mascom Grad kse ako.
  • sarinsarin motivational sleeper PExer
    replied to you via PM, Bea19. good luck :)
  • Bea19Bea19 Member PExer
    Gusto ko nga sa Summit kaya lang Mandaluyong pa e. :(
  • payaSopayaSo Amuyong PExer
    Originally posted by sarin
    by the way, do they pay well? :deal: :lol:

    I thought they made you an offer. Didn't they mention the salary?
  • ms_GELLIdeBELENms_GELLIdeBELEN regine-slapper PExer
  • I heard they were also looking looking for a JUNIOR ACCOUNT EXEC. to handle advertising requirements of client's.
  • sarinsarin motivational sleeper PExer
    Originally posted by payaSo

    I thought they made you an offer. Didn't they mention the salary?

    we haven't reached that stage yet.
  • Bea19Bea19 Member PExer
    Sana matanggap ka dyan!!! Ang mga kilala ko kse sa PREVIEW sila work under din sa Summit Publishing.
  • sarinsarin motivational sleeper PExer
    thanks, Bea19. i hope so too.
  • mai_1mai_1 IloveBono PExer
    i'm proud to say na the company where i work for prints and manufactures Summit's magazines. :)
  • Bea19Bea19 Member PExer
    ei mai, baka may opening sa company mo ha!hehhe
  • BruceLeeBruceLee Member PExer
    ey der mai! sent you PVT msg re: inboxcash. my name is troy. read your threads here in PEx e.

    my email is : [email protected]

    tx ! ;)

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