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Film School in Cebu: The Real Deal

With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment located in Cebu, Philippines,the International Academy of Film and Television offers a globally competitive education to aspiring filmmakers.

Its website is at These are their press photographs.

The Real Deal:


1.) RED Digital Cinema Inc. has delivered the first of a total of five RED Cameras to the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT), Asia's Premier Film School, making it the first film school in Asia to incorporate the vastly publicized new generation of cameras.

The Real Deal : Red Camera. $20,000. Wow. For students? Nah. It is for the own use of Bigfoot Entertainment, their parent company. However, they claim that it will be for the use of the students enrolled in their never-been-tested, ultra expensive TWO YEAR program.


2.) Located in the heart of Asia on Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines, this tropical waterfront campus houses state-of-the-art facilities for filming and post production.

The Real Deal: Poorly photoshopped picture. The beach right in front is fake. In fairness, it has some water in front of the school.


3.) Nice exterior.

The Real Deal: I agree, but can't they do better Photoshop for God's sake? Come on, it's a film school website, not a crappy carenderia ad?


4.) Equipment.

The Real Deal: The tracks aren't for the school's use. Why use that in the press photos? Students have to literally beg or pay to use those equipment.


5.) Soundstage.

The Real Deal: Again, not for student's use. Why the hell would they incorporate these images in the film school's website? That person should be fired.


6.) Dolby Mix Theater.

The Real Deal: Students NEVER get the chance to mix in this theater. The hell, the only time students get in is their first day tour. And graduation.


7.) Film Set

The Real Deal: Students don't have that elaborate film set. The Moviebird 24 in display is for Bigfoot Entertainment AND NOT the International Academy of Film and Television.


  • really? wow. And to think I was really impressed when I saw their site. Well, thanks for the info. I knew it was too good to be true. :) Oh well, every school has its flaws. :)
  • letsrockandroll
    letsrockandroll Pexer since '05
    nakita ko ito on my way to the lapu-lapu shrine. andito kasi ako sa cebu. and yes! mukhang maganda nga ang school na ito. yung friend ko who is a graduate of DLSU-M (course niya ata, Org Com) gusto magaral dito. pero kumusta naman ang tuition fee!! :wow:
  • I was planning pa naman to study there after ko matapos tong Digital Illustration & Animation Course sa Adnu, para di malayo sa family, sayang naman sa VFS na nga lang talaga.
  • Hi,
    I work at IAFT Cebu and came across this post. I won't comment on such an old post but IAFT was chosen as one of the best film schools in the world by the Hollywood Reporter 2 years after the original post.

    So if you are interested in becoming a filmmaker, actor or 3D animator please come see the school for yourself and make your own judgements. I will personally take you around the school and if you come to one of our open houses you can sit in on all of our classes.

    If you can't make it to the school check out the correct website here and/or visit our Facebook page here

    PM me here if you need any more info,
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