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  • :walkman2: Once upon a December (from Anastasia Movie Soundtrack)

    I voted na!!! *okay*
  • ponticello wrote: »
    sa multiply na lang!!!

    pero kung wala talaga, pwede pa rin sa youtube basta ibahin yung title ng video.. yung hindi related sa crush para hindi nila ma track. *okay*

    :rotflmao: haha! diyan natin makikita ang galing ng jive and ng youtube....:naughty:
  • Wala pa bang word kung kelan magpi-premiere sa MYX/MTV ang Crush?
  • The Power of the Archuleta


    I command you to give us light!!!!!


    And there was light.


    Ang galing! haaha!
  • bye joe.....

    dear david palang ako ahaha!hmmmmm.....

    dear david,
  • brb....ligo muna ko hehe...
  • jinpart2 wrote: »
    Wala pa bang word kung kelan magpi-premiere sa MYX/MTV ang Crush?

    wala pa akong nakikitang balita o kahit sa myx premiere :bop:
  • oo nga! naiinip na ko. gusto ko na siyang makita sa tv!!!

    bukas na ang ford mini concert!!!

    may gagawin daw na ika-susurpresa ng mga audience. :)

    (could it be singing crush in public for the first time?) :love:
  • @ponticello: bukas as in sa atin?

    Crush Live! GOSH!!! :love: and some new songs sana! PLEASE! kahit isa lang! haha!
  • waaah! sana may makapagrecord nung sa ford tomorrow! :bounce:
    i miss seeing him on tv! :(
  • New Songssssssssssssssssssss! :bop: Dali!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
  • @ponticello: bukas as in sa atin?

    Crush Live! GOSH!!! :love: and some new songs sana! PLEASE! kahit isa lang! haha!

    sa US pa lang ata siya.

    oo nga, sana may bagong kanta!!!

    I'm sure marami namang archangels ang gagawa ng coverage nun!!!

    calling rickey... :lol:
  • ang bagal ng FOD! :bop:
  • Gosh! nasa office ako niyan! :lol:

    May live coverage kaya si Rickey? :lol: hindi ko naman mapapakinggan pero ok lang...:lol:

    looking forward sa evening! haha! for sure madaming uploads yan!

    Live performance of CRUSH!!! ahhh!!!! :love:
  • mga demanding new songs na! at may dali pa! haha :lol:
  • shennette425shennette425 PEx Rookie ⭐
    sorry nadc ako.. :mecry:

    ndi n ako gagawa ng letter/note... ndi ako magaling sa words eh...
  • -PART ONE-

    Please add your thank you message for David!:)


    [highlight]Thank You David for being kind and appreciative to all your Fans.You are indeed, A TRUE ANGEL... [/highlight]


    Dear David,

    THANK YOU so much for bringing music back to my life :heartpump:

    God Bless You, My Angel of Music!



    Dear David,

    thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing. haha (sounds familiar?)

    Philippines loves you. Take care.

    -Cheche_3d =D


    Hey David! :wave:

    You've been a great inpspiration to a lot of people. Now it's time to thank you!

    David, your music has been a great part of our lives. Your music inspires and teaches. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful gift.

    Your personality and attitude continue to lift our spirits. You keep us happy and hopeful. And, that we as individuals should keep livin' life!

    Your heart brings out the inner good in us. That we should care not only for ourselves but also for others. Seek beauty and not destruction. Seek life and not death. Know what is right and not what's wrong. Do something for the better and not for the worse.

    Most of all, thank you David for being who you are. *okay*

    -Pet :)


    Dearest David,

    [highlight]Hello! You are so blessed because of everything that you are right now. The best part about all these is that we have become blessed too because you are sharing everything that you have to us!

    You have no idea how you have moved and inspired each and everyone of us. I, personally have become a better person because of you

    Thanks so much David! Thanks for loving us and being a good role model to all of us. So when times seem to bring out the worst in us, we just thing and ask WWDD "What Would David Do?" And so, we just smile and pray really hard.

    take care of yourself! Many people love you! The Philippines is waiting for you!!! [/highlight]



    "Not what we give,
    But what we share,
    For the gift
    without the giver
    Is bare."

    Thank you for sharing your gift of music. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom. Your kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.


    David is my HOMEBOY!

    Represent Philippines,

    Joe Patrick (jollyoldfella)
  • Dali Gusto Ko Ng New Songs By David Archuleta! Hoy Jive!!!!!!!!!!!
  • -PART TWO-

    Hello there David!

    Thank you soooo much for defining quality music. You've been my unlimited source of inspiration and you've brought
    happiness back in my life.
    Continue inspiring other people by singing. I wish you all the best!. :)

    I hope you come here in the Philippines!
    Mahal na mahal ka namin David! We love you very much David!



    hi David honey,

    yep! this is your mom4david or filmom or rita... this site is where i'm usually at... great guys these archietects!! and i got to meet them because of you!!!

    coz that is what you do... bring people together and let them express themselves and connect on a positive emotional level!

    your musical talent is unique because of the EFFECT it has on people. it makes us happy, peaceful and gives us the strength to be better persons.

    how you face life is an inspiration. they diss your dad and in your family's quiet way, you show them the truth. you lost AI but you were positive all the way. a lot of haters have come out but you work hard at your craft and prove time and time again that you are great because you really love music!

    but sometimes i wonder if all our adoration has put too much pressure on you. we just want to tell you that we really do love you son and that yes... you can make mistakes sometimes but the love will linger and it will be your rock...

    the best thing i love about you though is this... i know that if you lose all the fame and glory from your career at anytime, you will still come out of this life a winner... because that is what you are... you have your faith, your family, your real friends and your loyal angels like me forever and you KNOW who and what YOU are... and you KNOW that these are the most important things in life.

    thank you for granting all my requests son... i've said this to you before and i say it again.... ENJOY LIFE SON!! MILK IT TO ITS FULLEST AND SWEETEST!! GREAT THINGS HAPPEN TO GREAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!


    David, :spinstar:

    You may never understand how much you have changed our lives. But believe me, you really do inspire a lot of people.

    I've gained a lot of things because of you.. you revived my love for music, I become more optimistic, I learned to smile more, I met friends, and I became a better person.

    This is all because of your great example for everyone! You are one amazing person! I will never forget you! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

    We can't wait for you to visit us here in the Philippines, so we can express our gratitude for you in person!

    Always take care and remember that a lot of people are praying for you! :angel:

    :spinstar: -Jennielyn


    hi David!

    Thank you for bringing so much joy in our lives! You are indeed an Angel from heaven! You have the gift of music and we all thank you for sharing it with us!

    I thank God for that day i met and saw you this year during Idol Tour here in Tampa. It was fleeting and surreal but at the same time so real and will forever be part of me.

    But David, you have to come to Philippines soon because we love you so much!



    Hola David!

    Como estas nuestro Superstar!? Espero que tu familia y tu esteis muy bien siempre.Hablo muy poquito Espa?ol por eso escribire esta carta en Ingles despues de agradecerte. Me gustaria agradecer a ti por tu regalo precioso a mi - tu musica. Muchisimas gracias David ! Yo agradezco a Dios por ti y tu musica cada dia.

    Whew!I think ive already exhausted my very limited spanish vocabs so ill switch to English now. I hope you were able to understand what i just wrote Anyway, if not, ill just thank you again for everything - for sharing your amazing music with us, for being such an inspiration and wonderful example to so many people around the world and for just being your amazing self. I hope ill get a chance one day (very soon i hope) to thank you personally for bringing so much happiness into so many people's lives including mine. You and your beautiful music have brought so many people together all over the world. I have met a lot of wonderful and loving people from different countries because of you and your music. And I can never thank you enough for that.

    Muchisimas gracias de nuevo David! Please know that you and your family are always in my prayers. I really am praying that all of your dreams come true because you truly deserve nothing less.

    Te queremos muchisimo here in the Philippines! We really really really hope you'll come here soon for a concert(s).

    Louise (lettucegirl)

    Dear David,

    Thank you for sharing your passion in music with us. You made a lot of people happy. It feels so glad that you are improving in your craft and you are staying so humble still.

    There is nothing more I can say.

    Take care always!



    Aside from making me love music more, you also inspired me to be a better person and to have a positive outlook in life.

    I've never idolized someone this much but you are so deserving to be idolized.

    Thank you for the inspiration and for the music.



    You have never failed to inspire me and make me smile. You deserve every blessing you have right now. Thank you for sharing the music and the love.

    I have waited for my hero, he did rescued, but not with a cape and a sword, instead he came with wings.

    Im thankful you came. God bless you my angel.



    Dear david,

    Its purely excitement and pleasure watching you on t.v, honey! Blessed are the people who have known you and your music. I personally thank you for giving me back the glow in my life! You are my precious gem that I don't need to pawn on my darkest days.I will keep and treasure you no matter what....Give the world the songs it really deserves, David! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! MUAH MUAH!

    Your Hero,
  • feeshda wrote: »
    mga demanding new songs na! at may dali pa! haha :lol:
    jinpart2 wrote: »
    New Songssssssssssssssssssss! :bop: Dali!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:
    jinpart2 wrote: »
    Dali Gusto Ko Ng New Songs By David Archuleta! Hoy Jive!!!!!!!!!!!

    :rotflmao: Excited e! Syempre!

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