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What do you think of legalising marijuana?

Do you think marijuana should be legalised in our country as in some places in Europe like Amsterdam?


  • Just roll-up some dried "pito-pito" leaves .

    Naka tsongkee ka na, nalinis pa ang baga mo....hehehe.
  • If the government allows this, they should make sure that there is responsible use by adults and at the same time regulate the market. There has been reports reaffirming that marijuana does have medical value. Infact it has been used to alleviate symptoms of cancer, AIDS, glaucoma etc. There should be a more comprehensive study about this before actions are made. But personally, I think it should be legalized! :) In the words of Bob Marley: "Herb is the healing of all nations" :)
  • The fact that it is illegal in most countries mean that it has probably more bad than good effects to society. So why legalize?
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Why legalize? Because it is used in the medical profession as treatment for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomitting, and it also helps ease chronic pain. It's physically non-addicting. In the US it is a controlled substance, but it is legal. In European countries, it is legal to use marijuana in designated places.
  • whats next..shabu, cocaine? why open pandora's box
  • Ira, alcohol is the controlled substance not marijuana.

    I remember what my old LAW101 professor said,

    "Do you know why marijuana and shabu are illegal here in the Philippines......because they don't have tax!".

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  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    Shaider, marijuana is a legal, controlled substance in the US. They are prescribed by doctors there. It's been legalized since 1996, and is filed as Proposition 215 (Medical use of marijuana, inititiative statute). It exempts patients and their caregivers who possess or cultivate marijuana for medical treatment recommended by a physician from criminal laws which otherwise prohibit possession or cultivation of marijuana. It also allows physicians to prescribe it. Ask your old Law 101 professor about it.

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  • Sorry Ira for not making myself clear. The practice of using marijuana as treatment is only legal in three States, as for the rest, it's still illegal.
  • As far as the experience of my friends goes, marijuana can be a really fun experience...but it can also lead to something worse. It's a gateway drug...and can lead to other, more exciting 'experiments' with speed, ecstasy and heroin...

    Ira, in my opinion, marijuana for medical use may be okay, just like morphine was used for deadening pain. But I don't know if it's possible to limit the use of marijuana to small increments, and prescribable only by certain doctors.

    As for the general use of marijuana by the public...I'm not for it.
  • IraIra PEx Rookie ⭐
    As it is now, with marijuana being illegal, its use is still widespread, because of undetected farms up in the Cordilleras/Baguio area. Its use has been proven to be beneficial to cancer and pain patients, so why just not use it? Legalising it would not in any way make its use more widespread than it is now. Control is implementable, I think. Sale and dispensing can be controlled by putting marijuana under the list of medications that are dispensed under what doctors call "yellow forms", a very strict way of regulating drugs like morphine. Not all doctors can get these yellow forms, even if they have an S2 license (permit to dispense regulated drugs). It requires that you get forms with serial numbers from the Dangerous Drugs Board, and is very, very traceable. If someone wants to use marijuana, it would probably be easier for him to just get it illegally, rather than going to the doctor.
  • Marijuana remains to be illegal in California.

    But i stand on the belief that marijuana should be legalized as a prescription drug. There really is no scare behind the use of marijuana, those who do not toally understand the benefits of it are the ones who are skeptical.
    Marijuana, as far as i know, has not directly caused anyone's death.

    Decades ago, marijuana was made illegal because nobody understood back then why smoking marijuana made people feel and act the way they did. Today, marijuana is illegal because research show that it has some intoxicating effects. Such as hallucinations, anxiety, depression, extreme variability of moods, paranoi and schizophrenia which lasts as long as six hours!
    These are just some of the negative effects of marijuana, but hey, there are some legal drugs out there that are just as bad. Right?

    Alcohol, for instance has many of the same side effects of marijuana. Alcohol buffers the Central Nervous System and yet a minor can easily access it through the convinient store across the street.

    Marijuana should be taken seriously for its medical value. When people hear of "legalization of marijuana" they only think of people smoking it for a "high" and not for its medicinal purposes.

    People should not smoke marijuana for recreational purposes. It should be accessed only by those people whose last alternative to relief is marijuana. Prescription drugs are not to be taken unless prescribed by doctors, so as an effect, we are not legalizing a drug, only introducing a new weapon to combat ailments.

    Hostility towards marijuana results only from ignorance of its medicinal value.

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  • we all know marijuana has some cool effects, but it also kills your brain cells. why legalize marijuana when we like doing things which are illegal. MAS MASARAP ATANG GAWIN ANG BAWAL!!!
  • tripper

    Would you please elaborate further in your claims that marijuana kills brain cells?

    Which medical research or scientific study has proven this claim? Would you please post your reference?

    I need to know more about this information you have stated.

  • Cannabanoids are receptors in the human body. You are referring to the
    active substance in marijuana, THC (tetrahydrocannabanol), which ACTIVATES
    the cannabanoid receptor. The natural substance our brain releases to
    produce the same function is anandamide.

    Anandamide is used to cause amnesia in selective short term memory.
    Obviously, prolonged use of marijuana will cause the most damage by causing
    memory loss.

    THC does NOT stay in your body forever. It is stored in your fat, and
    therefore will eventually burn away... this is provided you actually

    The overusage of an substance is unhealthy.
    THC is medically proven to help those who suffer from problems with

    Something to ponder:
    People who drink alcohol at a moderate level, as in, a beer a day or a
    glass of red wine a day, etc.. tend to live healthier and longer than those
    who drink heavily AND those who abstain completely.
  • hey java dizon maybe it would be more helpful if u surf more information about marijuana or read some books about it to know more about it's use. have u heard of someone induced to marijuana who commited a crime like killing someone? or stealing money just to get marijuana.. shabu and marijuana are not alike. they are very different from each other marijuana is pure natural without preservatives while this shabu thing is the one full of chemical substances which harm ur body. and to you "jack" marijuana is not a part of ur so-called pandora's box maybe u lack the knowledge to its benefits maybe u need to study more maybe u need to be lectured more.
    (watch before u speak, look before u leap) lack of knowledge can harm u it can even kill u
  • i think it should be legalized but to a certain extent, like medicinal purposes.
    the reason why they legalize it in some european countries like switzerland is to lower the crime rates. They give the drugs to you for free if your a registerd addict so you dont have to steal to support your bisyo. it worked for them but i dont think it'll work for us
  • legalize it. it could help our country's economy by exporting it to another country. i still remember that our herbs made it to the top 5 as one of the best herbs.
  • Facts on Marijuana :

    1. Cannabis and Hemp are the same.
    2. "Marijuana" was the Mexican name given to cannabis.
    3. In 1988 the DEA's own administrative law judge concluded that "marijuana" is one of the safest, therapeutical active substances known to man.
    4. More than 400,000 Americans are arrested each year on marijuana charges.
    5. More than 400,000 Americans die from diseases related to cigarette smoking each year. More than 150,000 die of alcohol abuse yearly. BUT...


    I'd like to re-iterate though that the abuse of any substance is unhealthy.

    Ilagay niyo lang sa lugar ha?

  • .................ROLL A JOINT, PUT ON SOME STONER ROCK...RELAX AND GET HIGH N' DRY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I had an interesting informal debate on this topic with a friend of mine from law school. She said that marijuana should not be legalized because the government still has a chance to keep it from public consumption -- unlike similar "vices" such as alcohol and tobacco, which are already in the public realm and are near-impossible to revoke from consumption.

    I argued that she shouldn't prove the legality or illegality of marijuana from the fact that it used to be illegal. You have to tackle the issue like it's an entirely new substance, and as such, the decision to allow the public to use this substance rests on its own merits (or lack thereof).

    If medical science tells us that it creates an altered state of consciousness (as alcohol does to me most weekends), what keeps us from barring marijuana and keeping alcohol? Isn't that discrimination against a single product?

    Yun lang. It really is simply a medical question that needs to be conclusively answered by members of that community. If it is proven to be harmful, then by all means throw it out the window. If it exhibits the same properties as alcohol and/or tobacco, I don't see why it should remain illegal.
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