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International flights (MNL-BKK/HAN) via Cebu Pacific?

Though it's not anytime too soon we're thinking about going to Hanoi (MANILA-HANOI) and then after a few other stops, back via BANGKOK-MANILA. Our first option is Cebu Pacific obviously because of the affordable fares.

I was looking around online and read several reviews like these, particularly about international flights/BKK-MNL or MNL-BKK route and it's a little worrying:


What do you think? Has anyone here flown any of the two routes on Cebu Pacific? Any comments/reviews? :confused:


  • Read "Airliners of the world II" thread or Cebu Pacific VS. "Philippine Airlines" to get more reviews.

    IMO, if you are really in a budget, then 5J is your best option. BUT do NOT expect the following:
    1. food
    2. business class
    3. arrival on time
    4. less hassles

    Well I never really took Cebu Pacific overseas, PAL ako lagi. So just read the reviews on the other thread.
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