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What's the best and safest sleeping medicines?

hey pexers, lalo na sa mga insomniac.

what is the best sleeping meds? can't sleep na naman eh. :whatthe:

i tried every suggestions available except sleeping pills.

meron bang side effects ang SP? lalo na sa first time users? pexer doctors please advice.

yawn.....sakit na ulo, maga pa mata ko...:(


  • BabyFATS
    BabyFATS Every Body's Buddy
    I'm not sure but maybe you should ask this sa What's Up Doc forum.

    Anyway, there's a brand - Unisom - na over the counter.
    I haven't really tried it though so I don't know how well it works. :)
  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Batang Uliran will be in a better position to answer this.

    Clarification: Unisom, although initially marketed as an over-the-counter sleeping pill, has been reclassified. You cannot purchase this anymore without a doctor's prescription and DDB license.
  • Wicca
    Wicca Tinka, Tinka, Tee!
    i don't know if i'm in the right thread. anyway...

    batang uliran & Ira I've been taking Stilnox for about 6 months now (I've been an insomniac since a kid!) I take it 3 times a week or so, most of the time less pa nga. As much as possible I just take half the pill and if I still can't sleep, I take the other half too (only a couple of times). Without the pill, I sleep at 3, earliest. Yesterday I was out the entire day and I expected it would be easier for me to fall asleep since I was tired but I couldn't so I took half a pill (after 2 days of not taking it) and I dozed off but I woke up at 4am and I'm wide awake till now. Also, I havn't been sleeping well lately (I always wake up feeling tired). What do you think?
  • batang uliran
    batang uliran Administrator
    Sleeping pills are never meant to be the primary management for insomnia - at best they are an aid as one waits for the behavioral interventions to take effect (I think I've discussed many of these measures in earlier threads). Stilnox - or Ambien (Zolpidem is the generic name) is one of the newer and safer pills to take - other safe alternatives include Zaleplon (Sonata is the brand name here in the US) and good old benadryl. Taking half a pill at a time (if it does the job) and only when you really need it is definitely advisable. Ideally, you should be seeing a sleep specialist to discuss other things you can do to minimize your insomnia.
  • maxinegirl
    maxinegirl Go For It
    is Stilnox addictive? i know someone who takes it on a regular basis and am afraid that she might become dependent on the drug.

    *slightly off-topic: is Valium addictive / habit forming?
  • is dramamine available locally? are there any similar drugs? thanks.
  • best and safest?

    DIPHENHYDRAMINE HCL (generic) :)
  • Theia
    Theia Just one beat away
    I'm taking Dormicum now. But it's not OTC, my mom gives me the prescription for it.
  • vp18
    vp18 Member
    Sleeping pills like Stilnox....... are meant for short term intake lang daw kasi any sleeping pill will make you dependent on it and or after some time , you will need to increase dosage to have the same effect.

    I was taking surmontil (trimipramine) as a sleep aid for 3 yrs taking 1/2 tablet to get 7 hrs sleep. Ive been without medication for nearly 3 months na. I drink milk before going to bed and I get 4 to 5 hrs of sleep .Tapos nagigigsing ako and then get another 1 to 1 1/2 hrs of sleep( parang light sleep coz daming dream itong 2nd sleep ko) I do feel a bit tired in the morning. groogy . Funny thing though is that pagdating ng hapon nababawasan or none at all (as if I got a full rest)

    Im trying to get my needed 7 hrs a day sleep without the medicine. Dont know how long Ill keep on trying. Yes taking the medication again would easily give me my 7 hrs BUT as much as possible I dont like to take any medication for a long time ( yrs , decades......) dahil takot ako sa side effects. When I stopped medication 3 months ago I needed 2 months to get my digestive system to get back to normal as in marami akong saliva na dura ng dura when I eat a balanced diet with vegetables and milk. Kailangan rice and protein lang ang meal ko para wala akong saliva problems but then constipated naman ako . Ewan ko if this is part of withdrawal symptom . I did not stop taking the medicine
    abruptly. From 1/2 tablet to 1/4 tablet (1 month) before stopping and yet this problem

    Ngayon okey na as in I can eat anything kahit puro gulay lang and no more saliva problem sana I can get my needed 7hrs a nigh of sleep SOON
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