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patulong naman pls...."ik-ik sound"

my ride is a mazda mpv 01, medyo mataas na milleage ng van more than 100k na. ang problem ko eh once i'm cruising at 50mph eh may naririnig akong "ik-ik" na tunog sa bandang ilalim driver side, para bang loose na screw o ewan. i couldn't locate the exact source of ik-ik sound, it could be probably underneath where the engine housing is or under the driver seat.

my suspect was the "shock absorber" since the car travelled a lot??? i maybe wrong.

just wanna ask your expert opinion re: this pesky ik-ik sound, i want to prolong the life of my ride. it could be just a minor problem or a task that i can personally solve. i just need a pitch from you guys. thanks. good day to everybody.


  • you can check the condition of your shocks visually for leaks or by pressing on each of the 4 corners. it should only bounce once. if it bounces twice its shot already.

    my car recently made a squeaking sound when running over bumps. the culprit was the suspension bushings.
  • +1 on Jason's advice. Give a firm shove downward on each corner of the vehicle.

    You can also inspect the shocks visually. If they leak oil (they will look "wet") they'll need replacing.

    Suspension bushings are also a possible cause. These biscuits of rubber are wear items and can get cracked and torn over time. Bushings contribute to better ride quality so if the ride of your vehicle becomes shoddy they'll need some attention.
  • The ik-ik sound, being small in origin, is more difficult to find than the tok-tok sound. The ik-ik is usually in dry and unoiled parts (obviously). The best way to find out is to eliminate suspected sources one by one, this could be a long process, unless you have a means to simulate the vibration in an 80kph run. Does the squeaking continue even during rainy days? If it doesnt, then the spray of water during a wet run "lubricates" away the squeak--the source is exposed underneath. One quick fix I would sugggest is to spray WD-40 to joints, bolts and washers, on points where there is possible loose contact between the body, frame, and engine. Lubricate also the moving parts of your seat, and try bumping your butt on the seat; springs usually create squeaking sound in contact with a fixed frame when rusty.
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