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Manga Talk:Battle Angel Alita

Anybody read the whole saga of "Battle Angel Alita"? aka GUNM (In Japan)

It's a cyberpunk manga epic by Yukito Kishiro...It's one of the best written and drawn manga I've ever read!!!
Man, I have to read it again!!! I never owned an issue kasi...I read it from my friend's tankoubans (Trade paper Back, composing of 9 volumes)


  • :p hay ako may volume 4 na binili ko s comic quest. grabe ang galing talaga ng story nya. talagang sinubaybayan ko sa kaibigan ko rin nabasa. gusto ko nga ng sariling kopya din pero ang mamahal.

    ang saya ng ending...parang pinochio ang dating pero mas hanep pa.
  • Unfortunatedly, the most The Rock did was see a couple of episodes of the anime of Battle Angel Alita.:( Never read the manga.
  • A truly excellent series, easily one of the best ever. I have the movie, which I know is quite different from the manga, yet great in it's own way. I've browsed the tpbs, and I have arc 7, Angel of Chaos. Full recommendations for this one, if anyone has money to burn.
  • Battle Angel Alita was one of the best manga comics I've read... an excellent work of Yukito Kishiro... :bop: the comic has a soul...!
    I owned 7 volumes of it... it's very tragic with Alita lost her love...
  • Awesome Comic. Have several issues. I've stopped collecting but I've held on to the issues. So I can read them again...and again...and again.

    Saw the movie too.
  • Yukito Kishiro's work on Battle Angel Alita is definitely a winner!

    Matagal-tagal ko ring sinubaybayan 'yung series na 'yon, unfortunately, hindi ko nakolekta 'yung battle ball(?) series. Napansin n'yo bang naimpluwensyahan na si Kishiro ng western style noong end na ng Battle Angel? Ala- Jim Lee cross-hatching sa mukha ni Desty Nova.

    OK din 'yung Ashen Victor ni Kishiro. One-shot TPB. Astig sa kuwento.

    Figure-four the best!
  • the anime only takes place in volume1 of the manga...
    from bounty hunter she became a motor ball star player (one of my fav parts of the saga), an entertainer, a "tuned" agent for tephares (salem) and became human again at the end.
    I like the way Kishiro treated the characters...they just die suddenly in the next chapter without warning... I think MAD MAX also inspired him of the story's setting.

    bEFORE I heard rumors of a live action movie...mukhang d natuloy... PERO OK SANA IF KISHIRO DIRECTED OR CO-DIRECTED A LIVE FLICK WITH HOLLYWOOD'S TECHNOLOGY... (Watch A.I.) syempre, Gally/Alita should be Japanese (Revealed at the last chapter) My friend suggested Olivia Lufkin to play the role (She's a half jap idol singer) check her out, pwede nga yata!

    Try reading rin Ashen Victor (a different story based on aLITA'S WORD) - kISHIRO USED Frank Miller (Sin City) style on this one!

    GUNM is re-relased just now in Japan with added pages, panels and words from the creator (Released in the original "big page" format, not the tankoubon size)

    Oh yeah...my friend has the PS Game...The graphics is pretty lame but it's a real treat for Alita/GUNM fans...you get to play the whole saga!
  • vprojectvproject PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Hoy gamera 3! I'm here na!
  • Let's revive this one...

    Loved the movie, sad ending... so are you guys satisfied with how the movie came out against the manga(well, personally yes, kasi namatay si Vector. mwahahahaha!!! He was sooo bad sa movie and deserved to dieeee!!!)? Pretty faithful naman, down to that electric kiss! Excellent adaptation.

    Why the heck did alita have to end up with
    figure four
    in the manga anyways? :lol:
  • so didja read the "complete series in a cd" copy I gave you?? :)
  • LesLes PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I've read the whole of Gunnm and I liked it. The story is good and the artwork is excellent.

    There's a new series called Gunnm Last Order, it's the sequel to the original series. I've only have 7 chapters but it's pretty consistent with the original.
  • i heard about it.

    actually, I saw a couple of pages which I believe is last order... but there's somewhat inconsistencies if I put that storyline within the old series...

    I think Last Order takes place before the ending cuz...Gally/Alita became human in the end...
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